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I want to share this experience with all of you. To once again highlight to all of you the importance and the power of our Merkaba’s. If yours hasn’t opened up just yet. It will do so very soon! And you can help speed it along by reading a phenomenal book called “Metatron this is the Clarion Call”. What’s more I want you to know that with the power of your mind you CAN influence anything and EVERYTHING around you. Everything is energy, and you have a direct link to the universal energy. It’s all a matter of understanding that it is so, and tapping into that source. 
I did not know what was happening, as I just began to fully awaken and understand what I am. It happened in the summer of 2012 when I got incredibly sick and nearly died, I started hearing the voices of my guides and seeing various beings visiting me. But as of yet I have not heard about the Merkaba. I had absolutely no idea what it was, at least on a conscious level.

It was before the hurricane hit NYC in 2012. I was out of state but my family was there. All of a sudden I felt a jolt to get up and go outside. I sat down into a lotus pose without realizing what I was doing. I closed my eyes and lo and behold I saw a star of David before my eyes. It started to spin rapidly before me in a horizontal like fashion, it entered my heart charka and began to spin even faster. Then it changed it’s position once again to vertical. separating into two equal triangles, encompassing me completely.

One was spinning to the left and the other to the right. I was elate! My beautiful star came to live! I did not know what it was, or what was happening, I had no idea that it had anything to do with Metatron, nor did I consciously know that it was the representation of the heart chakra. All I knew is that the six pointed star split into two, made two triangles and started to spin.

I then felt and saw bright white light that was pouring into my crown chakra and at the same time from my root chakra another white light was coming through me. Right in the center of my spine and up the spine to my shoulders and spreading through my hands and out of my hands two beams of light shot out and started to merge and intertwine together in a form or a DNA.

This spinning DNA shot out into the sky and I found myself clearly seeing the houses of my friends and family. I felt that I had to encapsulate their houses and their cars into some sort of energy bubble. None of this was making much conscious sense to me then, but deep down inside I knew exactly what I was doing. I kept “going” from place to place making sure that everything was protected. I tried to do the same for the whole of NY only to hear that on my own I wasn’t strong enough, and there were many such as me working on easing the blow, but that it had to happen and I shouldn’t worry because although there will be damage, it will not be as bad as everyone was anticipating it to be. I surrounded all of them and their belongings with this beautiful light. The only thing I forgot was my Dad’s car.

Then I was jolted back into “reality”, a few hours later the hurricane hit NY. There was a lot of destruction, houses next to theirs were damaged but all the places where they lived all of them, were fine. Except for the roof on my brother’s house it was ruffled up a bit, but that was it! And my dad’s car. All the windows were destroyed and it was in pretty bad shape. I simply couldn’t believe it! I was shocked!!!! What was it that I did.. and how did it work!?

A few weeks later I was led to an amazing book by AA Metatron, the name is “Metatron this is the Clarion Call” This book held the answers that I was looking for, it opened my eyes, I practiced diligently, devouring each page, absorbing all of the information that it carried and finally I achieved my merkaba opening again! It was amazing! magnificent! Beautiful.

Since then my life completely changed. Then again, I was always between worlds.. all my life.. I just didn’t consciously realize that it was so, and wasn’t “allowed” to enter that realm fully until it was time to do so.

The only way to open your Merkaba is to get rid of all that stand in your way to your own self. Meaning that you must empty your cup first before you can fill it up with something else. The same thing here. It’s highly important to realize that there is absolutely no one to blame for your state of being, and release all the preconceived ideas of self limitation. It’s important to BELIEVE in yourself, fully and completely. To believe that anything is possible. Because it is! 🙂 And to let go of all the old pains and sufferings that you’ve experienced, to realize that it was just that.. an experience and once you are able to do that, once you are able to fully let go of all things earthly.. you will miraculously realize.. that all things earthly is percisely what you wish to experience. You will begin to appreciate your life, and see the beauty in everything. It’s a process but I know you can get there!
As many of you know I have been talking a lot about the Metatron’s Disc lately, only because it is one of the most powerful metaphysical tools I have come across. Someone asked me a question about the reason that Metatron’s Disc was created the way that it was. When I posed this question to the Akasha I have received the following information about the Merkaba…
~Merkaba Vehicle is more than simply a representation, for in essence it is a key to unlock the very depth of your heart space, for the six pointed star, a highly intuitive star is the representation of the HEART code, the HEART space, the HEART chakra.~

The symbol that represents AA Metatron and all that he stands for is the six pointed star. This star is the representation of Merkaba, Merkaba is the representation of that which is below so it is above. That which I see is that which I do not see. That which I am is that which I am not. For the creation of the Merkaba vehicle encompasses within it’s structure the perfection of the human understanding of all that is, and all that is not. The union of the Masculine and Feminine energies intertwined to create one whole, a whole of existence a whole of knowledge a whole of your I AM presence.

And as such, and thus, the informational decree from the Merkaba Vehicle is more than simply a representation, for in essence it is a key to unlock the very depth of your heart space, for the six pointed star, a highly intuitive star is the representation of the HEART code, the HEART space, the HEART chakra.

And as such, and since all that you intuitively perceive is passed through the heart and not through cortexes of the brain of the human vehicle, all that is and all that is not is decoded by your heart. And from within your heart your Markaba’s powers arise.

By interlacing the two six pointed stars you bring forth the creation of mankind, the creation of the cosmic gateways and the creation of the eternal OM, for that which is flat becomes that which is full. The creation of the three dimensional reality manifesting in the 13th dimensional flow of energy (two stars on top of each other create 13 points, representing 13 dimensions). Amplifying this energy further still by encompassing such energies within a circle of life (the disc is round –circle- and made of quartz glass which amplifies and clarifies the energies).

And as such the interlacing of the two stars brings forth the meaning of that which you are and the potential of that which you may become. Opening the doors to the gateway of truth, the gateway through which all is shown as is, and the heart begins to comprehend that which is standing before it, shattering the illusions, the fear thereby melts away, allowing your own prowess and powers of the etheric world to come forth into the three dimensional existence, you are now finding yourself in. And as such the powers of you own being are amplified.

metatronsprotectiontoolUpon the presence of the Metatron’s Clearing & Protection Disc, you are then embraced in pure unconditional love of the creator and your creator self. And from within the disc the energies that are embracing you are magnified and form a spinning Merkaba field around your own body to shield and protect your divinity from that which you wish not to experience, from that energies which are not for your highest good, opening up your own consciousness further still, delivering the message from the divine and reminding you of your own divinity.

That is the power of the Metatron’s Disc, that is the power of the Merkaba, that is the power of the six pointed star, that is the power of your own heart, that is the power of that which YOU ARE!

To learn more about Metatron’s Disc please see this link:

Lately I have began to receive messages about the Merkaba and how important it is for light workers to open up theirs. I felt compelled to share this story with you because I feel that for some of you the time has come to read that book, if you haven’t already. You will know who you are as you’ll feel a pull, a jolt, an urgency to do just that.

And if you don’t, it’s okay, it means that it is not yet the time for you, and there are many more beautiful adventures in store specifically for you.

I love you all with all of my heart. Shine bright! The world needs you NOW more than ever! ~ Anna
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