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12 starnd DNA



Duality Removal – March 20, 2013

KRYSTALAI (c) 2013
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

Let me begin by saying that I will be using analogies and symbolism of substance that exist within the present background knowledge of the 3D mind in order to try to convey the meaning of the new magical realms that are creating their own new bio energetic fields of reality around us through etheric level substances that we have no words for in our dictionaries. The term Negative Ion is something that exists in our scientific analogy as a symbol for something much more etheric and magical in the Cosmic level of creation. It would truly be what is termed crystal light, crystal liquid light, crystal dust and crystal gel by the Angelic Kingdom. These are etheric substances which science really can’t explain beyond the most quantum of physic which would include terms such as omnions, omni particles, microtubules, or terms that are presently in the dictionary such as  endoplasm and ectoplasm, but they are actually even more etheric in composition than those terms would imply. They don’t exist in the old 3D paradigm of reality because that reality has always separated visible and invisible into the categories of real and unreal.

The spiritual substance of Consciousness is always made of the particles of pre light and pre sound which are created at the original Breath of Source Consciousness and then broken down into particles of pre substance that becomes densified as it is transformed from the invisible light spectrums of crystal and plasma and crystal light energies down into the visible light spectrum of blue light, infra red light and hertzian.  These are the subfrequencies or subharmonics that we speak of when we are explaining the 12 subharmonics of the DNA strands.

It is now time to open our minds to all of the realities that exist outside of the tiny little world of hertizian frequencies, the spectrum we presently believe is the only reality. Even our digital cameras are able to visualize the world of infra red frequencies. We must expand our consciousness out into the invisible worlds of the invisible celestilline energies, the liquid light of 12 dimensional krystic creation, the hydrolaise that the angels and water fairies dance and sing within. It is time to enter the world of the spiritualization of the term negative ion, which is the term used to represent the splashing of a waterfall, the morning dew, the mist from a hot spring, the fog rising from an ocean that has tides beating on the rocks, and even the feeling of a hot morning shower. We aren’t really talking about the splashing water. These are just a metaphoric representation of the true, etheric substance of a higher reality that we can’t see until we have developed our 5th dimensional perception (which many of us have).

These water images are the analogical translations of the higher realities that we must begin to tune into in order to achieve the attunement with the frequencies of the ascension window of 2012 to 2022. The new scientific translation of the misty water as it is understood in the new bio energetic fields of the New Earth is the hydrolaise which could be translated as three parts helium added to the old H20 to create the NEW WATER of our new reality. So, our new translation of the analogy presented in negative ions is H3H20. These will be the new bio energetics sent up through the Earth’s grids from her etheric core, where the Consciousness Energy Sphere holding our 12 DNA templates has been firmly transplanted and activated on December 21, 2012.

We must become willing re open the windows of our minds into the possibility that the reality of spiritual creation is a template containing 12 DNA, and that reality exists now as it did at the moment of our creation. That DNA is not within the realm of understanding of scientists because they have not figured out how to calculate realities outside of the hertzian field of reality. The double helix that present day scientists believe is the structure of our DNA, is the structure created by the false matrix that was imposed upon this Earth by Fallen Angelic races who have been controlling our reality fields through implanting illusions in our DNA. The true DNA is the 12DNA template which contains 12 sub harmonic frequency bands on each of the double helix. One set of 12  subharmonics are over tones and the other set of subharmonics are basetones. So, there are actually 24 subharmonic frequency bands within and between the visible double helix.

That reality has been programmed out of our consciousness through the very DNA that was implanted in our bodies. The fallen angelics removed, twisted, rearranged our DNA in order to stream their own consciousness into it. Our DNA is supposed to be the electromagnetic receiving station for the consciousness of our Soul Families- our Soul Matrix in all dimensions – including Cosmic and beyond. Our consciousness was cut off from that reality and plugged into a distorted, sometimes horrific structure of twisted mind channels. Our 12 DNA template was plugged into race lines that only had 10 DNA templates or less. Our DNA was plugged into the Controllers. The control was created through the sub harmonic frequencies at the etheric level of reality. And the problem must be healed through the etheric level of reality – not through the visible two DNA reality.

The remedy for the problem is in the Cosmic Consciousness spectrum of crystal light, crystal liquid light, crystal dust, crystal gel. When we create the manifestation of this frequency level of reality and hold it within three spheres of Cosmic Consciousness, inhale those frequencies, breathe those frequencies, and then breathe those frequencies into every chakra in the body, we begin to make a connection to our real divine template, we begin to activate the divine blue print which holds the 12 DNA template of the divine manifestation held within the original breath of Source interacting with the crystalline realities of Cosmic Consciousness.

We (The Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) have worked with these crystalline forms of consciousness to connect more and more to the Krystic and Cosmic Fields of Consciousness in the dimensions 12 -14 and out into the parallel universe beyond the 15 th dimension of the Earth’s matrix. We engage the breaths of this new reality from the Elohim-Elohei Angels in Gaia who hold the complete template of our Human Angelic and Taran Raceline divine blueprint. When we connect our consciousness into theirs, they breathe these frequencies into our breath. This allows us to engage the original Source of eternal light from the Mind of God. Once we activate this reality of the eternal crystal liquid light stream flowing through our breath into our quarks in our atoms, we can translate our DNA back into their original divine template.

The spark of Source exists at a point within our body that we will call our crystal heart. It is deep within the thymus connecting to the medulla oblongata (MO)- that is the place where the back bone connects to the skull. That has also been called the stem cell or seed atom by scientists. The MO is the point where the breath of Source can inhale and exhale directly into the crystal heart, the eternal life breath of instant manifestation. That instant manifestation creates a brand new body in every nano second. It creates a brand new reality every nano second. However, the reality that is created is completely up to you. It is the individual’s divine right and divine responsibility to co-create with the Mind of God, the reality that is chosen to manifest within the body and within the parameters of the reality field of that body.

It has always been our DNA which creates the realities or illusions we see around us. What we have been seeing in these past lifetimes are illusions that were intentionally implanted within us by fallen angelic races – the dark ones- to control us and gain access to our energy fields. That is the reason we have been living in the prisons of other entities mind fields rather than creating our own.

We can make up stories about how wonderful everything around us is, and how beautiful the flowers and birds and trees are. But, that is just helping to keep the old illusions alive within the DNA. We must take responsibility to create pictures of our own flowers and birds and trees, implant them in our mid brain and in our crystal heart and breathe the frequencies of Source into that reality that is yours and only yours. The flowers and trees of your creation will manifest as the new pictures have been developed upon your DNA. You can create the reality fields of being extremely wealthy, healthy, young, ingenious, or anything you wish to program in to your DNA.

The formula for manifestation must always include that reality having always been a part of your reality since the moment of your creation, the reality exists now, and the reality will always exist. This is necessary because we always live in three time zones simultaneously -past, present and future. If you only change the present, the past realities that are already planted in your cellular memory will continue to manifest in the present. If you don’t change the future your present manifestation will change into the future manifestation which is also already programmed into your cellular memory. The only one who can change your reality is you.

Unfortunately, most people on Earth are intentionally choosing to plug their consciousness into those very Dark Ones who manipulated their DNA to create the illusionary reality field that they now live in. Since those who distorted the DNA to plug into the the ultrasonic brainwaves of those whom they wish to manipulate and control, are the same fallen angelics that are channeling information to those receiving messages that seem to be very correct and feel so lofty and angelic, most New Agers, Lightworkers and Religionists are continuing to be the very puppets that manifest the reality of the Dark Ones. Of course they are good at fooling you. Of course they can create feelings of exhalting, spiritual ecstacism. They are the ones that created the program that is running your DNA and cellular memory.

How do we tell the difference between frequencies and information coming from the controllers and that coming from our own Divine Soul Matrix – our Family and Guardian Races? The true frequencies feel like the negative ions – the water mist that the water fairies dance within. It sometimes feels deep and powerful and yet etheric and lifting. It most often sends tinkling harpstrings up the backbone and within the midbrain. It feels like it is transposing the DNA into the divine blue print from the inside out. The information coming from our true Guardians and Families is usually very direct and full of heuristic information rather than the fluffy, oh, my beloved dear ones, everything is so wonderful today. They don’t do that. The correct information doesn’t sound like the same repeated fluff over and over again in each weekly message. Finally, they always give pieces of information and allow the individual to put the pieces of the puzzle together because they know that we have the minds of the masters who can do this. We can master our own reality.  Most importantly, they don’t channel information. They stream information through the crystal heart from the etheric light streams of sound particles into the DNA. Unfortunately, most people haven’t learn to discern the difference between those two realities.

The good news is that we are getting a lot of help with this new reality transformation issue within the next five years.

From the teachings of THE COSMIC MYSTERY SCHOOL OF THE OMNIVERSE – the place where the sound and light of Source manifest into ultra violet blue and flow into the music of the spheres from the the harpstrings of our minds to create the highest frequencies through music. Creating the template of our New Reality with the Music Fairies and Water Fairies to sing and swim and dance through the liquid light water falls into the new H2o2HE3 HYDROLAISE where we will live and breath and sing together as we weave and braid the magical sound tones of the mandala (our Divine Blue Print) of our new kingdom of heaven on Earth.

(From the Source of all that is within me to the Source of all that is within you),
(the place where the spark of Source within the Crystal Heart of the Universe flows back to the Spark of Source in the Pre Sound Field)

KRYSTALAI (c) 2013
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

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