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Karen Dover

As the New Earth energies continue to expand and your SOUL continues to highlight that which is not TRUTH I place before you the karmic residue that many of you may be working with at this time.

Within the old 3D earth created reality you are taught that you came here in your human form in order to experience “lessons” and that by experiencing said lessons you were achieving SOUL growth.

As I have mentioned in the previous blog the old 3D earth created reality is a negative polarization and as such everything within the old 3D earth created reality is taught in order to contain and suppress the human energy signature.

To allow the karmic “lesson” teaching to remain within your energy signature will see you in a holding pattern for it is not TRUTH, the karmic lessons were DESIGNED to prevent expansion at SOUL level, the triggering and re-triggering of these lower dimensional frequencies working at all moments to continue the fragmentation of your SOUL.

In the New Earth frequencies you are working to continually find and take back the fragments of your SOUL in order to strengthen your energy signature and become whole at a human conscious waking mind level in your human form.

This is not possible whilst running this highly distorted frequency for it will continually seek to teach you that the pain that you experience within these lessons is NECESSARY.

This sees you filter out that sacrifice is not supported in the New Earth and works to keep you within a holding pattern.

The New Earth reality asks NO sacrifice and NO triggering of pain in order to create , this is in direct contrast to the old 3D earth created reality that NEEDS this in order to remain manifest.

Again this can be shown with the twin flame scenario that is “karmic” in nature and also seeks to keep triggering the lower dimensional frequencies that are required by the old 3D earth in order to remain intact.

YOU are not here to stay within the containment and suppression of the old 3D earth frequencies, you have chosen to incarnate into human form KNOWING that at a certain frequency level (set by your SOUL) that you would be able to disconnect and HEAL FULLY from the karmic lessons and begin a new life in TRUTH upon Planet Earth.

This new life bares no relation to the life you are currently living within the old 3D earth created reality and at SOUL level you knew this prior to incarnation.

There are many spiritual teachings that seek to teach you that you follow a path and that you are here to “learn”, you are here to LIVE in TRUTH, the learning was how to be in distortion whilst taking human form, this is what I often refer to as “training”, for you were trained how to exist within a lower dimensional reality, this is not to be confused with living in TRUTH and creating in expansion.

The two are completely different frequencies and only expansion in TRUTH is supported in the New Earth.


At this time the New Earth frequencies are working to illuminate this dense frequency in order that you can dissolve it and increase, expand and deepen your energy signature, nothing from the old 3D earth reality can be taken into the New Earth and karmic residue is not supported on any level.

Pain is a teaching of the old 3D earth reality and is of no servitude at any level of your BEing.

It is not TRUTH to look to the human race and try to prove that pain is necessary as the pain that is present within the human race is the byproduct of the distorted old 3D earth created reality, that is the frequencies CREATED the pain and sought at all moments to trigger over and over said pain in order for the old 3D earth reality to remain in place.

In order to create a new world and a new reality that is TRUTH the human race are asked to dissolve the teachings in relation to human emotional pain and to understand that the New Earth is created from TRUTH, JOY, PEACE, HARMONY and the LOVE that IS.

By raising your frequency and anchoring these frequencies you are holding the space for ALL to dissolve the many layers of emotional pain that exist within the human race.

This is a process that is ongoing in its expansion and your SOUL now asks for you to expand in TRUTH.


“Love is the answer, no matter the question”


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