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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Are our thoughts free? How do we know? One of my main reasons for this current existence is to embody and show the Way of ultimate Purity and Freedom of Being. If we feel limited by something in any way, our thoughts are not yet free. Something outside of us or our own false beliefs are creating that perception, and so we think that we are not free. We associate freedom with something that is only available to the selected few who are either special and blessed. But we never really take a deeper look at what it means to be truly free and so we feel stuck in it. For me, a successful person is not one who has huge amounts of money and can afford anything. Money can’t buy freedom. For me, a successful person is someone who is ultimately free and always able to express its Soul in the uniqueness of it, while always fully Present in each moment.

I cannot experience deep Soul freedom, if my beliefs are preventing me from it, and the same applies for all of Life in Creation. No one of us is an exception, just like no one is special or particularly blessed for their free lifestyle. We all are, but we need to remember that and begin taking our own responsibility for it. I AM free for I have earned it, and that does not mean that I AM in some sort of favor. It just means that I have worked hard to embody it and so I live it. To be free is definitely not a lifestyle. A lifestyle is a choice of what we prefer and adore, like for me these are Nature hikes and Mountains. What we appreciate, we feed energy with our love and devotion. To be in Nature is my inner state of freedom, and this is my own inner garden of Eden.

Freedom is also not related with the fact that we still pay bills and take care of our physical things and errands. To be free means to respond to these circumstances through awareness, so that these do not govern us, for they are truly not in charge … when we are fully free, only we can be in charge. To be free takes courage, and it takes immense patience and awareness through honest Self assessment and reflection, and it takes the will and determination to be brave enough to live the way we truly desire. No one else can give us the best possible life, for it’s not their job or responsibility. And those who still love to manipulate and enslave others won’t do it either. But if You do it yourself, no one will have anything against You anymore.

The same goes for waiting for something on the outside to change, and then we will be able to be more free. That is not true, for freedom does not come from the outside. Freedom of Being is a direct consequence of living in full Source awareness. It is not enough just to believe that. We need to fully know and trust with all of our Being, that it is so … and that this is how powerful we actually are. Remember, no one can take away our freedom, unless that is still held within our own beliefs, which we have developed or adopted as our reality. When something in our reality is not yet fully aligned with our deepest desires, it just means that more parts of us need to come into the awareness of wholeness, which is always free, unlimited and fully resourceful.

So here is one more awareness clue for everyone. When we feel that something or someone outside of us has an influence over us in any sort of way, let us ask ourselves, which part of us is allowing this to be our reality? Who and what are we giving our power away to … and why? And when something or someone feels restrictive, let us show the way of the exact “opposite”, which is inner empowerment and expanded Self mastery. Let us show the way and hold that mirror for that someone or something until our reality shifts. This is how we bring things into conscious embodiment.

When You are finally free, You will know that You have always been free within You, You have just forgotten for a while. And once You do, You will never be able to go back anymore. Freedom is who we are as Beings of Divine Love! And it is our natural birth right to live the kind of lifestyle that we so desire.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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