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Everyone has some aspects of a light warrior inside them. People who pursue their dreams, who flow like a river through their life to fulfill their purpose, are in a sense light warriors. When they do good things, when they are persistent, when they seek the truth, their meaning of life, and their true self, they are the warriors of light (another term for light warriors).

Light Warriors are those that seek the truth. They are in touch with their true self, love and joy, they are good and open-minded. They want to fulfill their mission in the most positive way. And, because they are open-minded, they use all good tools that are available to them including love, joy, faith, hope, science, spirituality, their own impressions and experiences, different knowledge, etc.

There is another term that relates to light warriors and that is the warriors of the rainbow (http://www.rainbowlights.org/2013/12/…). We can see more rainbows now than ever before. Children are being born with a special connection to rainbow colors. The warriors of the rainbow will rise and protect the Mother Earth again. They will bring a new society (http://www.rainbowlights.org/2013/12/…). They will bring love and light.

Light Warriors are not part of any movement, they have always been here. Being a light warrior means that you start from the inside. It is your choice and effort depending on your true excitement about it. Light Warriors were torn apart in the past by poisoned people. The unity, the real power, was poisoned. But we will rise again. We are here to help and protect.

There are also New Age definitions of the light warrior. Lightworkers are people who see everything as positive, they are gentle and sensitive and they have a pleasing personality. Their main value is love. Love is also the main value of lightwarriors. Lightwarriors are balancers, they are very open-minded yet they protect the truth. As I see it now from my perspective, the true light warriors are between these New Age definitions. They are something between lightworkers and lightwarriors.

Our tactics changed. We no longer fight from the outside, but from within the system. Our strongest weapon is love. Our strongest shield is light. We apply the ancient ways of warriors, they ways of sword, bow, and arrows. Not in the literal sense, but the teachings and knowledge. We should heal ourselves, we should heal our unity (http://www.rainbowlights.org/2014/03/…), and eventually we should heal this world.

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