Dana Mrkich – Equinox – Time For Balance – 3-21-14

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I love March Equinox! It’s the start of a new astrological year and always has a ‘new chapter in the air’ feel about it whether you are experiencing Autumn or Spring.

The past month has had a very ‘on pause’ feel about it as we’ve experienced Mercury still in the retrograde shadow not to mention Mars and Saturn switched to ‘internal’ mode as they too are retrograde. Yet this ‘on-pause’ time is good for us. It is a reminder to stop, re-flect, re-charge and have a re-think about how you are using your energy, what is working for you in your life, and what is draining you. Too often we get stuck in auto-pilot and don’t break from our routine until a crisis of some kind gives us a wake up call, but we don’t have to wait for (or invite!) a crisis to take a deeper look at the way in which we are living our life.

Equinox happens twice a year, March 21 and Sep 23, when the day and night are of equal duration. We naturally feel to bring more balance to our lives around this time, which is why we often find ourselves clearing our physical, mental and emotional space during this period.

How are you all feeling?

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