The Sword of Truth – Sever the Psychic Ties That Hold You Down – Archangel Michael, Buhda, One Who Serves – Answers From the Masters – 4-1-14

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I am Arch Angel Michael. I have come this day in this moment to announce the near ending of all you have been working for and the beginning of your new age upon this planet. Much that you have been waiting for, in many cases with baited breath is now upon you.  All of the many truths that have been secreted away from you, the people of this planet are about to begin to be revealed. You have barely an idea of the breadth of all the information that will be coming to you in just a short time now. It has been said that the truth shall set you fee and indeed it shall. My sword has alighted on each one of you in this room as well as all those who read and resonate with these words, my sword of truth for the many untold coverups that the ptw have perpetrated on all of you. Of course, you the collective, you are the progenitors of all that has been created in this, your illusion. All of those coverups are near an end now and what will follow is an open understanding that you the people of this planet are free and sovereign unto yourselves.

The time is at hand, my brothers and sisters to lay down the sword of fear and fighting to be replaced by my sword of truth and Sananda’s of love. Together you and I are now forging a new understanding to replace the old outdated misinformation that has mired you down in the muck of fear and hate for far too long. You are sovereign and have all the forces of the Universe at your command to right now all the wrongs that have been done in the name of Jesus, God and through the many religions that celebrate false ideals and beliefs that have far outstripped the common conventions that have perpetuated the lies for far too long.

Be ready now to open yourselves up to the new understandings and the new higher levels of consciousness that accompany the higher vibrations to which you are headed for and in many, have already reached. It is only your mind and the customary conventions that are still tending to hold you back. Now is the time to utilize my sword of truth to sever any remaining psychic ties that still may be holding you down to this your created illusion within your 3d paradigm.  As always now, the new mantra is “believe and you will see”, so as you strike my sword against the illusory binds that seemingly hold you down still, know that they are being rent asunder under the mighty weight of my sword. This will also in turn free your DNA structure to begin or continue to mend itself back to the original intention of 12 strands and release your cell structure to begin or continue to metamorphasise into its now intended crystalline structure, which then in turn will be able to hold and anchor more light to the planet to then allow for more and more of those who are just beginning to awaken to take in more light and understanding to help with their awakening and ascension process.

You are in the early morning stage just before the dawn breaks but this is a new dawn with a new sun that is rising to bathe all in this new light of love and belief. And after this new dawn, will follow many new ideas and conventions that will be born along with this new Golden Age upon the Earth. What you had before considered only science fiction and far from reality, will become your every day norm and you will be sheltered and comforted by this new energy that is even now sweeping across the planet in preparation for the tsunami of love to descend into each and every person and to wash away all the years of strife and turmoil you have persevered through to arrive at this NOW point. The seventh trumpet has blown and the signal is about to be given.

Believe in this now, as I tell you, that you are all here for a reason. A reason and a purpose that has not yet been shown you in many cases but it will begin now to flourish within you, to come about so that you will finally remember the truth and that which you have come for. And yes, indeed, the truth shall set you free! It is already doing so.

I am Archangel Michael and I am with you in all the times that are coming and I have been with you in all the times that came before. And together, you and I and all of those that work with you and work alongside of me, together we will bring in this new Golden Age on the Earth.

All of my peace and love be with you. As I turn this over now to your beloved sister, Susan.


We come forth to share with you as the one known as the Buddha. Coming with a heart full of love and compassion. Last time we had a full discussion on forgiveness and this time, this time I wish to bring a lighter message, that of enlightenment.

There are so many stories about what I went through when I was in that lifetime as Prince Siddhartha, leaving my wealth and family as I ventured on my spiritual quest. Much the same story that you have over the lifetimes that you have had in this world, in this path here. In and out of wealth. Many of you have been in and out of wealth in this lifetime alone. Indeed, it is just part of the path.

What is enlightenment? Some of you experienced enlightenment when you were much younger. Some of you have experienced enlightenment in just a few months past. There is no right time. Enlightenment is what is referred to in the past in this group as the clock that is going off. Enlightenment is a recognition of connection. Of so much more than that which you perceive in your day to day world on a daily basis.

There is so much more to that which you perceive as the restrictions, the confines of a world that is given to you at the time of birth and yet you have come to this lifetime to be shed of all of these misconceptions, rules and experiences.

And many people think they have reached the stage of enlightenment at one point in time or another only to realize that enlightenment is a process. There are stages of enlightenment. It is not a one time fix all solution. You continue growing in each lifetime. You continue growing as a soul in the experience. The play on words I gave Susan to share with you was, “in-light-in mind”, light in the mind, the light bulb goes off, does it not? Something shakes you awake. Something shows you something different. And as that process continues, you continue in your life’s experiences and you continue to learn more. And if you are open, you continue to have new teachers come, share and move onto new teachers. Those teachers may be in human form. You may experience those teachers in spirit form as Ascended Masters who share such as in this group. You may experience enlightenment in films as you watch or plays upon the stage.

There is no set way for the message of enlightenment to come through. For each of you has different experiences, each of you has different opportunities; each of you has different time clocks. To a large degree, these have been pre-set before you came into this life. In part, perhaps, you had other work to tend, other relationships to experience and then it becomes the time for you to awaken, as the time is now. To be called to the mission that is at hand.

Light in your mind, enlightenment. Sometimes people believe that you are enlightened and then your life changes and then, you are on a spiritual path forever. However, you, yourselves, know people that had an experience of enlightenment and then returned perhaps back, to their old lives, their old ways, their old belief systems. And you wonder what happened to that spiritual being that was so enlightened. It is an ongoing journey.

Yes, before enlightenment one carries water and works their day to day tasks and after enlightenment one carries water and works their day to day tasks. So indeed, it is a process and the reason I wanted to share this with you today is there are several of you in this group that have had challenges with family members, people that you love, that you so want to bring these messages to and yet it is all in each soul’s good time. Some of you, such as those in this room, have come to be the ones who are the feet on the ground, the people who are in action. Prayer action, action in the deeds you are doing and in what you are saying. Other people are the people you are sharing with, you are ministering to. There are two sides at all times. You cannot always be the server if there is no one to serve.

So do not be in a rush for people to wake up because with the changes that are in the midst, with the energy shift, with the awakening of the DNA and the addition of the new chakras, with all of these things that are happening to the human race, soon, soon everybody will be awake and they can receive this message that you so want to share. And even with that, there will be different stages of enlightenment to those who are new to awakening.

Talking about cabals and darkness are topics that will be difficult for many people to hear you approach. Talking about light, compassion, forgiveness and joy and one of the things that will be best for all of humankind will be equality that you will see come about in a very short period of time.

Equality in terms of everyone having opportunities for food, for shelter, for energy. Abundance of prosperity until that is no longer needed by human consciousness because everything will be supplied for you abundantly.

Another part of equality is the equality of races, especially as the lines of religion are let go as humanity realizes that indeed, religion is a manmade invention. And the need for it goes away. Equality with the sexes when you can for the first time, see clearly into the eyes your partners, into the eyes of those who will come into your life as Divine Partners, as you come to realize that Divine Partnerships have nothing to do with sexual relationships but in truth with Divine energy and balance and accomplishing the tasks you come together to accomplish.

These will be new concepts for you. We know they sound wonderful in this room and exciting but they will be something that will take a little getting used to, full of wonder and love that they are. And all of these things are part of this New World. Part of the reason the Ascended Masters have come to share with you and speak with you each week is indeed to have you visualizing and imagining the New World seeing images, picking up but also putting out. Putting out those images of universal love in qualities of crystal cities, of visiting Hollow Earth, of space ships in the skies, and meeting your Galactic families, all of these things that you continue to envision and to manifest in those higher levels as you raise the consciousness of all across the planet.

All the parts of you, all of your atoms and molecules in the matter world have been here forever so you are part of stardust from all creation, you are part of all that is present on this planet at this time, you are part of the Saber Tooth Tigers and the dinosaurs, you are part of the butterflies and the grasses and the trees. All of these are parts that comprise you as a human being so more and more you will feel this deep connectedness with all of life, all of past, all of present, all of future, especially as the timeline disappears.

So indeed, there are wondrous, wondrous times coming forward. We are so excited to be sharing these with you. To be dancing in the streets with you. We will experience the EVENT with you that triggers all the changes in your bodies, in your minds and in your spirits.

So we leave you today with the understanding that indeed, we are one in all that we do, in all that we are, and that presence that we are in, that we move in and have our being in, we are one.

Blessings and enjoy your journey my friends. Namaste.


Greetings to you. I am the One known as “One Who Serves”, rather we are the “One Who Serves” there are several of us. And we may interchange here. You may hear some crazy people coming through, it is very possible. Please understand that we are going to shout now because there are a few here who are still not quite here in the room here. They have not come back from their experience so we are shouting out. Wake up People! Wake up! And not only here in this room but wake up to all that is occurring in your lives. This is very important now that you understand that there are so many things that are happening that are beyond your imaginings, even now. You are not quite seeing but as we have said many times, begin to “believe it and then you will see it”. That is what you must do. That is the new way. That is the new age that is coming upon you. And we implore you to allow for this process to move fully through you. Understand that as the Archangel Michael was here and touched each of you with his sword of truth, that sword of truth, that truth is moving through you now. It is going to bring you to the next step of your evolution. To the next understanding of who you are. Believe it and you will see it!

This is what you must do. As you are out in nature look at the sky and believe that the new colors are there and they will be there. Look at the various trees and bushes and grass and see the beauty of the green colors coming through and the red colors depending where you are, and all these bursting through, these brilliant colors in their new expression here. To be here with you on this planet. To share with you. All of you are experiencing these changes but you must believe it within yourselves and the more you believe it, the more you will see it. This is the promise.

And as you believe it, you will begin to see it. Your Pineal Gland will awaken more and more and your DNA will begin to form itself back together again. It is already doing that. First it happens at the higher levels. This was explained by the James earlier on. First it happens in the higher bodies and then it expresses into your physical body and this is the process that is occurring. And as you begin to move more and more into the higher vibrations you will begin to experience more and more.

And as the Buddha said, as you move higher into these vibrations, you begin to experience these higher levels, at first you are dropping back, you are coming back into who you are now into this 3D realm. Eventually, you will be moving and staying there. And there will be your ascension. There you will stay and remain. Never to drop back again unless you wish to and those of you who wish to and we hope that there will be many that wish, and we are speaking now to those who will be reading these words, we are hoping that many of you will wish to drop back and assist those others to come forward and move on in and understand who they are and awaken to their divinity within themselves.

All of this is coming, brothers and sisters, all of it. And you are on the forefront of that. You have prepared yourselves for a very long time and you are the ones who are standing on the edge, as has been said by Sananda, you are standing at the edge of the finish line. You are about to cross the finish line. Do not stagger back now. Do not allow yourself to fall back. But finish the race for it is almost over.

I will get off my soap box now and entertain any questions you might have. I am a different “One Who Serves” who has just come in here. I am a little bit more on the humorous side. I can do this if you would allow. Please understand that before we have questions here, we had something else come up. Your group, this particular group is moving in a fashion here. Moving to truly understand who you are and as you understand more and more who you are, we who mentor to you can utilize your services and you can be of service here. The more you are willing to do this, the more you can be utilized in this fashion.

And we are speaking of this directly because there are things coming here very shortly and also within this group that you will be asked to move forward in your consciousness, in your vibration here. And we are going to ask you to think on this over the coming week here. And when you return, if you return, we know certain ones may not quite make it back here and that is OK but if you wish to be a part of this, you wish to move on in your expression, in your purpose here, in what you came to do for your mission, then we are going to ask you to return and we are going to give more on this in the next week here. Much more will be given to the James as well as the Susan will be receiving things as well as others in the group too in terms of beginning to know and understand what you are here for. And the truth will certainly set you free and it is doing so now.  And now, we will take questions here. What questions would you have?

Question: How should I be meditating? Should I be doing anything differently?

Not so much in your own personal changes here. We are talking about group evolvement and beyond group evolvement here. Being of service outside of self. But for yourself you are asking this now, please understand that all you are doing is what you are meant to be doing. And you would keep doing those things and if there is need for something else, it will come to you. That is for each one here now.

Each one will come to an understanding more and more certainly as the truth now is going to come out and we speak now not only in this room but the truth in general is coming out is it not? Look all around the planet and see the truth coming forward. And yes, there is still those things of disinformation and all of this that is coming out but much of this is purposeful, much of this is necessary for the process because for the old 3D paradigm to come crashing down, it must first have these experiences of things to bring it down. And these types of activities, the plane disappearance and all these things that are happening and are going to happen here in the very near future, all these things are purposeful, you must understand that.

So in your daily meditation, however you would find yourselves meditating, whether it is formal meditation with all of the breathing or if it is simply being out in nature and feeling yourself one with nature, or touching a pet and feeling the love, that is meditation. Meditation is looking at a small child and feeling the love coming from that child. Meditation is being one with the trees and the plants and the animals and the sky and the Earth etc. etc. You see?

Question: What is the difference between meditation and thinking?

Thinking is more in terms of contemplating. You are thinking within your mind. Thinking within your brain processes. Meditation is going within. So when you meditate you go within yourself and you find your inner knowing within. That is what meditation is, it connects you once again with your higher God Self. That is meditation. Meditation is said to be listening to God. When you pray you are talking to God. When you meditate you are listening to God or to your higher God Self. You see? Does this answer your question?

Question: Is this the right time to relieve a person who works with me of his job? He seems to be of a lower vibration.

First of all we would ask you to look at the wording you have used here. He is of a “lower” vibration. Please understand that as you maintain that, you are creating a judgment within yourself that this one is of a lower vibration. How would you know if this one is of a lower vibration? You only know it from your point of view, from your truth in you.

And indeed, this one may be of a lower vibration in this sense here but please understand that all of those who are of what you would call a lower vibration, those of the dark forces, are not necessarily so, you see? They have come here for a reason too. They have created this, or helped create this whole 3D paradigm, this illusion, that has been created here. Without them you would not have it and yes, you would look at this and say and without them we would have a wonderful life here but please understand there is a reason for all of this. In order for all of you to understand what is light, you must first understand what is darkness. In order to understand what is love, you must understand what is fear. The opposite, all the time, duality, all of this was meant to be in many respects and yes, the experiment has gone on longer than it was necessarily thought to be but it is purposeful.

So those that you would look at and make judgment that they are of lower vibration, they may be of a higher vibration, they may be a master themselves in this guise that they have taken on here. We are not saying that it is so but it could be. So please be aware of your learning and even more important of those processes, thoughts and feelings that you put behind this. That is more important. Does this answer your question? We do not answer your question more directly. No “X” marks the spot and here is your treasure. You see? Even though the James many times would like for that to happen. We keep saying no, no, we are not going to do that. Any more questions here?

Question: Aside from living and speaking the truth, how does one convince other people to stop creating negativity? I recognize it is their world and their righto do that but how can we teach or show or convince that person not to do that?

First of all, we would like you to take out the word, “convince”. Because that is putting you into a higher point, a higher state than they are and that is the same thing again, who is of the lower vibration. So you, yourself, are not here to convince anyone. To teach, to spread love, yes but not to coerce in any respect. For if they will come to what they need to come to on their own, then all you can do, just as all we can do, as much as we would like to do more sometimes, we cannot, but all we can do is nudge here and there. And that is all you can do as well. You see?

Question: So, I have a belief or a truth or a law or whatever, in my life experience, if something negative comes into my life experience, is it because I created it? And I know that even though I have a hard time accepting it. Is that a reality or a truth?

Most definitely. Everything that is in your life, in your creation, you have created, you have put in there. In whatever respect that may be. You are the one who creates it. Your mind is the builder. Whatever you have built in your life, it continues to build in front of you every moment of your life. You see?

Question: So, would it better for all of us to view a situation that we made it and from that perspective, we can change it?

Yes, whatever you make you can unmake. Believe and see!

Question: What I am saying is take responsibility for it? And make a decision to be conscious about the choice.

Yes. Yes that is correct.

Question: What would be your advice about every day protection. What should we be doing every day to keep ourselves safe and shielded? Would the golden bubble help others shield from negative? How do we protect ourselves and others from negative attacks?

First of all you use the words, golden bubble. Surround yourself in the golden bubble, in the golden white light merkaba, a shield of light, whatever you want to call it, a golden bubble works well too. Know that love is shielding you, it is protecting you from the negative impulses that come around you, from the words, the feelings, all of this, it can protect you from this. And again, it is believing is seeing. If you know it is happening, then it is certainly happening.

Now as far as you speaking to others about this, again speak only to those who wish to be spoken to about this. You are not to do as some, go door to door and spread the light, that is not what this is about. You are not ready for that. We are not ready for you to do that yet. And we use the word yet here because there will be a time in the future, not door to door certainly but more so, more and more you will be able to spread the light.

It is that same when you look at your UFO incidents and things of that nature and you look back on the years here and look back to when if someone saw a UFO and they brought it out and talked about it they were laughed at. People thought they were crazy. And more of the population of the planet would agree with that, they were crazy, there wasn’t any such thing. But, now if you say it, everyone says “I want to see it! I want to know it too! I believe, I believe!”

You see, it is all changing. So all of this is changing in your lives, people. You are experiencing more and more of the truth within yourself and the truth will certainly set you free and it will set others free as well. But they must come to the truth just as you have. On your own, in your own way. Don’t be too quick to go out and try to bang somebody over the head, like the cave man thing or bang the woman over the head and carry her away. That is not the way of the New Age here. You see?

More and more will come into your aura and as they touch your aura, they will feel that deep within themselves. Not necessarily at a conscious knowing awareness but at some level they will feel it. Do they not feel the love, those who work in the medical industry here; do they not feel the love from you as you touch? You know what we are speaking about here. See?

Question: How do you navigate between the material world and the spiritual world and keep a balance?

That is something that many of the Lightworkers and such are experiencing now. To move between the two worlds into the higher vibration. And as you feel the bliss and the Oneness and then the coming back, the falling back down. Someone says something that brings anger or something of the old bring something back into play here and you are right back into the old 3D paradigm and wishing, “What am I doing here? I don’t want to be here anymore! Back to that again!” And something happens and you are back to floating up again in the heavens, in the clouds, you see and something occurs again and you are right back down. This is what is happening here. So, in order to move through the various changes, what have we said many times? Just go with the flow. This is very important. It is what it is. Swim downstream rather than upstream. Let the current take you. This is how you move between here. Does this answer your question? Is there further clarification needed?

Question: Can I help? Navigating, go with the flow, when the material world shows up, we are to allow it rather than resisting it. So the spiritual principle behind that is allowance and that navigating is not necessary, it is allowing life to occur and situation to happen.

Yes! And know that as these situations occur as life occurs, all is part of synchronicity; all is part of way it is to be, to follow your blueprint, your contract that you came here for. So all of it is purposeful in moving you in those directions. Sometimes it seems to go against the flow, yes.

Question: I have a decision to make. I am trying to understand what decision is serving the highest good. I want to make the decision based on serving. If the flow goes either way I need to know how to make the decision.

Yes. And I want to suggest to you not to make the decision with your head, with your mind. Do it with your heart. So go deeply within yourself and ask the question within. Ask your higher self. And then let the answer come in whatever fashion it will come. It will not necessarily be in words, it may be in pictures, it may not even be in that very moment.

It may be a synchronous event that happens such as in your book, “The Celestine Prophecy”, you see, all the synchronicities that happened in that, those of you who watched the movie here a little while back. All the synchronicities that happened. It is all synchronicity so let these synchronous events to take effect.

Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Those words by the Master Yeshua were meant for those of us at this time now. Also in the past time certainly but also in this time now. The time is here the time is NOW people. Allow it to be. Go within. Go deeply within and ask and you will be guided in whatever respect you need to be guided here. It is difficult to tell you directly because we do not want to guide you in any way here. Give you a nudge. Maybe move you in one direction but not too much, you see?

We do not give direct guidance. It is a major undertaking for you. You have portions within you that are fighting this. Go or not go. You have to look at each of these and what they are saying and why they are saying it. Those portions of you. It may come in your dream state even if you pay attention to your dreams. It will come in some way for you. You see?

Question: Will I manifest a move to Oregon to be closer to my kids?

There you are asking for time frames and what has been said before, soon, some day. We are not saying. We cannot the place of your discernment of your decision-making process here but we can tell you that there are forces at work here that are moving you in a certain direction for whatever reason that is or whatever needs to be here. Those forces are at work here. Could be what you came here to do. And we will leave it at that.

Question: Does everyone have their own contracts and are we creating life moment to moment or is it set in stone?

There is never anything set in stone, please understand that. What you come in with, what we call the blueprint, the plan you are following, that plan is opening out every single moment of your life and to the point that you follow that blueprint is the synchronicity that we are speaking about here. There will be things that tend to move you away from that blueprint and there are things that will tend to move you back that way again.

There was a movie, the “Adjustment Bureau”, if you saw that movie and if you did not see, we will recommend it because it will answer this question in a funny, roundabout way, but it is almost accurate. There is a director there who is shooting everybody like part of a play here but it is certainly your higher self that is that director. You see, your higher self is the man behind the curtain in the “Wizard of Oz” you see?

If you remember, even in that movie they said, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” This was purposeful of those of the forces at that time who wished for you not to pay attention to your higher self, you see?  We must release channel here. Anything further?

We are done for this time. We so enjoy this time for being with you. And to have these types of expression with you, we are not sure yet who will be next time. That will come during the week. Please understand that as you continue on during this week here many things are happening around the world, many things are happening within your own inner world, and these things are going to continue at a more and more and more rapid pace. And very soon, the someday comes after soon, but all of this is coming. So we leave you now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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