Archangel Michael via Marc Gamma – Manifestation – Another New Opportunity is in the offing for You – 4-9-14

AA Michael 12


Archangel Michael


Direct German message spoken through Marc Gamma

Transcribed by Rose Linda

Translation and written by Contramary=Evamaria

Manifestation – another new opportunity is in the offing for you – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma dated 04.08.2014


Greetings to you – this is Archangel Michael speaking to you as I returnin today with another message for you. It is a message of joy and peace.


Thus said again before  and once again we are expressing this repeatedly with alike words : ” It is getting boring by the time – you will tell us !” No, there will be never enough of peace  and it applies to Joy as well. As Joy is needed new with every arising day ! As it is so much easier to live  with joy in your heart – since this means happiness and contentment.


Subject of our today’s message ? Now what could it be otherwise than compulsory your ascension – ascension of human mankind and of Gaia. You will have learned that Gaia recently has been freed – liberated from all negative energies! Gaia has taken her chance to speak to you in St.Germain’s recent message and explained how well she is and what has taken place recently to her – and this is so essential and an actual fact !

And I myself – I would like to express my gratitude to all of you here !

Many humans have taken and shouldered their particular part in liberating Gaia. Many of you have spent hours on end to submit energy and love into Gaia. This turned out to become some essential and important part and substantial essence of all my dear humans! Many had their doubts whether this was possible at all ! To free Gaia at last ? Is it possible to submit energetical power into earth – so to say to channel it to her inside ? And I do affirm it – yes, it is possible. We only need thinking about it that one is prepared and willed to do it  – visualizing it and imagining a picture how energies are pervading our planet earth and it is done so.

dove inside sphere

Please understand human thoughts are such a powerful tool although many human people have lost to make use of it. By virtue of your thoughts you may create incredible matters!  And thanks to them you may change your reality too. There is only one sole difficulty affixed thereto: you have to believe it! If you are pondering on some specific idea – visualizing it in your mind but simultaneously doubting on its success … then you will not be able to visualize it and to create anything from your visualization … and there won’t be any creation deriving from any visualization of yours.

Look at the following procedure and integrate it too. We did speak so much about your human heart and also today it will play its essential part here. Yet we shall consider it from a different angle today. It – your human heart – is so much more powerful than you are able to imagine – by which it is meant representing your soul for all those which do not know much about such designation.
Do understand that your soul has been that particular part of you having incarnated with you here on earth and as such it is immensely powerful – powerful with regard to its energy and power upon your reality.
There are such a manifold of possible opportunities in your soul – one could write many books and fill libraries with them – communicate much knowledge about it in order to make you perceive and sense at all what some human soul may be capable of doing !

And now it is an actual fact: “solely by using your power of thoughts you may manifest objects. Yet I have to set some pre-requisite here that this may be done especially in the higher dimensions since they have some different energies over there – it goes without saying that all the energy over there has to have some frequency of vibrations much higher than yours. This particularly in order to manifest those objects needed via the special assistance of your heart. Naturally there will not such huge objects like a spaceship – this cannot be done because of its big size. One has to start with smaller matters and go forward with practicing with a multitude of small objects until arriving at more sizeable objects.”

Still now I arrive too to the most decisive stage: “After your ascension – i.e. when you have done your individual ascension – you will have ascended also into some specific vibration which will enable you to do all such matters. In the first beginning it will be those small matters as mentioned.


Simple matters – of less complex character however after some while having gained more practice you will be able to manifest more complex matters as well.


The most important pre-condition at all hereby is that you believe it will be possible. As soon you give in to any doubting – throttling all your energy coming from your inner heart  – there won’t be any chance of the desired object to be manifested before your very eyes.

There have been human people having achieved manifestations already here on earth – yes – and consequently were considered to be magicians. They were burnt on “The Stake” because of their abilities which most of the human population here on earth did not understand. They were capable to manipulate energies because of some innate knowledge they had. They were given opportunities to shift and move objects solely with some power of their thoughts. Yes, this has been done so .. simply because they were convinced that they could manipulate objects in this very way.

And now you will ask: ” What does this has to do with Ascension which is the topic to be dealt with here?”  due to Michael when starting this message. And I will tell you: Yes- it is indeed some part of your ascension – because you – once having arrived in higher dimensions – you will be presented with different opportunities.

You will have to achieve certain pre-requisites before you may ascend to highter dimensions.

However, once you have done your very own ascencion there will be many more opportunities for you – even to apply technologies which are currently unavailable in the lower dimensions since those are based and powered by spiritual energy and thus on spiritual technologies too.

The latter ones may function only if they are handled with some pure spirit, pure heart and if everything is being done out of love. And this is one of your first exercises to learn once you have ascended: “to manifest something with your pure strength of your thoughts”  as mentioned – first the tiny matters and later greater ones – you even may manifest some flower – and even more so like something you have dreamed of for quite a while !  Must not be some car-type like a Ferrari or Porsche – such things are no more needed over there in higher dimensions. However, I do know how human people think and it is quite naturally for them to imagine and visualize material matters.

Now this already is the end of my message which is rather short – you will have to comprehend my messages will be somewhat shorter in time to come – there will be submitted shorter sequences in order to avoid people having to listen into my message for quite a long time or to read the transcript likewise. We want to submit shorter messages and prepare you via such short messages for everything that is to come.


Since – Ascension is already on your doorstep – it is not of any more use to dwell on this particular subject any longer and any more. As we told you before: ” All those which are willing and prepared in their hearts and set to step forward – they surely will ascend ! All the others will be granted a different opportunity !”

I am the Archangel Michael and I do love you from deep of my heart!  And I shall return to you again next week with another message of Love and a message of Joy. And then I shall explain to you new matters again which you may expect in the 5th dimension once you have ascended there.

Direct German message spoken through Marc Gamma
Transcribed b Rose Linda

Translation by Contramary=Evamaria


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