Karen Doonan – Chaos, Anxiety, Confusion – 2-26-14



For many of you the last linear 72 hours or so may have seen various chaos, anxiety and confusion begin to unfold in your outer waking life. Many of you may be having a challenging time “switching off” to that which is unfolding and many of you may be in need of a decent night’s sleep.  ALL is working at this moment to release you from the lower dimensional frequencies, the teachings of the old 3d earth so deeply anchored within the human race that the influx of super high dimensional frequencies is the only way to illuminate these teachings.

As with all teachings of distortion they seek to CREATE DRAMA, this drama may appear to come out of nowhere and at times it may be intense, and as with all teachings of distortion the drama is DESIGNED to blind you to what is actually playing out.  The drama NEEDS your emotional input in order to try to manifest, the difference of course being that as planet earth is now in the UNIVERSE of 3 which is a supportive and expansive dimensional space ONLY TRUTH is supported. This will see the drama try to take hold but then start dissolving which may confuse you and cause more anxiety as your logical human mind will pull out previous “experience” as ” proof” of what will then unfold. As ONLY TRUTH is supported then the drama will not go anywhere indeed it is but a 3d overlay to allow you to illuminate that which is seeking to keep you contained and suppressed. Dissolving the teaching will see the drama dissolve completely and allow you to gain a clearer understanding of what is happening allowing you to clear your vision.

As I have guided previously it is vital at this time to discern that which are YOUr emotions and that which are the emotions of those around you as the human race is now being upgraded for telepathy.  Telepathy being a NATURAL process that the human race has been TAUGHT to close down. I would use clearly for example the bond between mother and child, a mother will instinctively know when something is wrong with her child, this is telepathy in its weakest form.  This has been “allowed” by the old 3d earth but highly distorted by the old 3d earth created reality that then places further teachings in relation to responsibility for said child. (More of how to work with the teachings can be found in the TRUTH CODES- Chronicles from Orion book).

The human race has been TAUGHT to rely on logic and yet logic is not your friend at this time, indeed logic will see you placed in more confusion and anxiety as it is not supported within the New Earth. Moving fully into your heart space at this time is where you will find solace and will find the tools to work with these super high expansive energies.  The LOVE that IS is the expansive energy, indeed it is the very fabric of the universe but it works to clear and to cleanse and to energise.  What many of you may now be trying to hold back at a very human level is this very energy. You may feel a sense of “excitement” of “expectation” and yet as your human eyes can see no “reason” for the FEELing your human aspect will try to teach you that something “bad” is about to happen or it may try to teach you that you need to close down your energy system as a way of “controlling” the flow of energy.

This  works AGAINST you, the tide that now sweeps across and within planet earth is asking to be a wave that you allow to move you fully into place.  You would not stand and try to push back a wave in the sea and yet many are trying to do this energetically at this moment. In human form you have been TAUGHT in various sections of human life that you are in “control” and indeed many of you at this time may feel very out of control but it is to be remembered that YOUr SOUL is guiding this process.  I have used the analogy about being on a run way and taking off. Those of who you do not particularly like flying may relate to the anxiety about the take off procedure and yet when you are in the air you understand why the take off was as it was. At this moment your SOUL is calling to you clearly and the connection to your SOUL can ONLY be found within the heart space.

There is no holding back change upon and within this planet, the universe is by DESIGN, there is a design to the human life experience that has been distorted and contained for eons, now this seeks to find balance and come back fully into balance. ALL of human life has been distorted, there is NO part of the human life experience that is not steeped in the teachings of distortion and the New Earth energies seek at this time to help you illuminate this for you at a very personal level.

It is to be noted that those who are working blind in the teachings at this moment are pulling out all stops to try to prevent movement, the old 3d earth created reality will use ALL tools at its disposal so it is vital that you become more consciously aware of how those in your immediate family and friends are working with these energies at this time. They may not be consciously working with the energies but ALL upon the planet work with energy for energy JUST IS and is constantly moving.

It may be that family drama now springs up around you, it may be that those whom you thought had moved from your waking human life return briefly and begin to try to place the teachings BACK INTO your energy system under the guise of being “worried” about you or “caring” about you.  There are numerous teachings disguised as human concern that you will be able to FEEL by detaching from the words and noting how you FEEL when you interact with those who are trying to re-anchor these teachings.


ALL is not as it appears to your naked human eyes upon this planet. ALL is building in preparation for the EVENT which I will not discuss openly other than to say it is personal and unique. Many upon this planet allow the old 3d earth to persuade them to give their power away and by walking in TRUST and FAITH of  SELF you will be shown how the EVENT affects you at a very personal level.  It is to be noted that the old 3d earth uses disinformation at all moments of all moments and that at this time you are asked to detach from logic and thinking your human life to EXPERIENCING and FEELing your human life.  The EVENT is not for debate so much as for experience and many are getting caught up in the teachings that seek to teach the debate and logical assumptions as to what will occur upon and within this planet.

The energies will continue to heighten and expand, when drama unfolds around you work to step back, the more intense the emotion and “need” to sort something out the deeper and more anchored the teaching you are dealing with.  Interacting with the drama will blind you to it and allow you to re-anchor it at an even deeper level. Letting things FLOW will see you begin to illuminate it, you can only dissolve that which you can see. At this moment you are asked to stand fully in the LIGHT of TRUTH and have TRUST and FAITH in the process that YOUr SOUL now guides you through, into the New Earth and beyond.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


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