Polona Aurea Dawn – Ascension Update – Into The unknown


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We have a Full Moon in Virgo tomorrow, and the Virgo archetype so often motivates us into being healthy, vibrant and organized from within. The Virgo is also associated with the Great Divine Mother archetype, although it was misinterpreted many times before in our Human history. In Truth, the Virgo archetype is not about virginity … it is about Purity, and no wonder I chose to be born under the influence of a Virgo Sun, since I incarnated on the White Ray of Purity and Unity consciousness. So during this Full Moon we have an opportunity to move deeper into the Truth of the Virgo’s nature and allow more of Divine Purity to enter our body through our Soul awareness and the Spirit of our Beloved I AM Presence.

Virgo is also a healer by nature and through Nature, so this is also a time of inner healing/wholeness, and because the Sun is still in Pisces (spiritual Truth), it also helps with our inner healing/wholeness. Pisces is all about water, and water is Life. Pisces is the most spiritual sign, for it’s the last sign in the spiral, before it begins anew again. Many of us who are ascending into a New reality and paradigm are now healing through being more Self/Soul expressive, being creative and doing all kinds of Soul Art. It is not just me, for I AM witnessing it all over the world by what my Divine companions are sharing with me. Pisces is the last sign of the 12-folded zodiac in western astrology, while in the Mayan astrology, they actually had 13 signs (13 as Source).

In Pisces, so many of us were highly intuitive and creative, and we were receiving almost “too many” ideas and visions to handle all at once. That is true for those of us who can be extremely open and hyper, and our lesson is a grounded sense of reality and choosing only that which is always in alignment with the highest Divine potential. We might have many options, but choosing the most optimal one is what we are learning. This is why our desires are now changing in the New ascending reality, and so the lesson during the Pisces Sun was to learn to choose from the infinite possibilities and to choose wisely. We were learning to tap into the collective superconscious (I prefer saying the superconscious, for the Scorpio archetype is more about the unconscious) and choose what best suits our New/expanded and authentic Self.

It is one level of mastery to understand and trust in the sense of greater destiny and the Great Divine Plan of Perfection, and a whole new level of Self mastery begins with embracing even that part of Source which is always experimenting, evolving and expanding. When we can master that level of Trust, we become as Source ourselves. We understand that even this part of All That Is, is utterly perfect in the grand scheme of things, whatever it may Be and how things appear in infinite Existence. Perception is everything. In Truth, there is only Divine Love that births all Life in Creation, and the archetype of Pisces represents that deep spiritual Love and Union.

We now also have the power to imagine the unimaginable … that which is yet to be. We are now given the rod of magical Soul alchemy. Longing is an important part of this equation. A lot of individuals think that longing is bad. I AM not talking about attachments, as longing is something completely different. We are now realizing that our primal sense of longing is not bad, for it’s exactly what triggers our deeper Divine remembrance of wonderful (otherworldly, even) Beauty and opens us up for more … to be able to create more. Remember … there is always more, and the journey of expansion is infinite. Once we open the doorway, it’s already open, and we can’t go back. No, not really … our only desire on this part of the journey is to spiral onwards and step into the unknown … for this is when the practice/training of our own co-creator abilities begins.

We are all Source extensions, and our school will now be about how we become more like Source itself, and activate that seed potential that lies in all of us, for it’s how we were all created. How would Source feel … how would Source think, and what would it love to create? It is all about the Divine Will, and the Divine creates through great Beauty. Beauty is a state of Art, and Art of the Heart is all about the infinite expression of Soul, which is the feminine counterpart of Source, the eternal Light of the Divine.

Let us create away and await a Magical New astrological year, a journey into the 13th octave of Being … the Great unknown. This is where the game really gets interesting. Can You feel it? I AM feeling this intensely ever since the beginning of the Chinese year of the Horse!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

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