Tom Kenyon – Tree of Life Meditation – 3-31-14

Tom Kenyon

The Tree of Life

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon


From our perspective you are the Tree of Life and the Living Mystery. This is because your subtle energy body possesses thousands of minute energy channels that receive spiritual light from other dimensions of your cosmos.

They are like the branches of a tree, which is why we are referring to you and this meditation as the Tree of Life.

Your yogis and yoginis have identified these subtle channels of energy as nadis. And in this meditation you will be activating your entire system of nadis for the purpose of infusing spiritual light to ease the way for you to enter higher vibratory states of existence.

Due to time acceleration and the escalation of your current Chaotic Node, many of you are experiencing an increase in physical, emotional, interpersonal, and interdimensional difficulties. By infusing the branches of the Tree—that is your body—with higher spiritual light, you will greatly benefit from the elevated vibrational frequencies. And your transition into higher states of consciousness will be more graceful.

Although this meditation will take place during a specific period of time you can re-enter it whenever you wish and by doing so you will derive great benefit.

The World Meditation

This Tree of Life meditation will begin at 5:30 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time on May 31st. The energetic will be introduced over a thirty minute period and will end at 6 pm, Eastern Daylight Savings Time, but the energetic wave of this meditation will continue for twenty-four and a half hours, ending at 6 pm, Eastern Daylight Savings Time on June 1st.

You can engage the meditation with great benefit and potency anytime during this period.

The meditation will be focused in New York during an event called Trees of Life. This group will have built a strong energetic that will support the release of this wave across your planet.

From our perspective this specific World Meditation is unique in that, just prior to the commencement of the energetic wave, a powerful emanation from the Buddhic realms of light will be called into play. This transmission will be from Vajrahara the Primordial Buddha of sound.

These sound codes of new creation are, in themselves, a powerful transmission, and it is upon this energetic wave that we will escalate the benevolent forces for your benefit, so to speak.

This World Meditation consists of two phases—a sound meditation (described below), followed by a period silence.

Phase One of the World Meditation

In the first phase of this meditation you will be listening to The Crystal Palace Within, a unique sound piece that we have used before in a previous World Meditation. In this version, however, you will be working with the sound meditation in a very different way.

You will find a link to the audio file at the end of this message.

There are three distinct stages to the sound meditation itself.

Stage 1
The first stage is about five minutes long and during this period you imagine your body as a network of luminous filaments of light. As you focus on these nadis, these channels of light, enter the coherent state of appreciation, which will deepen your experience and make it more powerful.

During this stage imagine that your nadis are open to the interdimensional nature of the cosmos, drawing into themselves highly benevolent and life-enhancing energies.

Stage 2
The second stage of this meditation is about five minutes long as well, and you will notice that the music radically changes at the transition into this stage. During this stage of the meditation, your focus goes to the pineal gland in the center of your head. Throughout this stage you imagine that there is a lotus flower opening at the top of your head. Allow a descent of cosmic energies through your crown chakra and into your pineal gland during this stage of the meditation.

Stage 3
The final stage is also around five minutes, and musically it is a repeat of the first five minutes. During this final stage, you re-imagine your body as a network of nadis (subtle channels of light) drawing in benevolent and life-enhancing energies from the interdimensionality of your cosmos.

There is one final very important aspect to this stage. Feel yourself connected to the Earth so that the energies entering through your nadis extend down into the Earth through your feet or through an energetic channel called the Pranic Tube, which extends down through the central line of your body from your crown through your perineum (located midway between your anus and your genitals) and into the Earth. This is for the purpose of grounding the immense celestial energies that you will have most likely accessed.

If you leave out this stage of the meditation you might float in bliss for a while, but you will be useless to yourself and others—and that is not the purpose of this meditation.

The purpose of this meditation is to gently raise the vibratory rate of your nadis, the filaments of light that comprise your Tree of Life, and to ease your transition into higher vibratory states of consciousness.

The Second Phase of the Meditation

The Second Phase is done in silence.

Just be with yourself and notice the subtle fluctuations of energy within your body/mind and spirit. If you are in an environment where it is possible, we suggest you lie down and rest completely. But whatever your situation, allow fifteen minutes to just be with yourself in silence after the active phase of the meditation.


We are offering you this meditation at a critical juncture in your transition to higher vibratory states of consciousness. The timing of this World Meditation, to be metaphorical about it, is very much like a crack in the Cosmic Egg.

This meditation is an energetic key that can open the treasure troves of the light realms for you and allow you to step through the narrow gate that is now before you.

The Hathors
March 26, 2014


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