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Observations from my view from the skies show me again a lot is on the move and changing. Certain things grab my attention in observing that now a lot of people are finding out how difficult it is to have a real intent or not.  The ones not having the real intent are still showing it by giving priority to personal interest over all human beings and the planet. Intent can be initially  shown to be for humanity as a whole but still somewhere along the road the old structures, patterns, use to do stuff is still creeping in. It makes it so hard for people to be living really their pure intent or be living a lie and keep hiding what still will get revealed in the end.

You can always change your positions or intent as it is a personal choice as well as having another perception is also your own doing not someone elses. It is thus up to you and not somebody or some outside force to make changes.  It is about you being accountable for all you do and be. Being also your genuine being, your authentic self.  It does not mean you need to be like others or some prevalent way of being, of thinking, of feeling, or doing or believing. We all are our personal creator beings going through our own process.

Working together just requires you to be you and some other(s) that in some sort of way resonate around a certain process, project, idea that can be together manifested into being. It still is about  input of all of your individual creations together.  We can do this only if we move away from self-interest, profit, gain, value, cumulation of wealth and or things that are done foremost for the I and Me parts of the ones creating.  It is not about that anymore.  It is about YOU ALL, the We and US.

The more we see that creating for all will be beneficial to all and thus also yourself in the end than you will get maybe the feeling of where this goes. The more we all create for all of us without the intentions of the self, or just a little group or groups that benefit or prosper from it, the more we will see equality, abundance and happiness for all coming about.

We have to step away also from the labeling all in ism’s and other stuff. It is not about labelling just seeing what we as our self-governing creating beings can create together from a conflictless and cooperative state of being. I see that becoming free from the old fears and survival mode is for sure not easy as well is it not easy to set aside old habits and also the conditioning of your brain to think and do things in a certain way. It is about really unconditionally going for what your heart says is for all the best or humanity and the planet to do.

Lots of projects are struggling as well as people are struggling finding the balance where all is just neutral and  can be created and done for all effortless.  Allow yourself to be and know there are no mistakes or bad choices only different choices or new choices . There is always a way and sometimes that way is just doing the unexpected. Sometimes it is just letting things find their natural flow again.  The brain wants to understand,  want to analyse, and want to get things. Chaos is not a state the brain can handle well.  It always will look towards bringing order and structure back and that is where your brings leaves a signature.

It makes it difficult if things are more and more about sensing and letting things flow without knowing what will be or even where it started from. The only important thing is to see things in the now  and initiate that what you want to create. It will bring forth from chaos new opportunities, people and options to make your manifestation become. It is not, it becomes, it forms from sequential happenings. We are going to do things different for sure. What it will be we will create and the sequential process initiated will slowly or quickly bring about what it is as it will manifest somewhere along that line.

A lot of people still though talk about an event that will bring with a flick of the switch us into an other state of being or some instrumental help will do it for us or a saviour will come in to do things for us. It is though disregarding the fact we are going to make all that change ourselves happen. That implies the event is us. We are still the ones we have been waiting for… We forgot to see it is us.

We the ones that slowly change and shift and elevate step by step towards the point we all are ready to jump together as one happy individual bunch into the new.  How you call this it is not relevant. There is already enough semantics and language (written or spoken) that has been corrupted and it even serves no purpose in some ways as it can not explain things in full anymore.

Let us all find back to genuine intent to do all from our heart for all humanity and see those that are trying to be that already. We all are for each other in some way mirrors or example in being genuine.  You all can learn to make new choices that match your real intent resonating with your heart-source. It will give you much joy to do things for other than self-interest and profit reasons because it expresses more the doing and being  from your core self. This maybe a good reason to change position or your perception.

Maybe try to see what your own intent is, see things can be perceived different by changing perception or your view on things or at least be open for those new perceptions and views.   The choice is as always yours. Choose wisely!

Love and Light,


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