Karen Dover – Moving into Full Expansion – Multi Dimensionality in Truth – 4-6-14

Karen Doonan



Many of you at this time may be feeling the huge surges of energy that are now pulling at you deeply and may be wondering why you are feeling such intense “energetic pushes” to move your life into expansion.  It is to be noted that multi dimensionality is your NATURAL FORM, it at the very core of your BEing and is now pushing for your acceptance at a very waking human conscious mind level.  It is no longer appropriate to try to hold on to the “veneer” that you are taught to place around you and this your human life experience. It is now time to stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and this is manifesting as feelings of vulnerability.

Let me use an example to help illuminate this further.  For the human female this can be related to the very physical putting on of “make up”.  I would remind you gently that ALL of human language is containing but also it reflects that which is taking place. “Make up” can be read as to make something up or to make up for something, even the names of the various types of make up can give a clue, with the basics of make up being the “foundation” cream, this is put on before the “canvas” is then drawn upon.   For many in human female form make up becomes a weapon, for others it becomes a refuge, somewhere that they hide and of course this is re-enforced by the old 3d earth created reality that pushes “flawless” at ever opportunity.  For the human male this may seem to be rather confusing albeit the advertising industry has now begun to target men with their own “grooming” products.  All sold of course in the manipulation of the human emotions, this will now begin to fully dissolve for it is not TRUTH.

When you came into the old 3D earth created reality and were born you came in naked and from that very instant you were then TAUGHT to cover yourself up and I dont just mean by wearing clothes or putting on make up. Steadily over each moment of your human life experience you have been taught to hide your true form, whether this is with the use of make up, clothing, jobs, relationships, the list is endless. At all moments of all moments the old 3d earth created reality seeks to teach you that you are not “enough”.  This is now illuminating for many of you and this veneer is now asking to be fully dissolved on ALL levels of your human life experience as it is not TRUTH and is not supported at any level in the New Earth reality.

The teachings are very deep in respect of each human form, that is the human male and the human female, with each human form being TAUGHT what the other form “looks for” but this is highly distorted.  The old 3D earth separating and dividing through the continued reference to the human form alone and nothing else. Just as there is no difference between the human male and the human female (apart from the anatomical differences in the human vehicle) there is no difference between your ENERGY and your human form in  TRUTH. This is to say that you have been TAUGHT to divide your energy from your human form.  This is now asking to be re-integrated to allow for wholeness which then allows for expansion, you cannot expand anything that is not first of all whole and complete.  Try drawing a circle but do not complete the circle then attempt to draw it wider and wider all the time never closing the circle, you will find the shape becomes distorted.  The larger the circle the larger the distortion and this relates to your ENERGY in TRUTH within the old 3d earth created reality.


Within the spiritual field you are taught to separate your energy into energy centres, layers and the actual human vehicle itself, this further anchors and triggers the division that occurs within the old 3D earth created reality. YOU ARE YOU, the human vehicle that you have incarnated into is attempting to be the MIRROR of your energy in TRUTH but you have been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created reality to disconnect from your human form thus distorting said mirror and its reflection.  When you connect with another human vehicle you are reacting to their ENERGY SIGNATURE not their human form, this is why sometimes you will meet people and instantly take a dislike to them, it is not the human vehicle that you are “disliking” it is the frequency that is running within their energy signature. However as you cannot physically SEE their energy signature and as you are TAUGHT within the old 3D earth created reality to reference everything at very human level you will then ASSUME that the human vehicle is what you are disliking.

Now take this example and use it in relation to yourself and YOU looking in the mirror and seeing your own reflection. Many people are very uncomfortable looking at themselves in the mirror, when they do look at their reflection they are not seeing a true reflection of their human vehicle, the human eyes will FILTER to make the reflection match the frequency that you are running. Therefore if you have anchored feelings of unworthiness etc this is the filter your human eyes will use and what YOU SEE in the mirror is NOT what others will see for they too are using filters until they move out of the old 3d earth teachings and allow the energy in TRUTH to be the reflection in TRUTH.

At SOUL level ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE, you are the LOVE that IS in TRUTH, you have merely been taught to forget this at a very human conscious waking mind level within the old 3D earth created reality. This now seeks to dissolve and you are now asked to view your reflection in TRUTH.  There are 7 billion or so human vehicles incarnate upon and within planet earth, each a reflection of the LOVE that IS in TRUTH. There is no one reflection that is more “beautiful” than the other, for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE. You are now asked to accept and acknowledge the beauty that you are in TRUTH, to allow the reflection in the mirror to show TRUTH and not remain hidden beneath the veneers of the old 3d earth created reality.

Beauty is not skin deep, the human vehicle is the reflection of your SOUL, this now asks to shift and to expand. First of all you must accept that YOU ARE the LOVE that IS in TRUTH, now you are asked to accept this at a human conscious waking mind level and the universe will place scenarios and people and events in your outer waking reality to highlight the distortions that you are currently allowing to run deep within your energy signature.

LOVE JUST IS and YOU ARE, embrace the reflection in the mirror, this starts by opening your heart and accepting that you are the LOVE that IS and that just like the stars in heaven you SHINE BRIGHTLY, BEAUTIFULLY and ETERNALLY.  As you do this then the veneer that you have been taught to place around your human form will begin to crack and to break, allow this and allow the expansion for this is why you incarnated into a human form upon this planet. To create heaven upon earth and to show that ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL FOR ALL ARE ONE in TRUTH.

Within the old 3D earth created reality you are taught to hide that which makes you unique, now you are asked to reveal you to YOU and to understand  the very gift uniqueness is, it is your key to freedom in TRUTH.





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