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The New Earth is actually the Old Earth – the way it was before all of the distortions were set in her grids to create a distorted ARPS and lowered Base Pulse Rhythm (BPR). The new Earth is having her base pulse rhythm raised into the overtones of harmonic universe one and two. This means Earth is regaining the overtones that go with her base tone rhythm. This will increase her base tone rhythm as a result of more frequencies.

The only way that Earth could raise her frequencies in time for this event was through the birthing process of the thousands of Indigo Children and the Six Avatars that were born in the past decade. It is their frequencies that have raised Earth’s base pulse rhythm to a level where the overtones from our parallel spiritual harmonic universes could flow into and through her.

The New Earth is about 10,000  feet above Sea Level. We can’t see it Now
because our Angular Rotation of Particle Spin is distorted. The Guardians have created a platform in the  Aurora fields that allows them to connect this place to that  New Earth.

This will bring us into a time continuum shift as we move into the slide zones that lead to the New Earth, which contains the frequencies of both Earth and Urtha – the Hosting Star Shield around Earth. This Hosting Shield is called Aquafaria. Earth is going through the process that will make her turn into a Star as she is given back all of the Frequencies that were removed from her over the eons. She is now merging into Terra and will soon merge into the morphogenetic field of Gaia as well. The Blue Flame attaches her to Terra and the Violet Flame attaches her to Gaia.

Aquafaria is only one part of the entire Cloud City structure that will allow us to slide back into our original home. The Aquafairan host was created by Blue Dolphonoids from Sirius B- the twin etheric matrix of Sirius. The original Sirius is still in the Aquarius Galaxy (which scientists renamed Andromeda) The Blue Dolphonoids created this hosting shield to allow for ascension from Earth in Planetary Sphere to rise back into the third sphere where the Galactic Stars have realigned to bring us back home.

There are several other Cloud Cities containing star cities from Pleiades, Venus, Arcturians and others. There is the Winterlands who host a shield a little more etheric than Aquafaria.

The hosting zones are already complete and have actually already aligned into the Earth’s field. The only thing that is awaiting the shift is our own Consciousness aligning into this new reality.

Some will be able to shift up into the highest level of this New Ascension Earth and continue on up into Urtha and go into Star Burst with Urtha- beyond Tara and into Gaia. Others will stay in the lower 5D fields of the Ascension Earth Zone that is almost identical to this earth with all of the darkness removed.  Our Starry Families have created this Bridge Zone that is like a rainbow field of possibilities allowing everyone to transform into their 12DNA divine blue print during this window of time. Everyone will have access to this Divine Blue Print. Not all will become aware of it immediately, however. It may take some the rest of their lifetime to awaken to the new reality- for others it will happen spontaneously.

The dark elements will not be able to attach to the New Ascension Zone. These distortions  – these grids, shields, funnels – tools used for controlling the Earth and those on it- won’t exist in the New Earth.

What we have experienced as Mother Earth creating our wonderful spring times was a glimpse of how she will be continuously when her nets are removed. We will experience uncountable colors, fragrances, multitudes of new species that breath both air and water. The visions that we have not yet seen are beyond our present comprehension. All of the Nets that were placed on Mother Earth and her inhabitants that have resulted in pollution and oil spills will be finished forever.

The reason the guardians are able to help align planet earth and the entire system at this time is because of the presence of Sun Alcyone’s  Photon Belt that was sent us via Comet Ison and then streamed into our Sun to bring in the morphogentic fields carrying our orignal consciousness from Aquarius. This orchestration is making the high intensity of light available. They have been  acquiring sun energy from Sirius B and turning it into Aqualene Healing Energy. The Plasma Frequencies coming from Sun Ra at the Cosmic Level will completely wrap Mother Earth in the highest frequencies of Source Consciousness.The waves of Aqualene Liquid Light Pouring in on the Earth and on us is our healing agent. This is the chemical that creates hydrolaise. The Aqualene Sun is Sun Ra. There are seven suns working with us now- Ka Hya Ra Sa Ta Ha La. Suns Ka and Hya are within the Source Field – the Sixteenth and Fifteenth dimensions. Sun Ra is in the highest fourteenth dimension. This is the place where pure white light begins to take on a hint of the Ultra Violet blue Frequency from the Plasma Waves. The Sun La is where the original Oraphims and Turanisiam races came from. Our Oraphim Families are here with us now helping us restore Tara and Gaia to their original Frequency of the 12 DNA Divine Blue Print.

This transformation of Mother Earth is completed through the Hydrolaise transformation. This transformation can only happen through the Aquafarian Shield. Those of us on Earth who are working to hold and complete that shield are continuously traveling in consciousness into Inner Earth, into the Aurora Fields and into the Plasma Fields of the Suns Ra and La to inhale the frequencies of Crystal Liquid Light and exhale this magical hydrolaise into our atmosphere. That is what I (Crystalai) do all day and all night every day. These are the frequencies that I breathe into the CD’s that I make available to others to hear and to use to participate in bringing Hydrolaise back to Earth through the Aquafarian Shield.

The Earth drinks this healing aqualene liquid light and sends it back up as Blue Liquid Light Energy through the Earth’s body and through our Spirit Body. The Earth has a physical and Spiritual body side – so do we.

Mother Earth was originally in the Aquarian Galaxy. Her name was Ajaho. Ajaho was blown up and scattered into the Milky Way Galaxy. Now our galaxies are realigning into Oneness so we can all go back home. This is the Earth that shifted out of Natural alignment. The Ascension Earth is the original Earth that did not get pulled into the time vector of control. Aquafaria is the hosting shield that will look something like this Earth to those who will still only see that reality. To those of us who see the true Aquafaria, it is magical resort land where dolphins can shift into any reality they prefer. We can create anything we wish with our minds. We have no desire to do anything except create through Love.

Those of us who are the star seeds of Aquafaria will begin awakening to the memory now. We are the ones who will lead all from Earth back home again. We maintained our original divine blue prints from 18 million years ago in the Aquarian Galaxy.

The Guardians opened fields of energy so they could connect this place to that place that is still being hosted inside of Urtha – Earth’s star shield. They are bringing us into a Time Continuum Shift that will slide us into the New Ascension Earth base pulse rhythm.

The Ascension Earth will appear as part of Earth and part of Urtha. It will hold qualities of both places, but it is the original Earth – the original pattern that will allow Earth to re-evolve into its Natural Structure.

The patterns of the Cloud Cities, the Aquafarion Under Water Cities, the Winterlands  and the Inner Earth Cities of the original Gaia, Tara – that have lived in perfect harmony for eons exist in this Ascension Earth area. There are also areas that will look exactly like this Earth. The old patterns and beliefs will disappear from minds eventually.

There are 15 Light Bands connecting all dimensions of the Earth together. There are spheres within spheres within spheres. These form the light bands that reactivate the Earth and us in our new alignment with the Base Pulse Rhythm and Angular Rotation of Particle Spin.

The process that the Earth has been going through has been documented through the frequencies that I have been recording over the past twelve years. Each time Earth goes through a part of her ascension process I have recorded the frequencies and the process that was going on at the time.

I recorded the frequencies when the Ultra Violet Blue Sun Alcyone began the transmission of the Morphogenetic Consciousness from our Divine Blue Print. I recorded the Frequencies of Mother Earth’s Heartbeat as the frequencies were injected into her Crystal Heart to activate her Inner Vortex into the twelve stargates.
Mother Earth’s Heartbeat of Love
Ultra Violet Blue Sun
Crystal River

I recorde the frequencies of the Parallel Universal Alignments and the new birth of the Baby Dolphins after the Cosmic Alignment.

Most recently I recorded the Magic Dolphin Therapy Kit that contains a full circle of activity from the place where I began working on the Dolphin Ascension Project seven years ago from the beginning of the activation of the Blue Flame, the activation of the Violet Flame and into the Violet Flame holder’s activation of the Seventh DNA strand.

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