Composer Marco Missinato – Be Part of the -144,000 Open Hearts Concert – Global Livestream – Help Raise the Planet’s Consciousness – 5-3-14

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The 144,000 Open Hearts Concert is a unique, higher-frequency light and sound event inspired by the concept of bringing together a global audience of 144,000 people to enjoy a special music concert performance while helping to raise the planet’s consciousness at the same time – and we’re all invited to participate in it!

The 144,000 Open Hearts Concert will premiere at the Sedona Performing Arts Center in Sedona, Arizona, USA on Saturday May 3 (that’s just two weeks away). This live experience will feature the uplifting, light-encoded music of composer Marco Missinato, who is aiming to bring a ‘critical mass’ of 144,000 souls together around a full live performance of his most recent and moving work, Unfolding Secrets – A Symphony of the Heart. The mission: to lift humanity’s consciousness.

This means, no matter where you live in the world, you can feel the soul-enriching energy, add your own, and enjoy every note and emotion of this inspirational worldwide music event  by participating in the livestream of this concert, online. And you can now do so by booking your US$9.00 ticket via Golden Age of Gaia.

Golden Age of Gaia has had a close association with composer/producer/performer Marco Missinato over the past two years.

His music provided the soothing soundtrack to The 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona in 2012.

He also wrote the opening theme music to Geoffrey West’s InLight Radio news program Cosmic Vision News (which has just celebrated two years on air) and Stephen Cook’s 2013 radio series Lift Your Spirit.

That particular track, Come with Me (To A New Reality), is part of Unfolding Secrets – A Symphony of the Heart and features the haunting vocals of singer Kristin Hoffmann, who will be the star performer with a key group of six musicians under Marco’s creative direction for the Sedona livestream concert.

As well, Marco was Stephen Cook’s special guest on The Light Agenda during the conference in October 2012. (Re-listen to that revealing interview with Marco, who describes himself as a musical healer, here.)

So, as of today, we’ve become an official affiliate for this potentially transformational  worldwide concert livestream – an arrangement which will see 20 per cent of every 144,000 Open Heart Concert Livestream ticket sold through this site go to the Nova Earth Foundation to assist our team.

Livestream tickets are just US$9.00.

To Book Now – and for more information about the 144,000 Open Hearts Concert – head here.

Video Sneak Preview:
Composer Marco Missinato’s melody and soprano Kristin Hoffmann’s soaring vocals will captivate your heart and draw you into a musical journey through enchanting scenery, beautiful images of sacred geometry and awaken within you a symphony of love, peace, grace, passion, and Oneness with All.


And here’s Marco talking about this unique global concert concept:

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