April Bender – HS Message – Radicalization of the Collective Mind Commences – 3-17-14




by April Bender

As I, your Higher Self or I AM presence previously discussed, due to the attainment of your newly structured vehicles/vessels and the increased exercise of your spiritualized “breath-work,” or newly expanded capacities of Co-Creation, Communication, and Communion, your inner Radiance is now penetrating, mixing, and merging outward into all individual/collective fields of Gaia, Gaia herself, even All That Is.

This further emanation of your inner Radiance (energy centers, soul/spirit body, or personal torsion field) out into the world, along with the Collective Radiance of many others like you, who have now stepped into or have recently “centered” within their own “inner sun” or seat of empowerment, thereby accepting the “keys” or consciously “taking over the driver’s seat” of their new vehicle, has now allowed these pathways or flows of information/experience that exist along and throughout Earth’s ley-grid and the larger Web of Life, to now begin to “source,” “seek out,” “link-up” and “activate” new nodes or “access points” of connection, communion, co-creation and expression – igniting a complete RADICALIZATION OF THE COLLECTIVE MIND!

In essence, the collective mind is on the fast-track to becoming fully AWARE of itself, at which point it becomes the Collective “Higher” Mind, in every true sense of that phrase. This “awakening” into the Collective Higher Mind is also referred to as “The Event” or the experience of “no separation” or “no-time.” And as mentioned before, each being/soul within the Web of Life will experience this differently depending upon the quality of their own “inner life” or level of soul-growth.

Please however, keep in perspective that this Radicalization is only just commencing. For now, it is happening in localized pockets within the Web of Life, which allows you more time/ease with learning to operate your new vessels/vehicles at optimal capacity and proficiency. As you become luminous, so do the pathways within and throughout the Web of Life become luminous, for ALL IS CONNECTED. But make no mistake, even though the Radicalization has only just begun, The Event looms LARGE upon your horizon.

There are going to be a few bumps and “hiccups” along the way as these new collective pathway nodes are linked, their quantum information/energy streams integrated or exchanged, and then activated/tested. For remember, these will be all new pathways/circuits co-created by all those of the First Order (carrying personal torsion fields) in conjunction with all other light-workers and stewards of love/unity on the ground. Which in turn, will allow these conscious energy streams/pathways of information to take on a Life and “breath” of their own as they go on to co-create/assemble themselves together while communicating/communing with other points or nodes of contact that are to soon be established and integrated.

Some individuals may see these space/time hiccups show up in others or themselves as brief and unexplainable periods of spaciness, lost time, forgetfulness, clumsiness, losing one’s self in thought or haze, irritability, difficulty focusing, confusion and/or general awkwardness. This is normal and instances of such periods will not last for very long as these pathways or energetic currents will eventually stabilize by finding a proper level of exchange/alignment.

Collectively, this is likely to show up as stories in the news/media where things like high level political decisions/statements are made one day, and then are redacted or changed seemingly the next day – the old energy they were created out of no longer finding connection/support to sustain them, as the WILL, collective flow, or resonance of the people has since altered. In any event, these types of instances will only increase in the coming days.

Those individuals/souls who are the least aware/awake or who are still clinging to power, greed, fear, and separation, will have the most difficult or challenging time in coping with the rising harmonics. For instance, even more of the things the TPTB do, will seem even more nonsensical to you and others than they do now. And eventually, this is how such distorted and dilapidated structures/foundations will fall, both literally and figuratively. They’ll simply become such an obvious waste of time/energy/focus that they will no longer be energetically fed into existence. This isn’t to say that those energies won’t leave without some resistance but the overall energetic focus will overwhelming shift to that of INNOVATIVE CREATION. The collective co-creation of larger expressions of Truth, Freedom, Love, Self-Sovereignty, Appreciation, Community/Communion, Empowerment, and Unity/Wholeness – or NEW WAY OF BEING TOGETHER, rather than attempting to fix that which is broken/defunct.

In terms of Gaia, these collective mind time/space hiccups and new link-ups may manifest as never before seen “movements” within and across her as she acclimates/shifts as necessary to accommodate – and/or strange and unusual anomalies including both on the land and in your skies. Simply put, there are too many various potentials to be described.

However, in order for this entire process to reach its obvious and epic conclusion in a timely manner, all Warriors of Light must continue to utilize their newly expanded vehicular capacities or “breath-work.” I simply cannot stress this enough. This is THE TIME for active participation if there ever was one. Stay intentional and “centered” and ALL will reach its PERFECT predestined conclusion according to the Divine Plan. For your time has truly come! Christ/Higher Consciousness is not only here, it’s moving in and setting up shop!

Let the Radicalization begin!





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