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Your ego mind intentionally shuts down thoughts that would lead you to God, as it knows that you prefer not to face pain. The ego uses pain to block you from God in this way, as pain is a natural repellant due to love being the core of your being. The reason this happens is because it is in the egos best interest to keep you within its illusion so that it may continue to have its rule over you. The ego does not love, it only has pain to offer. You must face the illusion of pain and conquer it within yourself so that you can walk with God without illusion. With complete abdication, you will be able to walk through the illusion feeling peaceful, in all conditions. This happens because whenever you are feeling pain, you are choosing to do so. If your focus is on unconditional love, you may walk through the illusion of pain in peace, as that is the truth when the illusion is removed. Surrendering in this way is an open doorway in your heart that allows God to enter your vision. If you remain attached to the illusion in this world, your focus is on the illusion and not God. Removing your need to be attached is shifting your perception away from illusion by taking away its importance, and automatically brings your focus to the only thing that’s real. You can choose how graceful or painful your healing will be, in any moment. Choose to walk as unconditional love, and pain will immediately be dispelled.


Surrender to your higher self requires an absolute willingness to let go of all of your attachments. You do not truly own anything as you are one with everything. Therefore, attachment to anything is illogical and only creates the illusion of separation to who you truly are. The need to hang on to anything that does not belong to you is a call for healing of insecurity and pain. Whatever you believe you own, owns you. When you release your attachments, you become unshackled. With your obedient surrender comes divine clarity as there will no longer be obstacles in the way of truth. As you unclutter your mind and surroundings, you allow the space and clarity within yourself for your divinity.

There is no benefit to arrogance. Your attempts to impress another is really only an attempt to impress yourself. This is because you are God and the only one here. You’re equal to all others around you, this is a fact that opinion or judgment cannot alter. Everyone here is God and are equally important. Arrogance is just another way to show yourself that you have pain and insecurity that has yet to be healed. The use of arrogance is a tool for blocking self-love. Forgive yourself and embody humility.

Do not be afraid that no longer choosing to have the ego control your actions will result in pandemonium. The habitual use of your ego and the hesitation of letting go of allowing its control, suggests an illusion of comfort due to familiarity. This shows that the human condition prefers to choose pain over love, because pain is what it’s been taught in its lifetime, not because it’s actually more comfortable. When you hang onto pain tightly and shut your eyes, it is difficult to see the world for what it is. Open your eyes and let go, so you may begin your journey in remembering that you came here to experience peace all along, and begin to truly enjoy what the world has to offer by becoming Love.





  1. Terrific post and a timely read, as the challenges I’m facing in recovering from Parkinson’s are driving me away from consciousness, towards fear. It has been quite a difficult journey. Would love your guidance.



  2. Hi Fred,

    First, thank you for subscribing to Higher Density Blog.

    My mother went through Parkinsons. She had a strong will to get the best out of each day.

    I would hope that Energetic Healing might be your best answer. Qigong, Reichi may help.

    Finding a local practitioner may take a bit of research. Please check out this book: Born A Healer by Chunyi Lin who originated Spring Forest Qigong for self healing.

    This links may be of some help:

    I have subscribed to your blog. i will check my inbox for your updates.

    Please feel free to keep a conversation with me by email.

    I wish you the greatest powers of healing, through self love and power of intention.

    prayer to God will certainly help too.

    Love and Blessings to You.

    Duane Peck


  3. Thank you Duane for all this information, links and for your encouraging words. I’ve already spent a great deal of time on Parkinson’s Recovery and found it to be very helpful website. I’m sorry to hear about your mother, I like her attitude. I will stay in touch.



  4. Thanks Fred for responding back,

    Let’s truly celebrate your life in joy, hope and inner peace.

    Love and Blessings, Duane

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  5. I understand what you say about ego using pain to block us from God because that’s what it feels like for me. As I go through this physical and emotional detox, fear that comes up scares the daylights out of me even though I know it is coming up to be released from my body. Also, the intensification of the physical symptoms I’m experiencing with Parkinson’s, like tension and constriction in the throat, scare me as well. I know that these are just feelings [they’re not real], but in the moment, it is intense. I know that my challenge is to surrender to the experience, to live in conscious awareness, so I deal with it as best I can, by meditating and releasing.

    Thank you Duane,


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