Judy Satori – NZ, The First Light – DNA Recoding

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At this time on Earth, New words of creation are being spoken. These words are energy, sound, and vibration. They are gifts from spirit, to spark your dormant 12-strand DNA potential. Expanding you and the Earth into a new golden age of peace, love, and co-creation.

‘Manu’ — The Waters of New Creation; is the first of four sacred elemental activations brought through by channels Judy Satori and Helen Barnes at the First Light co-creative symposium, recently held in Auckland, New Zealand.

These teachings have their genesis in ancient star-seeded wisdom from the great fallen civilizations of Atlantis & MU. It was kept sacred in the Egyptian mystery Schools and now it brought back to Earth at this time of planetary ascension.
These activations will support an al-chemical evolution of your DNA. Assisting you in regaining your birthright as an empowered and Light expanded HU-MAN being.

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