Drunvalo Live Q and A – Episode 11 – School Of Remembering

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Sorry if you missed today’s event, please enjoy the re-run.
The next LIVE INTERNET WEBCAST is April 14 – 18, 2014 – Awakening the Illuminated Heart in Spanish & English: Enlace español: http://theschoolofremembering.net/sor…

Start: April 14 2014
End: April 18 2014
From the Sedona Creative Life Center
In Beautiful Sedona Arizona
5 day Live Stream over the Internet


This is the “Last” Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop to be presented by Drunvalo. There will be exciting guests and a full HeartMath Resilience Training during the 5 day workshop. http://heartmath.com

One of our goals during this event is to participate in the Global Coherence Initiative and simultaneously connect as many people from different global points and locations for our Healing Mediation as possible, so notify and invite your friends to participate with all of us.

Instructions on exact timing and how to connect will be posted in the “Live Event” page of your Membership system. Details will change as required by the needs of the global audience and emails will be sent to the Online Event Participants.

Each day’s webcast will be available for 24 hours after the live stream for all global time zone participants.

To get your online tickets go here: http://drunvalo.net/upcoming1.php

Access to the event and updates will be announced here: http://theschoolofremembering.net/sor…

Here is what People are saying about the Online Workshop:

Blessings Drunvalo!!! Thank you deeply deeply deeply for the profound ATIH live video workshop you so generously offered to me last week Feb. 10 – 14. It truly was a profound experience and I am so deeply grateful for the deep understanding you shared and the methods for activating the beams of light, my golden halo, and my MerKaBa.

How does one thank you for such gifts!!!! I have been meditating for 35 years and had so many unanswered questions during those years and actually stopped at various stages because I didn’t understanding what was happening to me. You have answered so many of those questions in this workshop.

I am especially and deeply most appreciative of the feeling of having my Merkaba activated. This has made such a difference in my perception of life and my perception of who I am.

There is a confidence, centeredness, freedom, and true joy with me now continually that I did not experience before. Thank you for the care, dedication, clarity, and love with which you presented this information to us. Love and Blessings to you, Marie D…….

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