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Esther Hicks

NOTE:  The following are Higher Density Blog links  the Offering of Esther Hicks who live channels Abraham during seminars.  She digs deep helping her guests trans form their lives. Often witty, fast-paced.  She probes until that transforming moment happens!

Wikipedia   –   Esther Hicks (born Esther Weaver) is an American inspirational speaker and best-selling author. She has co-authored nine books with her husband Jerry Hicks, presented numerous workshops on the law of attraction with Abraham Hicks Publications and appeared in the original version of the 2006 film The Secret.[1] The Hicks’ books, including the best-selling series The Law of Attraction, are — according to Esther Hicks — “translated from a group of non-physical entities called Abraham.” Hicks describes what she is doing as tapping into “infinite intelligence”.[2][3]


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