Luminance River – How To Teach Yourself To Read Your Own Akashic Record

Akasha Records

“You can learn to read your own akashic records, tapping into your soul’s knowing with a higher perspective that can help you on your journey. What it takes is the desire to do it, the practice of meditating to let it come in, and a ritual that will open up the records for you. Ask for a messenger to show up, like a guide or spiritual teacher. You might be surprised that a guide can be an object,  a color or a waterfall, not just a person, as all of the imagery you receive has meaning and purpose. Ask for a message while in receptivity to whatever way the message comes in. Be sure to ask questions that are open ended and see what shows up. Record your experience, and enjoy the process of learning and discovering. The science of reading your akashic records is vast, and I will give you some tips to get you started in accessing information for yourself from your soul and higher self. The same method for your own record reading will apply to reading the records of others when you are ready.

First things First: Practice Meditation

“The first step toward reading your records is to practice meditation. I suggest breaking the rules about how meditation is supposed to be so that you find a way that is fun for you. Try different ways of meditation, and there is likely to be one for you. There are so many ways of meditating from guided meditations to simply being quiet. You can lie down or sit up. I find the time between waking and sleeping to be really great for receiving information, so try to meditate first thing in the morning or before you go to sleep. Otherwise, setting a positive tone for your day can is created if you meditate sometime in the morning.

Three Possibilities that I Love for Meditation

“1. You can imagine being in your own heart space and ask to meet your guide. Make yourself small and imagine going down physically into your heart chamber, and then the high heart area. I imagine a little spiral staircase upward from the heart chakra to the high heart. See your inner world as a room and ask to see it, feel it, and experience it. Ask to connect with your guides who are aligned with unconditional love to do so, and ask one to show up for you. See if the form of the guide is a message in itself. Ask if there is a message for you. You may see imagery that you can then decode, or you may hear words or just know something. Be sure to write down what you experience so you can build this skill, kind of like keeping a dream journal. Spirit speaks in metaphor and symbols, especially designed for you. And if you get anything you want to share, I would love to hear how you are doing and what you are discovering.

“2. You can connect to the earth and bring up earth energies to your heart and then you can mix them with celestial energies coming in through your crown chakra. You can feel yourself in column of light, connected to the earth, as if the core of yourself extends to the earth and there was spiral flow up into your body from the ground. I see Mother Earth’s energies as feminine, and landing in my heart. They mix with the father’s energies that are celestial coming from the heavens and there is also a spiral flow through my crown and core. In the heart, the feminine and masculine energies mix and balance inside. It sounds complicated but for me it is something I see and also feel in a short amount of time. Change the visualizing to your own preference by adding or subtracting what you want. This meditation is to get started and then you can see where it goes from there. Being in the heart space and feeling the vibration or tingle there is always something that I find useful as a focal point of awareness.

“3.  Meet your teacher or guide inside, and ask questions. Use automatic writing to get answers. Once you imagine your guide is with you, you can start. It takes going into the heart, or calling forward the connection with all spiritual guides and teachers aligned with unconditional love. It is perfectly okay if at first you don’t see or hear or get much, but keep going and celebrate something small. It will grow as you practice this. Once the presence of your guide is there, you can ask questions. Imagine they are across a table from you and writing on a piece of paper. You write a question and they answer. You can do this on a real paper, or you can do it with a computer. It is likely to help if you have your eyes semi-closed. You ask to see answers written down for you in your imagination if you prefer. I start by asking “Are you there?” to my guide. I get a yes, or a feeling that they are there. In automatic writing, it is like text chatting on the internet. You type or write a question, then receive an answer which you type out from them. Ask open ended or yes/no questions. For example, you might ask if they have a message for you. With yes/no questions you can either feel yes and no that is kinesthetic in your body, use a pendulum, or try this idea. Ask to see yes or no written in the air in your mind’s eye. I see it in gold writing in script but it can be anyway your subconscious wants to show you.

“Keep playing with meditation and do it regularly, and enjoy it.  Doing this is for the fun of it, not for some outcome until you are more skilled, will yield better results. It will deepen your connection to yourself.

Starting places for the Akashic Records

“The starting places things you do to get ready to read the records, and ask to see them,; all  to get you in sacred space of meditation. Make sure you are alone, comfortable, and it is quiet. Do some meditation on your own, perhaps taking ten mindful breaths as you relax and settle in. Usually I have silence, but sometimes I use music. For me, it has to be without words as they distract from what message I am receiving. I listen to singing bowl music and today I found a good toning harmonic YouTube Video to listen to while meditating. It has an earthy energy as it is C# The Resonant Tone of the Earth

“1. Start by say the prayer, such as The Pathway Prayer for entering the records. Linda Howe shares this in her book on Akashic Record Reading and you can find it on the web. See midway down this page, the Opening Prayer. It is an invocation to open the records of a certain person (you use your own name when you speak it or read it silently to yourself).

“2. Imagine and feel yourself in your heart space, in meditation like I mentioned before. Once there see where you go, or end up. For me it happens spontaneously, but you can imagine either of  the places below as a place to start if you don’t see anything or go anywhere (yet.)

“3. See yourself in a record room with files or books. I see a light above as I sit on a wooden stool, opening up a file that has my name on it. Open up the file and see what you discover. Ask questions like I mentioned before. Maybe you will see words, or you will see images or hear words or feel something. Another place to go to read the records is a crystal cave. The crystals store the information. Reading akashic records can include text, symbols, and imagery. You can hear stuff as if it were being conveyed to you from source, or you can experience a place as if you are in it. If you are shown a picture of something or a scene, ask what it means. Think about what that thing means to you!

“As an Akashic Reader, I see the Akashic Records as the source field of us, and all that is, and everyone who reads sees it differently. You can learn to do this by practicing. To do so is accessing the non-physical and non-linear information with your intention, and asking being open to what comes in. Your soul wants to speak to you and guide you. You will discover your magnificence on a soul level that you can tap into and bring forth, with a feeling of guidance and knowing.

“Wishing all the best in discovering and exploring!

“Thank you for reading…. Shannon Luminance River”


Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

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