Crystalai / Dr. Angela Barnett – Spiritual Healing Revolution – Removing Cancer from our Matrix – 4-1-14

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SPIRITUAL HEALING Revolution-Removing Cancer from our Matrix
Dr. Angela Barnett

Spiritual Healing Technologies are now available, as a result of Universal Matrix realigning and harmonizing with our original Divine Spiritual Divine Blue Print in our Cosmic Matrix. These technologies are now showing that Cancer itself was caused by these Frozen Crystal Miasms that were used in the Universal Matrix to block the flow of the Universal Life Force. New Visionaries have discovered the actual means of melting the Crystal Miasms that will cause the cancer creation mechanism to melt away.

Within ten years, the chemical structure of the human body will be transformed as a result of this new Cosmic Alignment. Within twenty years, the mass population will know and understand the truth and validity of a Scientific Reality that offers a truly transformational healing system.


Translate any material theory into its true spiritual idea and you will find the true cure for any life threatening disease.

Medical formula: The primordial stem cell – scientists say is the immortal cell – when you are born you are packed with them. These cells do not age – do not degenerate. They each have a complete DNA sequence that makes you uniquely you. Soon, scientists will learn that this omnion of pre light and sound is actually the neutrino that exists at the zero point level of EVERYTHING. The neutrino is the spark of Creation Himself.

Spiritually speaking: You were created perfect – in God’s image and likeness-reflecting individually and uniquely – all of Divine Love’s qualities eternally in immortality. You are made of layers of neutrinos which contain the complete template of all that is in the Mind of God. This essence is always perfect and never dies. It is the essence of ETERNAL LIFE.

Medically speaking: What makes the primordial stem cells immortal is a chemical called telomerase. An enzyme that repeats DNA strands at the end of every chromosome. When the telomerase is finished creating it turns off.

Spiritually speaking: We are created spiritually, immortally – in one moment of eternity and that eternity does not “shut off.” We reflect Divine Love continuously and that reflection doesn’t change. Every nano second we are creating a Brand New Reality. This means that when we tune in to this Spiritual Reality, we can have a brand new body any time we choose to. Normal Reality does not include the idea of Death.

The only thing that can turn off our immortal selfhood is to block it with material theories such as these. Return to the spiritual creation where you are already immortal and you will not be shut off from the “real you” that existed before the world began. The world is a series of material theories blocking your spiritual sense from its true form.

Materially speaking: When the telomerase enzyme is turned off aging begins. And,ironically, turning telomerase on in a cancer cell makes it replicate out of control.

The new medical discovery said to turn telomerase off would cure cancer. So this medical discovery says this immortal cell is both responsible for aging and cancer or for the prevention of either.

Spiritually speaking: There is one immortal cell – that is the Divine Oneness – Infinite Consciousness – Omnipresent Love.

Placing our individual consciousness into Infinite Consciousness of Divine Creation – by tuning in to the Frequencies of the Universal Life Force connects us to the spiritual sense of this immortal cell that does not know aging.
The cell does not start aging or become over action or inaction or reaction of any sort. This is a material belief blocking the spiritual sense that allows us to live in Infinite Harmony where there is only Divine Action and stillness.

We are being given a Wonderful Window of Opportunity to Tune in to this Universal Life Force of Eternal Life during the next three years. The Plasma that is surrounding and being sent into Earth from the Solar Waves from Coronal Mass Ejections are the Essence of Light and Sound that will transform our brains and our bodies. Scientists have already shown us that the Sun is spraying Positrons that carry a new balance of matter and anti matter – or physical and spiritual substance. This is the transformational energy that is being imposed upon us.

There is a Universal Life Force Rule that says eveyone has FREE CHOICE. So, those who want to tune in to the new reality can and those who don’t want to can just keep on dying as they believe is their correct mode of reality.

Listen to the music (preferably with earphones this time). Get as close to the music as you can. Line every (so-called material cell) in your body up with the Divine Spiritual Oneness of Divine Creation. Feel Eternal Harmony. Feel Infinite Love. Feel Omnipresence. Make sure you fill every atom of your mind and body with this pure love, harmony, stillness. Place your mind before the world began – before man made theories seemingly turned us into what we are not. Before any disease was name by man. Before any disease was created by science.

We have so much more power than the immortal cell named telomerase. We can turn back to our divinely ordained spiritual creation of eternal life. This true creation is our creation and belongs to us NOW.

This spiritual understanding is the only true power behind a material discovery such as telomerase. Any material realization of the true immortal sense of man and a return to his true spiritual condition is part of the Promise – our material understanding of the invisible, spiritual reality.

But there is only one way to gaining that reality -it is to go directly to the source of that reality – go to the omnipresence of Spiritual sense. Do not try to go through the back doors of material sense to find your way back to heaven.

Heaven and Immortal Creation exist “Before the World Began” – not as a consequence of material theories building a stairway backwards. Go to that place in Consciousness before the world began. In that place, which is our Lower Cerrebellum and our Seed Atom in our Thymus Gland, we can actually return to the Anti Matter or Spiritual Substance of our Creation. We can actually transmute all physical illusions by learning to live in the new Frequency Specific Mid Brain, and allowing the old Thinking Brain to melt away. The Thinking Brain carries those old Frozen Crystal Miasms that create Cancer and a number of other Death Causing holograms. We have a choice of removing those holograms from our Universe forever.

New scientific discoveries curing diseases are not a result of a scientific revolution. They are actually the result of getting spiritual glimpses of a spiritual revolution. When these diseases are destroyed in consciousness – by filling consciousness with omnipresence of spiritual reality, the power of matter, disease and death disintegrate into their native nothingness. This spiritual work is what is resulting in scientific discoveries.

I have been relishing in your words and sounds on your site for the past few hours and am feeling so utterly in awe of it all!  I have explored Keylontic science a bit before, but it has all been hitting me so so deeply now, especially because of your otherworldly music.  You are sharing and composing in such a way that I have been dreaming of, yet what I have been imagining is far out, you have gone so far beyond!  I sometimes channel other worldly languages and divine frequencies but I am truly humbled to witness your refinement and grace.  I have played around in a music studio a dash and composing electronically and keep asking the universe to guide me in how I can best offer my services through gifting healing frequencies 🙂  I very much dream of a magical music studio as well as soul family gatherings where we all share in the creation of transcendental vibes!
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Prior Sound Healing came from old, out dated teachings from Galactic Consciousness where the teachings were based on a Mortality Loop called the Golden Mean. That mortality loop creates the need to die and return over and over again without ascending into a higher realm.
Cosmic Dolphin  Frequency Music comes directly from Cosmic Consciousness where the Crystalai Frequency loops directly into the Eternal Life of Source Consciousness.

For those wanting a much, much deeper penetration into the most etheric level of the omnion within the cellular structure, this music actually performs a Cosmic Massage on the Brain and every cell in the Body.

This healing method creates DNA activation at the Subharmonic Level. There are 12 subharmonic strands on each of the double helix of each DNA strand. This music penatrates into the deepest activation level of Source Consciousness to awaken the entire Divine Template of the all 5DNA strands at the 12 subharmonic level.

We Highly Recommend you purchase these in order to Fully PARTICIPATE in the STELLER WAVE ACTIVATIONS that create DNA activation.


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