Karen Doonan – Releasing the Fragments of SELF to gain wholeness – 3-6-14





For many of you at this time this may be a deeply emotional time but at a human conscious waking mind level you may be at a loss at to why you are so emotional, it may be that you look out upon your life and see ENDINGS and this is all.  The human logical mind continually referencing these endings and trying to show you that your LIFE IS OVER.  I touched upon this last night on the BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASS radio show where I explained that you have to accept that your life is over in the old 3d earth created reality before you can embrace and expand into the New Earth and begin to live your life in TRUTH.

There is a certain amount of grief involved in this process, further on from my personal voyage blog yesterday where I shared the poem about dying, this is what in TRUTH is happening to ALL within the human race, the DEATH OF THE OLD.  However the old 3d earth created reality will try at all moments of all moments to teach you that it is YOU who have died and that you have nothing left on this planet. Again the old 3d earth created reality distorting what is happening in TRUTH, the death of the old 3d earth created reality IS what is happening and the release of the deeply held GRIEF of the entire human race is being released THROUGH each human vehicle that walks upon and within this planet.

Many of you may have already accepted this TRUTH and be working to let the tears flow and let the memories be released.  Life is to be lived NOW, this moment, those who have transitioned out of the human physical vehicle are now energy and they are no longer bound by the deep teachings and distorted frequencies of this planet. They have returned to their true state which is the LOVE that IS. At this time this may be triggering many of you further for they are now closer than ever, the veils dissolving allowing a stronger connection to ALL at this time. They are holding you in the LOVE that IS supporting you at this time, it may be that you are now remembering them and these memories seek RELEASE for many of you may not have gone fully through the grieving process as the old 3d earth created reality has distorted this process hugely, teaching many to remain in the latter stages of the grieving process and triggering this over and over again.

The life that you originally incarnated into in order to arrive in human form on this planet was never to be lived out, it was the only way that your SOUL could incarnate into the human race.  It is now time to accept and to release this life, close the book (Bob used this analogy to great effect on the show last night) of the life that you chose before incarnation and to let the book go. YOU ARE NOT WALKING A PATH THAT IS CREATED FOR YOU ANYMORE.  You are now remembering how to create from the foundation of the LOVE that IS.

The movement that I now make at a person level is accepting the death of who I was when I came to this life originally. Looking at much of what is stored in boxes I do not recognise her any more. Whilst I can still at moments feel her pain she is no longer me, keeping her stored in boxes and trying to screen her out makes her pain more intense,  in TRUTH she needs a voice and I am allowing her that voice by going through the boxes and releasing, shedding tears where necessary and fully letting go. The LIGHTness of BEing that follows this is immense, it is a relief.  At an energetic level I am accepting HOME the fragmented part of SELF who came into live a life of trauma believing that she was unloveable and that pain and loss was all that this life was made up of. As I accept her back at a SOUL level then she is healed by being surrounded by the LOVE that IS, this then flows down from my SOUL and into my human vehicle at a conscious waking mind level.

This STRENGTH is available to YOU ALL at this time. Strength is in the tears shed, it is in the acceptance of the loss, the acceptance of transition and change and the acceptance of expansion. For you came here to live life in a new way in a way reality, at SOUL level you fully accept this and your SOUL at this time is trying to communicate this to you.

If you are looking at your life at this moment and can ONLY SEE endings then work with this, in order to fully heal you must work through the endings and accept them, then your SOUL will begin to illuminate the bigger picture. In the old 3d earth created reality you are actively encouraged to bypass the endings and focus on just beyond this, as this is not TRUTH it is not supported by the New Earth, hence the almost blank page you are shown.  Your POWER is in the NOW moment, move fully into the HEART space and BREATHE, let the LOVE that IS wrap itself around you, through you and within you and let go fully. Do not expect, do not try to force, just let it flow and watch as the miracle begins to birth. For in letting go YOU GAIN YOUR LIFE IN TRUTH.




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