Karen Dover – Working with Expansion in Truth – 4-21-14

Karen Doonan




For many of you this may be a period of intense activity that may or not be experienced as a sense of excitement but with no physical “vision” that is available to confirm said excitement. What you are FEELing is the expansive energies of the UNIVERSE of 3. These energies are now fully anchoring and the movement that is achievable in any one moment is VAST. Many of you may be resting and relaxing in between bouts of intense shifting and physical movement at a human conscious waking mind level. It is to be noted that at first your human logical mind may attempt to reject that which is being experienced at a waking conscious mind level. So much has been anchored at a purely ENERGETIC level that the actual manifestation into the outer waking reality may come as a shock to many of you and yet it is here. The “proof” being the physical manifestations that will now appear in your outer waking life and these will continue to unfold rapidly.

It is vital that at this moment you remain in the NOW as much as you possibly can for in moving out of the NOW moment you may FEEL very overwhelmed, this is due to the multi and inter dimensional expansion that the human vehicle is only now interacting with. As you become more and more used to working inter and multi dimensionally then you will be able to “surf” the incoming energies at increasingly expansive rates but to begin with it may be akin to walking for the first time or driving a car for the first time. The exhilaration a mixture of excitement and adrenaline as you begin to work to balance these extremely high frequencies.

Sleep may elude you at this time and your human logical mind may attempt to persuade you that something is wrong, this is highly distorted for in moving fully into expansion you are moving into a NEW WAY OF LIVING and BEing and this is unlike anything you have ever experienced in a human form upon this planet. The reference points being created BY YOU as you move into and through this process and the human life experience now taking on a new dimensional perspective. For many of you at this time it will be a period of re-adjustment, of aligning fully with your SOUL and for moving fully OUT of old patterns and ways of working. This again may take you by surprise when you try to interact with something that is no longer available to you, it may confuse your logical mind for the human logical mind does not register the FREQUENCY of that which appears in your outer waking world. It is to be noted and I cannot highlight enough that anything that is beyond your frequency range will be UNAVAILABLE to you, this may be people, places, events and ways of interacting with the outer waking world.

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There is a pause that unfolds as you move into full multi and inter dimensionality, it is a space where all appears to form but you are not able to interact fully with it and then it is as if the “hold” is removed and you enter it fully. I would guide you strongly to avoid trying to force anything or trying to see a bigger picture when presented with only part of a picture for this process IS A PROCESS, within the old 3D earth created reality you are shown a picture and a method of reaching this picture, this is containment and is not a natural process. This way of working with the human life experience is now CLOSED to the human race albeit many will attempt to interact with it for some time, this is more out of habit than anything and this will dissolve as you try to interact as the reference points no longer exist.

It may appear that you are living on a planet that looks the same as it did in a linear context of the past few days but at a FREQUENCY level ALL has shifted and changed. These changes and shifts will now be birthed PHYSICALLY into the outer waking world and ALL is in place to support those who are instrumental in anchoring and birthing the new ways of working and living on this PLANET.

TRUST is a vital part of this process with TRUST and FAITH in SELF paramount. Do not look to those around you in human form, look WITHIN at all moments of all moments for you are guided CLEARLY by your SOUL into the expansion that has been talked about for some time by the human race. In plain terms the EVENT has unfolded, the SHIFT has begun and it will now continua ETERNALLY for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.




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