Channeler Peggy Black and Team – You Affect the Quantum Field – April 2014





~ Peggy Black and the ‘team’ – April 2014

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We are here once again offering you our gratitude as well as encouraging you to remember who you are. You are here in this timeframe, in this physical focus to support and assist the transformation of consciousness. You are the doorway, the portal and the anchor for the awareness of the oneness of all.

We certainly understand your feelings and sensations of separateness which your physical body provides. We know that you can feel the texture of your skin, the muscles that might be sore or tense, however this is only one small aspect of who you truly are. It is your focus because this reality is dense, and if you bumped your toe, it would certainly cause you a physical sensation of pain and discomfort. However if you could see yourself as we observe you, you are swirling atoms of Light. You are energy vibrations, of color and sound. You sparkle and shine.

So we invite you to begin to imagine or sense this aspect of yourself as pure energy. Recognize and own that you are part of the whole. As pure energy you are connected and move with the energy of the quantum field of oneness. This is your true essence.

It is important that you remember and establish the clear understanding of yourself as pure energy. And like the physical body that requires certain care for its well-being and sustenance, your energy essence also requires care for its well-being and sustenance.

Of your five energy fields, the densest is the actual physical body. Next is the etheric energy body often referred to as a Ka body in the Egyptian practices. It is the blueprint or holograph of the physical body. The emotional layer is the field or keeper of your feelings and emotional patterns. The mental layer is created by the vibrations of your thoughts and beliefs. And your higher consciousness vibrates and is anchored at your spiritual layer.

You are a being of energy, light and vibration. Each of these five energy fields contributes to your individual and unique qualities. This is your personal energy signature.

It is most important that you consciously and with clear intentions nurture, nourish, sustain and strengthen each of your levels of energy and light, each of your vibrational bodies.

There are many methods, techniques, and practices that you can consciously employ daily to invigorate, empower and fortify your energy signature. Nourish each level, especially the etheric or Ka body which holds your divine blueprint.

Mediations, sound vibrations, visualizations in which you call forth and feel cosmic energy flowing into your personal vibrational field will strengthen, and revitalize your core essence. Clearing dense emotions and low vibrational thoughts will also contribute to your light body. Being in nature or visualizing a beloved place in nature will add to your energy well being. Allow energy, light, and prana, the universal life force, to heal, mend and energize you on all five levels of who you are as a being of light vibrations.

We also invite you to consider the incredible expanded energy layer and awareness of your multidimensional self. It is this energy field that holds and anchors all the others.

This field of awareness is part of your ascension, part of your understanding that you are truly connected and flowing with the universe. All is truly one energy field; you have named this the quantum field.

You are interfacing, interacting, moving, dancing, expanding and contracting with this quantum field at all times. Your energy signature, your actions, your thoughts and emotions are affecting this quantum matrix at all times.

There is a term that is coming into your awareness more and more and that is quantum entanglement. This term relates to the inseparable relationship between all things. When energy fields become connected or entangled, they continue to share energy and information no matter the distance they are apart. They contribute to results and events.

The quantum world or quantum field we have spoken of many times holds all potential simultaneously. You dear one are connected to this incredible potential, your light body, your multidimensional self, is entangled with this reality and beyond.

With this understanding, partnered with clear heart intentions and a strong personal energy signature, you can begin to influence this quantum field through the entanglement, the connection with the whole and the oneness of all.

Imagine owning and honoring the skills of a co-creator with intentions held in the compassionate heart and coming together with others who also carry this understanding.
Together as group, imagine how you would affect the quantum field and all the potentials. Together your focus and intention could be on life sustaining realities.

Know that you alone, or together with other physical or non-physical beings, can simply send light and energy through your entangled connection to any area on your planet that is unstable or in conflict. You can direct your enlightened focus and dedication to any aspect of your reality. Begin to use this awareness for healing and balance for all life.

You could join with others in this physical reality as well as partner with beings in the non-physical realms; you could interface in a new expanded way with the past as well as the future.

Begin to recognize that you are interconnected with the holographic multiverse through this entanglement of the quantum energy field. You could move from one parallel universe to another. You could, so to speak, make a “quantum leap or quantum jump.”

We are aware that we are stretching you a bit with this message. However, it is time that you owned who you are. We realize that this physical reality is your main focus and takes up most of your attention. So we come to shake things up a bit and engage you in the bigger picture.

You are here to transform what is dense and dysfunctional. You are here to honor your connection with divine source energy, the all that is, and the universal life force.

You are a guardian, a defender, a protector and advocate of light and life.

Strengthen your own Light body, for it is from that place that you will contribute to your mission and service to this reality and timeframe and all realties and timeframes. Allow the energetic magnetic dynamic forces offered by the celestial ones to strengthen you as well.

You are a shining, sentient, infinite vortex of conscious light energy. We honor you and your courage to embody a limited physical form. And we invite you to know and understand at your deepest level of understanding that you can expand your awareness and call forth who you are in your most magnificent multidimensional aspect. We invite you to feed yourself light, call it forth, envision it pouring into the crown of your head, activating your pineal and filling every cell with healing, energizing light vibrations from the entire quantum field.

Remember you are powerful beyond measure. You are here to anchor divine conscious life sustaining patterns into all you behold. Begin to play with these ideas we have offered, stretch into the possibilities, allow our words to sustain and empower you.

We are ever grateful for this opportunity to serve and honor you as you progress and awaken from the imposed vibrations of forgetfulness this earthly reality embraced you with upon your arrival. You are seen and you are acknowledged. the ‘team’

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From Indian In The Machine

Think of a light bulb dimmer switch… when the switch brightens it’s because more energy is cycling through the system.

The same is with the human body.

The heavy foods in the system kept our bodies low on the dimmer switch.

Light foods in the new system will keep our bodies high on the dimmer switch.

Heavy metal and regular radiation cleanses are a must.

You can do it.

Each human must self-activate this process.

If each human can clean up it’s food source, each will achieve quantum transformations.

Humanity will learn to reprogam the consciousness of the water molecule.

Clear the density in the air, food, water and soil and etheric earth energy grid.

Ask the angels right now for immediate assistance.

Tell your spirit guides your dreams.

Only when you spiritually evolve will you drive your own life.

Only when you choose preoccupation with the physical, will someone else drive your life.

I know some people are against ‘aliens’ (a statement that suggests preoccupation with the physical)… but I suggest our spirits know, no such term.

Indian in the machine

Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.