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As the ageless, timeless, multi-dimensional energy beings we are; we exist as what has been termed the triune self, composed of three primary aspects of self ~ the Knower, the Thinker, and the Doer. When we choose to incarnate into the physical form; only the thinker & doer aspects make the trip to the lower vibrational earth plane, it is the Knower aspect which remains behind to function as a kind of lifeguard, the higher self. In this capacity, the higher self will never lie to you, deceive you, or lead you into harm’s way because it has only your best interest in mind. Now, as I have come to understand it, our higher self is also the higher self of every version of us, in every alternate, possible or probable reality, across all incarnations. As you might well imagine, that’s a lot of ‘skin in the game’ to keep track of, and keep on track. Now, not all of these alternate, possible and probable selves will be at the same point in spiritual development as we are here in this place; indeed many are exploring opposite and divergent paths altogether. Our higher self loves each incarnated self-aspect equally regardless of circumstance or dignity; yet it is said that the closest attention and most help are given to those aspects following the light back home.
Following the light home has occupied humanities consciousness ever since we developed a sense of self. Our efforts to understand the mechanics of life include the Kabbalah, i-ching, astrology, tarot, oracles and a couple thousand different religions. Regardless of who we are, saints to psychopaths; we all feel that void within, that empty chair where the knower sits, and we want to find that room where the chair is, to reunite with the higher self. Completion, unity. Here also, our approach to finding the key to that room varies depending on what you believe and who you talk to. Some expect the creator to call them home in the rapture, while others intend to ascend, or pretend to intend at any rate. We seem to have as many ways of getting there as we do official religions; no wonder we’re so confused and conflicted.

What if it was as easy as walking upstairs to another room? John 14:2 in the Bible says “In my father’s house are many mansions…” That seems pretty clear, room enough for everyone! It could also very well be telling us there are many other realities, and dimensions than the ones we can perceive with our limited senses! Suppose that you could locate that other room where the higher self is – all by yourself; without buying any costly enlightenment seminars or video courses, and without the constant testing of your faith or advancement. What if it was as simple as going into your Buddha mind state and raising your vibration until it matches the higher self? Would that seem worth trying to you?

“Timelines, this is no time to argue about time; we don’t have the time!” Counselor Troi

Quantum metaphysics holds that whenever there are two or more choices to make, as individuals, or a species; that a possible reality exists for every choice. Out of this field of the possible come the most likely choices, each of which exists as a probable reality until we finally decide what we will manifest. Once we manifest our choice into the physical, the possible and probable realities become alternate realities and continue to play out with alternate versions of us because in the quantum world all possibilities exist and are played out simultaneously. Think of it like your satellite TV service; all those shows playing all at once, each on its own assigned frequency resonance. As ageless, timeless multi-dimensional energy beings we have an unlimited number of possible realities we can choose to explore; the remote is in your heart!

Here in the midst of the great shift of the ages it is now time for humanity to pick which reality, which timeline, we will bequeath to our children. Political & corporate conglomerates which have benefited the most from the greed and avarice of the Piscean age dearly wish to keep us all focused on their nightmare of duality as if it was our sole choice. Simultaneously, driven like a wildfire by winds of change, the great awakening of souls continues unabated. The only timeline that really matters is the one you’re in; the only question being do you want to stay, or walk upstairs to a better one?

One of the more vexing aspects of all this evolutionary change & shift of the ages stuff is that nobody really knows what to expect, or what it will look like. Nothing remotely like this has ever happened in human memory, so we ponder what it will all be like; unfortunately I believe us to be suffering from a lack of imagination. In Hamlet Shakespeare called the future the undiscovered country, and that it is indeed! Based upon one belief system or another we can speculate and conjecture about the face of the future and the migration to 5D but at the end of the day, nobody really knows what it will look and feel like; so all we have is precision guesswork and wishful thinking based on limited perceptions and imperfect information. Sometimes I wonder if humans aren’t so hung up on one belief system or another, that we’ve lost sight of what that belief is all about. Is it about being right, or about following the light back home? What if we are as blind spiritually as we are physically; and can only perceive 2% of who and what we really are?

Then there is this whole holographic universe theory gaining credibility in the scientific community, speculating that everything including ourselves is just a computer simulation! Man, what can we do with that?! What a great tool to further disempower humanity; get them thinking they’re nothing more than a computer generated hologram! I guess the holographic angle would make more sense to me if someone could explain where within that hologram does the spark of spirit reside? It was these kind of questions that got me booted out of church. Holograms cannot see the divinity in a sunrise, or the spark of recognition in a lover’s eye; they can only contemplate the meaning of their existence. If we embrace the concept that we’re only holograms, then perhaps clones won’t seem so bad after all, and from there it’s just a small step to genetically engineered superhumans and Transhumanism.

Going back to the satellite TV analogy for a minute; in the manicured consensus reality provided for us as a state sponsored belief system, it’s like all we’ve ever been allowed to see are the three black & white channels to pick from. Then a few people start saying that there are really hundreds of color channels with endless possibilities to choose from, and nobody believes them because the indoctrination has been so consistently good. In fact, the propaganda is so effective that not only do the majority not believe the stories of unlimited viewing, they won’t even take a look for themselves. Now that is programming!

We give whispered lip service to the notion that All men are created equal, while we still endorse and support the concept of “big people vs little people” in our everyday existence on this beleaguered planet. The petroleum thugs we allowed to hijack our planet have a vested interest in maintaining this austere consensus reality because we the people are their power base and if we suddenly were to realize more than 2% of who and what we are…they would be tossed aside faster than an internet minute. That’s why they spend so much time & treasure keeping us dumb and under the thumb. Still, despite all their efforts, plans, and agendas, they are going away; their time is over – the trouble is they seek to take us all down with them, and we, are financing it with our silence and compliance. As long as we refuse to surrender, or outgrow the petty prejudices programmed into us, we won’t grow or develop beyond the present state of awareness. As long as we tolerate crimes against humanity for fun & profit, they will continue. As long as we continue to allow the rich & powerful to exploit everyone and corrupt everything, earth will remain a prison planet where seven billion timeless, ageless, multidimensional energy beings are held captive without even realizing it.

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