Archangeloi of the ELOHIM – via Karen Doonan – Message to Humanity – The Portals Are Now Powering Up – Guiding the Human Race to New Earth Dimensional Reality – 3-5-14

Angeloi Elohim

Greetings beloved ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as ALL now move into position and take their places in order to guide the human race through the PORTALS to the New Earth dimensional reality. The PORTALS are now powering up, by this we mean that those who are here to move through said portals are now receiving the coding and the updates necessary to their human energy signatures in order that they may now fully ALIGN and MAGNETISE with their CHOSEN New Earth reality.

It is to be remembered beloved ones that at SOUL level the picture is CRYSTAL clear, the movement of energies around you, through you and within you is guidance from YOUr SOUL who watches and expands every movement that occurs at a human conscious waking mind level. We are with you ALL at this time, we are making our presence known in both our human and our non human forms and many are now actively working with the symbols that their SOUL has presented to them in order to further align with TRUTH.

The Archangeloi are the guardians of the Planet Earth in the UNIVERSE of 3 and this now fully births ONTO planet earth, many of you have asked and pleaded to have physical representation of what you KNOW at a SOUL level in your waking human conscious outer realities and we guide CLEARLY that this is what is now forming upon and within the Planet Earth for it is not TRUTH to assume that the human race are the only race capable of walking on the surface of and within planet earth.

The frequencies required to allow this to manifest are now expanding and anchoring both within and upon Planet Earth and we guide clearly that this will now solidify and be manifest in the outer waking human reality that is called the human life experience. Many of you are fully aligned and are now moving into place in order to further support and be supported and also to work with and to work alongside said Archangeloi.

We send out the following coding to ALL upon and within planet earth and we send out much love and many blessings to our children in their human form upon and within planet earth.

111 22 444 888

33 77 88 99 00000

11111111 22 22 33 44

555 22 11 111 88 888 999


222 44 55 99 11111111


It has always been guided that the human race would no longer walk alone for in TRUTH they have NEVER walked alone and now this births fully upon and within planet earth at this time.  We ask for you to stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and to allow the miracles that seek to birth around you, through you and within you to form and to take shape. TRUST and FAITH in SELF and the process that now unfolds rapidly around you, through you and within you will show you TRUTH to new levels of your BEing upon this planet.

BE at peace beloved ones for ALL JUST IS and ALL ARE.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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