Karen Dover – My walk into the New Earth – Physical Transition into Multi-dimensionality in Truth – No Logical or Linear in Truth – 5-2-14


 Karen Dover


Many of you are aware that I am undergoing the process of PHYSICAL relocation to a new life and a new way of living.   The past few linear days in my human conscious waking life like nothing I have ever experienced before in this my human form.  As I have blogged repeatedly logic has no place in the New Earth and my walk into the New Earth has been at moments almost heart stopping.  This blog is written to highlight the physical relocation process into the New Earth and the need that many of you may have at this time to attempt to understand at a very human conscious waking mind level that which is now energetically unfolding upon and within both the planet and the human race at this time. For the energies are now expanding to allow the human race to move into full multi dimensionality, in a world that may appear to be real but is in reality literally crumbling beneath your feet as you walk out of one reality and into a new dimensional space which is the New Earth reality.

In my movement out of the old 3D earth I was taken back physically to locations that have held the most trauma for me. My journey to Caithness was always one of running away, I now accept that I ran from the emotions that threatened to overwhelm me when my mother passed and my previous marriage then crumbled and dissolved.  My journey out of the old 3D earth was via this physical location, I was unprepared for the energetic impact that this had on me on my arrival.  I knew at some level that my journey to the New Earth would  involve the gradual re-integrating of my physical human vehicle into the human race, my residence in Caithness one of isolation in many ways with very little population and very little distractions at all. This had to be dissolved as ALL has to be dissolved in order to walk into full multi- dimensionality.

So I came to rest for a short period in the place where I grew up, went to school, lost my father, lost my mother, married and divorced my ex husband and gave birth to my son.  The universe choosing to show me where to stay in order that I was literally surrounded energetically by the frequencies that still attempted to teach me that my life is not as it is in TRUTH. The emotional pain of arriving in this location was acute, the overwhelming need to flee rose almost instantly and all that I could do was surrender. To turn and face those memories and allow the frequencies to fully emerge in order to dissolve them.  There are no short cuts into the New Earth, no quick fixes, all that is NOT TRUTH WILL dissolve and dissolve it did in very unexpected ways.  The integration began and the unfolding also began as I at last understood the frequencies and why they worked as they did.  It has to be highlighted that this part of my journey was shown to me moment by moment, at times I could see no further than the next moment, the old 3D earth created reality crumbling beneath my feet as I kept walking.  This is part of the process that sees movement from one reality fully into the New Earth reality.

At all moments of all moments I have been faced with the choice of listening to my logical mind or my HEART, the path completely hidden from me when I have allowed my logical mind to try to teach me and only being shown to me moment by moment as I have moved fully into my heart space.  I have had to adapt to integrating the higher dimensional energies rapidly and adapt to reading below, through and around the various overlays that have been presented to me at all moments. The human eyes taking some time to adjust to the new landscape and having to adjust to SEEING inter and multi dimensionally. At all moments the universe working to support me in a variety of ways.

My integration is now fully underway and almost complete, hence my return to blogging, whilst I underwent this integration I could not put human words to that which I was experiencing and this is also part of my journey to that which I am here to birth into the world and through the human race.  As I have let go then I have been shown more but if I do not let go then I find myself in a holding pattern that builds pressure to release. Many of you may be familiar with this description. In many ways the SOUL is pushing at a very human conscious waking mind level, this is needed to push fully into the New Earth and new ways of BEing and living. Much like giving birth and the baby crowning, the pressure felt by both the mother and the child as it forces its way out in to the waking world.


I am guided and shown clearly that my work now involves the PHYSICAL interaction with the human race that I have had to adapt and integrate with at a very personal level and I am shown clearly that my work will now involve various seminars in different parts of the USA.  Logic of course would dictate that I would travel to the USA, get settled in my new life and then resume my “work”. This is not TRUTH, for ALL JUST IS and ALL is NOW, that would be a very linear, logical pattern and as many of you are now understanding and anchoring there is no such thing as logical and linear in TRUTH.

The first location I am guided o is CHICAGO and I would invite any of you who are in this area and who have connections to where I may hold a seminar/talk to connect with me and email me via info@crystalline-sanctuary.com.   These seminars are closely linked to the BIRTHING the NEW EARTH book and will explain and help you anchor at a very human conscious waking mind level the new energies and how to walk fully into multi and inter dimensionality at said human conscious waking mind level.

At this time you are asked to BE and to LET GO fully, for life in the New Earth is like nothing you have ever experienced at a human conscious waking mind level on this planet ever before.  ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.






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