Karen Doonan – Birthing Into Universal Flow in Truth – 3-1-14

Karen Doonan


Karen Dooan


The energies of the New Earth are now expanding and deepening and this will now increase both in expansion and FLOW over the coming linear 24 to 48 hours. This is to allow for the major transition of those who are here to help birth the New Earth reality at a human conscious waking mind level. The planet earth now expanding and deepening its energetic signature in order to allow for full multi dimensionality and the birth of INTER dimensionality within the human race in TRUTH.

Over the next linear 24 to 48 hours at a human conscious waking mind level much will shift and change in your immediate outer waking reality, upgrades to the human vehicle are already underway and I again use the analogy of a plane about to take off from a runway. Much as a pilot would not start to lower the speed of his aircraft as he begins to prepare for full take off it is not advisable to try to stem the flow of energies around you, through you and within you. For many of you this may see you in a state that is akin to being partly asleep and partly awake, this is a vital part of the upgrading process and you are guided clearly to let go and allow the flow of the New Earth frequencies. TRUST in SELF is vital at this time. Rest, water and sleep are your tools of transformation for the energies KNOW how to balance YOU at a human conscious waking level as does your SOUL. The human logical mind has NO REFERENCE point for all that will now birth into the outer waking reality of the human race and may at times attempt to stop the flow and try to teach you that something “terrible” is about to occur.

Indeed you may have heightened emotions at this time, you may feel the need to cry or to release at increased levels, this may come as waves of emotion or periods of intense crying or indeed intense joy. Trying to logically work out WHY you are experiencing these emotions will work AGAINST you at this time. TRUST that the process is unfolding for ALL is by DESIGN in the UNIVERSE of 3.

I have uploaded an additional podcast earlier today to help address the issue of “bandwidth” and moving out of one bandwidth and into another for you are now transitioning into the higher dimensional frequencies that have been denied to you at a human conscious waking mind level within the old 3d earth created reality. This is an experience that you have no reference point for other than at SOUL level and the dreamtime platform will now expand to accommodate this.  Attempts by your human vehicle to sleep should be honoured for much of the guidance will be through the dreamtime platform to begin with. This is helpful in many ways for the human logical mind plays no role in the dreamtime platform and the use of symbols and signs will be used by your SOUL and the races/realms in order to guide and to continue to support you as you now enter into this transition process at a outer waking conscious HUMAN LEVEL.

It is to be noted that prior to this moment this was an energetic upgrade, this will now MANIFEST into the outer waking reality that is termed your human life on this planet and I refer you to my earlier blog with regard to experiencing that which your human logical mind will continually refer to as “impossible.  NOW is the time to let go fully and ALLOW SELF to experience at a HUMAN conscious waking mind level that which many of you have been TAUGHT is something that can only ever be experienced spiritually. You did NOT incarnate onto this planet to only have a “part” experience, TRUTH is to be lived fully at a conscious waking human level and not something that is debated and only accessed at a dreaming or meditative level.


For many of you this will be confirmation of guidance that you have been repeatedly shown, for many others this will be a time of mass confusion for there is much distortion in the teachings that have been presented across ALL levels and sections of human society. Again I would state clearly that NONE of the teachings of the old 3d earth created reality can be taken into the New Earth at any level, the frequency level too low to resonate and therefore they are not supported in the New Earth.

I also wish to state clearly that at no point does the human vehicle LEAVE the planet unless the decision has been made a SOUL level to transition, this is more commonly known as dying in plain terms. The old 3d earth created reality TAUGHT on many levels that ascension was a physical leaving of planet earth to go to another planet. The planet earth resides in ALL dimensional realities  in the NOW, it is your FREQUENCY that will determine which reality you access and experience at any given moment in this your human life experience upon this planet.  If you wish to change your outer waking reality then you must change the frequency that you are translating through your human vehicle, the manifestation that appears as the human life experience will then change accordingly.  This will be shown to you in TRUTH as you now begin to anchor and allow the flow of the New Earth energies in order to experience full multi dimensionality at a human conscious waking level.




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