Hilda via Veronica Keen – The Days to Come – Our Planetary System Aligning with two special Planetary Bodies – 5-1-14



Within the days to come our planetary system will be aligning with two special planetary bodies:

-ISON: is connected to GIZA and the true pineal gland of Gaia.

Under the Giza Plateau resides am indigo blue crystal, saved from Atlantis. The crystal is embedded in the ley lines and is again connected to the pineal glands on the surface.The crystal will be fully activated with the indigo blue ray to activate full consciousness, to activate a blueprint.

– Niburu: The gatekeeper planet of transition into a higher dimension.

Niburu will bring in the new codes for the dimensions to come. Niburu will activate the codes/dna of the dimensions we are gliding into .We must become aligned with  the incoming dimensions to be able to reside within this new frequency.

In the past the Draconians and the Reptilian allies came to earth by plundering the winged planet NIBURU. The stargate which is connected to Niburu resides under the Vatican somewhere near the library and is guarded by Reptilians (gatekeepers)

They see this as their way out! and CERN is aiming at it. The winged planet Niburu is in hands of the Galactic Federation, again:

As you may conclude,the wormhole which connects Niburu and the Stargate under the Vatican is out of balance. This is why it is soooo important to flood the Vatican with light.


Using the energies of the Arc of the Covenant, we can activate this Stargate again — and bring it to the light. The stargate will be activated and returned to the light again as it once was, so.it will be again.

Niburu and Ison reside in another dimension, the dimension of love.

Both bodies, Niburu and Ison can cloak and decloak. When we are leaving the matrix of fear (lower dimension) and spreading the news of their existence and sharing the importance of their existence, they will decloak.

By activating the portal under the Vatican with love, you will receive the energies of the dimensions to come.  Let’s activate this portal with the energies of the Arc of the Covenant!!!!

Please, then, flood the Vatican with light and correct the resonance of of these Stargates!

This is what evolution is about — gathering consciousness!!!!

With love and light and joy for what is to come!





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