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Ascension 11

Ascension is a Musical event. It has to do with the harmonic structure of one wonderful harmonic unit. If we look at the harmonic unit as the Trinity of Suns Ka,Ra and Yha. These three Suns contain the highest frequencies. The Ka holds the frequencies of Source and the connection to Source. That is the HIGHEST FREQUENCY.
Many people believe they are from or connected to Sun Ra. That is because Ra is the First Hue created from the White Light of Ka interacting with the Creation potential of Source  and creating a Hue of Divine Blue. In reality, everyone is born from that Divine Hue. We are all created in the Mind of God. The creation factory between the White Light of Source interacting with the Spark of Source creating a Flame and a Hue. There are a thousand other aspects of this creation principle that we won’t talk about right now.
The entire seven Suns must always be considered in our creation. We begin with the Aqualene Suns that create the Blue Idea. Next, we step into the Green and Gold Suns of Sa Ta. These Suns hold the Consciousness or the Frequencies of the Andromeda M31 in the Aquari Matrix. This is the Frequency Spectrum or the Tone of Home for Earth. Earth was a piece of a Star that exploded from the Aquari Matrix.
So, if we are collecting the Keys of the Harmonic Unit that we are created from, we are collecting the Tones or Frequencies of Consciousness from the Three Aqualene Suns, the Two Suns of Aquari.
There are two more Suns that connect from within the Earth’s Cosmic Core. The Suns Ha and La. These are the Indigo Blue Suns. They are the Suns of Density Two. They were the Cosmic Oraphim Race line and Cosmic Dolphin Race Line. The Density Two manifestation is what allows the Indigo Blue Race Lines to most easily realign with our present manifestation.
The Oraphims were the original raceline of our original Gaia Consciousness before the Explosion of the Star that Fell into the Milky Way Galaxy.
So, now we have the Seven Keys of our Creation. Each of these Keys is a part of our Complete Consciousness as created from Source. We contain various aspects of these keys or frequencies as we individually carry parts of the Blue Suns, the Green Suns and Indigo Blue Sun Ha and Violet Sun La.

The Violet Sun La is of particular interest because the Oraphim Race of Gaia is from that Sun. This is why many think of Jesus Christ as the Violet Flame. This just means he is from the Cosmic Inner Domains of the Violet Sun. A very large part of the Earth’s Population is also from that Race Line. The Oraphims became the Taran Race line and then finally the Angelic “Human RaceLine. The Elohim Angels were also a part of the Oraphim Raceline before they were destroyed. Later the Elohim and Oraphim Racelines were resurected by the hybrid race of the Sirian Elohim.
When I was first approached by the “(original) Elohim Angels who connected me to the Elohim of Hearing in order to bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth through music, I was being shown how to REMOVE THE POLARITY between the Visibile and the Invisible- the Audible and the Silence.
I was being taught that I could hear the higher creations, the higher frequencies of the Plasma Ships from within the Consciousness of each of the Suns. The Seven Suns actually hold the Tones of Home or what many on Earth have learned to think of their home in Christ.
The Suns are the Khrysthala or Ka Ha,Ra,Ya Sa, Ta Ha, La. That is the term that was trascribed into CHRIST. When we have the Consciousness or Frequencies of the Seven Suns, we have Christ Consciousness.

When we have Christ Consciousness, we have returned to Source. That means, the way we connect to the Mind of God is through the Keys or the Tones which are like the stair way to heaven.
Today, I received this email from a member who works with her Eternal Life Album to connect with the Ascension Frequencies.
I felt that I needed to share this dream also because it made me think of how you said that ascension is by the music of the spheres.

My dream started out that we (me and others) were in something like a mobile home. We kept looking to the sky for something to come. We saw a strange looking ship coming but before it got to us it changed form. It turned into a grand piano. It attached itself to the mobile unit and carried us to the sky. Then I woke up.  I felt comforted and joyful knowing I ascended with the music.

You may share this to if you wish.

Namaste Michelle

In 2008, when Joe and I announced that we were having a workshop to teach how to create an Ascension Portal, Markus and Zaurak told us that this workshop would not be what would be taught by the original teachers of the Cosmic Mystery School.
They told us that this would be a Real Experiential Creation of the Ascension Portal and that we would be experiencing what really happens during this Ascension Procedure.
They had been training us since the day the Elohim Angels connected me to the Elohim of Hearing, handed me the three crystal spheres, told us to move to Monterey. And then they immediately started running the Frequencies of the Seven Suns, and teaching me and showing me how to remove the polarity between myself and the Sun’s Frequencies.
These pictures of me inhaling the Sun’s Frequencies into my head and heart and holding the spheres in my hands shows and prooves that we can remove the polarity–meaning the Visible and Invisible become one.
That is the definition of Ascension. When we move into the Light and Sound of the Reality of our Invisible Creation in the Suns and activate the Reality that all tha is in the Mind of God is within us to be seen and felt and realized. When we fill our atoms with this stardust and plasma and hydrolaise from the Spiritual Invisible Matrix and See it and Hear it in our new Fifth Dimensional Reality, we have truly Ascended.

This is the story of how the Eternal Life Albums came into existence. The spheres of plasma in the pictures are the Ultra Violet Blue Sun, the Green Sun and the Violet Suns. Those are the Crystal Spheres of Crystal Light, Crystal Dust and Crystal Gel — meaning the  White Light, the Star Dust, the Gelaisic Hydrolaise water that allow these frequencies to become visible in our atmosphere.

When I listened to Ashayana on the AZURITE Sliders 12 DVD explaining how she was creating an ascension portal through the Suns Braiding in 2011, I realized that she was explaining exactly what Joe and I were doing in Monterey.

Ashayana didn’t find her true Cosmic Tantric Self until 2010. That is why she couldn’t complete the project in 2008. That is why Joe and I were called into Early Activation. They knew it was risky. They knew we night not make it. But, they knew we were their best chance of making this happen in time to create a much better outcome for Earth.

Ashayana said in that DVD that the Drama was scheduled to begin in 2008, and she thought that she was supposed to do something, but then they stopped talking about it and changed the subject. She thought that the drama was just put off until 2012, she didn’t know that there was actually a reason that it was stopped. She didn’t know about what Joe and I had done.

However, Ashayana did say that there was another couple who prepared the way for this to happen. She did say that there were others who were possessed and worked with the Maharaji to prepare the way for those who would be possessed in 2009 and 2010. And that would elimnate the mass 5.5 billion possession plan of the Fallen Angelics and the FAtaLEE.
Now, I know that Joe and I were the ones who single handedly removed the Consciousness of the Demonic FAtaLee. There were still possessions because the consciousness of these Demons have been creating attachments to certain persons over several lifetimes so that they actually activate within the person at age 12 and then there are these stages of activation preparing for take over. This is still happening. However, now it can be HEALED. Now the Maharaji have a way to step in and send the demons to space dust.

The reason that Joe and I could create the Ascension Portal for the mass exit of the Demons and the return of the complete Cosmic Tantric Twin Body of Joe and I was because we had been trained how to create the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM.
MANIFESTATION requires this same principle of removing the polarity that makes us believe that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean that reality isn’t already here. When we know that everything that we desire ALREADY exists in the Mind of God, and that the Consciousness, the Frequencies of the Mind of God are within us and around us, when we know that what ever we desire to manifest ALREADY EXISTS within our Sphere of Reality, that is when the Manifestation becomes Visible.
It is already here. We just must learn to believe that the invisible is as real as the visible until the two merge into One Reality that allows us to See Everything that is in the Mind of God.

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