Higher Self via April Bender – Importance of Self-Care, Compassion, Love – During This Most Crucial Time – 3-29-14




Higher Self: The Importance of Self-Care, Compassion, and Love During This Most Crucial Time, channeled by April Bender, March 28, 2014 at http://aprilsairings.blogspot.co.uk | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

I wish to discuss with you today, the importance of Self-Care, Compassion and Love. As these are the crucial qualities or energies that you should be abundantly expressing to Self at this time. Because in order for you to fully Reclaim your empowered Divine center, or seat/throne of Divine Empowerment (solar plexus), you must first believe yourself worthy of it.

And this feeling of worthiness is something you need to work into your overall day, not just when things are quiet and/or you are alone.You must learn to truly BELIEVE and have FAITH in who and what YOU ARE, in every way, shape and form – even during the intensity of such expansive and therefore extremely challenging, clearing/transmutation waves. If, in your heart, you believe yourself unworthy in some way, then your inner sun cannot fully shine!

This is why you and others may be experiencing a rather dramatic ping-pong effect between states of feeling uncomfortably full, agitated, and constricted (physically, emotionally, spiritually) – and states of lightness, joy, and optimistic expectation. You are reconciling the two energies together, inducing them into a “higher” form/expression – therefore, you need to learn to stay in your “center” while these two energy streams come together. It is where you are most effective – it is the seat of your power and the point of least oscillation/motion.

For remember, this Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process that the Collective Higher Mind is now initiating, is a tremendous opportunity for you to step into true MASTERSHIP. And part of this mastery, IS learning to stay in your empowered “center,” even if “storms” are seemingly raging all around you – even if you need to express your thoughts and emotions in order to continue on throughout the day, for while doing so, if you stay “centered” in your expression of these, you’ll have an authentic Expressive and constructive release or co-creative “out-breath.”

Now is NOT the time to be holding back your authenticity in any way – the world needs to hear from you, though in a way your words/expressions can find the most fertile ground. As the Reclamation of Your and the Collective’s Self-Sovereignty, among other Divine Birthrights, demands it.

If you are truly in a situation where you cannot be expressive, be absolutely sure to take time later that day to express or “out-breathe” through some form of co-creation or contemplative practice, whatever it is that has taken up so much space within you. It is in this manner that you will be aiding in the completion of all 3 Acts of the Sequencing Process, as fully outlined in my previous message. If necessary, the demands of the day can simply wait a moment or two, because not only you, but the world will be better off for your rest and self-care in the end.

You’ve been such a champion and lover of others throughout your life, now you must reach deep into your heart and fully embrace, truly LOVE and CARE FOR, ALL that YOU ARE. The doubts, the worries, the anxieties of lower vibrational living are but mere distractions – if you encounter these, it is only in the context of your need to either release, learn from and/or transmute them. Do NOT take them back into yourself – Do NOT take them as signs of backsliding and get depressed – instead, confront or acknowledge the information/sensation and then LET IT GO. In most cases what you are encountering are the fears, anxieties and doubts of the Collective (yes, especially while you’re at work or out and about), as they are magnetized to you through your past or sometimes current “resonate” experiences, and this is also why you will be the one to help consciously transmute them.

You must remember the “bigger” picture throughout your day. You must stop trying to “fit” where you don’t, and stop trying to “do” what is not yours to do. For your real work already lies before you – and only a tiny portion of it is located in your office cubicle. Stop letting that, and other environments overtake your experience/perception. You are NEVER given more than you can handle, and I make darn sure of that. Stand confidently and proudly in WHO YOU ARE, whether others value YOU or not. Acknowledge and REJOICE in your natural strengths, passions, and gifts even if the 3D world doesn’t acknowledge them as meaningful. For soon, they will acknowledge them not only as meaningful, but crucial to the experience of Health/Wholeness and/or the Reclamation of all your Divine Birthrights and by extension, those of the Collective.

And don’t forget you are there, in that “working” experience because I PUT YOU THERE for a reason. The good work that is taking place there, both energetically and tangibly, could use your energetic “conversion” and “amplification” skills. Others are precisely where they are for the very same reasons, whether they were consciously guided there or not. All are contributing to this rather epic drama of Creation known as “Earth,” at the capacity/level in which they are able to do so. Never doubt the fruitfulness of your “placement” in Life.

Plus, the stronger your “center” and measure of “self-love,” the more strongly your Soul/Star family can come through to you. If you think the experiences are cool now, just wait until you’ve FULLY activated/reclaimed your true Divine Center/Core Essence. And to “claim” it, all you need to do is let go of any fear/trepidation and simply step into it, OWN it – TRUST it. Even if that means you need to step into it over and over again until it “sticks” or holds, and you then master it.

You need to also be aware of the fact the Reconciliation of Unfinished Business/Energy Act, will create experiences for you, in which conflicting energies are brought together within you for Resolution/Transmutation. And know that I, will also throw a few “tests” or “curve-balls your way as part of assessing your overall development, which is not a judgement, but to help me further plan the rest of your/our journey/experiences. So instead of taking things personally, zoom out and remember the larger picture. See these as challenges you can easily surmount for the good of the Collective, instead of a personal slight or even worse, failure. The things you’re getting confused or mired in, are the SAME things/triggers that ALWAYS throw you off – because your physical environment has not yet changed and/or does not match what you are feeling/sensing inside.

So cast off this pattern of extreme ping-ponging after every wave induction. There will always be oscillations, but they don’t need to be experienced as dramatically or uncomfortably, especially when you can always hold in your awareness, the larger picture of what’s really going on underneath it all.

And you can always call upon your newly expanded inner “toolkit,” to help get you through this challenging Sequencing Process. Like calling upon the elements to replenish your vessel when the tank starts running low, relaxing/traveling into your heart and/or solar plexus for a soothing shower of unconditional love and empowerment, spending time with your plant/animal allies, or simply remembering to “shield” yourself as appropriate throughout the day, etc…

So as the winds of change whip, whirl and sometimes howl all around/within you, remember how truly special, unique, and wonderful you truly are. For you are on the front lines of this Grand Ascension Cycle! You are aiding in the conscious co-creation of an entirely new world/experience or WAY OF BEING. And it is very hard, long, soul-tiring work but it’s also the most SOULFULLY UPLIFTING and REWARDING. So take it easy on yourself and give yourself a break from the self-criticism. Be kind, loving, patient, and compassionate with Self. And get/stay in YOUR CENTER!

And if you’re sharing this with others, remind them to check in with their Higher Selves, just as you did me, when things got to feeling too constricting or overwhelming. As I think you’ll agree, there can be no greater soothing balm than the one that is crafted from and given to Self.
(see Learning to Communicate/Commune with Higher Self for tips.)

You are almost to the top of the mountain now – just hang in there a little while longer.

Much love, gratitude, and respect to you always my dear.

Until next time. . .




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