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Album “Attuning to Oneness: The Harmonic Ascension
Release Date: March 5th, 2013
From 5th Element Music

Attuning to Oneness is the latest album from
best-selling, multi-award winning New Age Artists,
master didjeridoo player Paradiso and chanteuse /
singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi. The duo’s debut
collaboration 3rd Eye Rising took the world by storm with
top 5 international radio chart performance, an award for the best
New Age Album of the Year (Independent Music Awards),
and among the year’s best World albums (Coalition of
Visionary Resources) and Meditation/Relaxation albums
(Zone Music Reporter).

The prior four albums composed and produced by Paradiso
also topped the New Age Radio charts: Healing Vibes,
Shaman’s Trance, Middle Path and Himalayan Chakra Healing.
Didjeridoo virtuoso Paradiso has performed at Carnegie Hall and
his and Rasamayi’s music has been featured in events and projects
with spiritual and musical greats including Deepak Chopra,
Michael Bernard Beckwith, Stephen Halpern, Gregg Braden, Dr.
Masaru Emoto and Neale Donald Walsch.

Attuning to Oneness is instrumental new age music featuring
Paradiso on didjeridoo, keyboards, theremin and gong and Rasamayi’s
soothing chants, crystal merkaba and Alchemy crystal singing bowls.
This album is ideal for meditation, relaxation, massage, and all other
healing modalities. Each song was recorded with the intention
to facilitate individual and global evolution through the healing
power of sound. Soulmates Paradiso and Rasamayi serve the wellness
and evolution of listeners worldwide through their music and
partnership in sound healing.

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