Polona Aurea Dawn – Truth About The Sun


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Recently I received a comment that it’s bad to be exposed to the Sun and that getting a tan is cooking our skin, for it causes skin cancer. This is what we are often told, but what about the Truth? Is the radiation from the Sun really harmful for us, and why have we been fed this information continuously? The real question to be asked as well is, are these thoughts really our own, or is it a belief system that someone wanted us to believe in? And mostly … why? How many times we hear about how harmful our Sun is? All the time! Well, I don’t, because I don’t follow any news or media anyway, only my inner Wisdom and following the path of Nature.

How can our Sun be harmful, if it’s created through the Source of All That Is, which is the Essence of pure Love and illumination? Everything that is created by the Divine Light, has a purpose, and only our lack of understanding can create malevolent creations and negativity. Our Sun is actually the source of Light for our planet and this particular planetary system. It receives its Light and codes of illumination through the central Sun of the Galaxy, and all the central Suns receive from the Light of Oneness, the Grand Central Sun! This is pure Light, and only we on Earth can call it radiation. We give these names and labels, and we create beliefs that don’t always come from pure Source knowledge and Divine Principles of Creation. This is how we become ignorant of the Truth and this is how we expose ourselves to manipulation.

The Sun actually carries powerful codes of Light and all the programs for our physical Ascension, so no wonder we are constantly being told about how bad it is from those who wish to control us and the planet for their own personal gain and agenda. Those who live in perfect Oneness with Nature, gather their Wisdom from the Mother (the planet itself), who is a direct link to the Divine Mother of all Creation, and from deep within their own I AM Presence. Those who tune into the external resources, don’t follow this same source of Wisdom, so they believe what they are told and so they create these beliefs. It’s a shame, because this Wisdom is there for all of us, and already lives deep inside of us.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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