Steve Beckow – A Time for Us – 2-21-14

God is love

Archangel Michael has been telling me for at least months and perhaps years that this is not a time for gurus, but I’m only starting to get it now.

It’s a time for partners.  Sacred partners, team partners, project partners.

It isn’t a time for us to be teachers to one another per se. Not necessarily.

Yes, some are teachers by profession. Not saying they’re not.

But speaking in terms of us more generally, it’s a time to be friends, companions, helpmates.

Apparently, it isn’t the time for “I.” It’s the time for “we,” for us.

So often we see that, in the work we do, “I” is not that important, but the work is. Doing the work almost seems to await us getting out of the way.

I see people healing others and they tell me that the most important part of their work is to get themselves out of the way and be a pure conduit for the healing power of love.

I watch Linda Dillon channel and she repeatedly says, “Let me take a minute to get myself out of the way.”  Yes, perhaps let’s all take a minute to get ourselves out of the way.

What a humble, modest role. But then anything else – arrogance, vanity, self-promotion – seems to inhibit the flow of love. Why? Well, I could make a hundred guesses, but what it appears to boil down to is that the One planned it that way.

I think God designed life so that we’d discover and uncover love. And he (she, it) further designed it, I believe, that, if we focus on our own self-importance, it impedes the flow of love.

We know he is love. What was it John said? “God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.”  (1 John 4:16.)

We know that life is designed so that we come to know ourselves, which is the same as saying that we come to know him, which is the same as saying that we come to know love.  So knowing love and knowing him are one and the same.  And knowing love and knowing ourselves is also one and the same. A = B = C.  A = Love. B = Him. C = Us.

If I want to dwell in love, I have to get myself out of the way. And if I want to play a role in what’s up-coming, I also have to get “I” out of the way.  The small self, the ego (not the inner child) needs to be left behind with the Third Dimension while the Self of all, it seems to me, opens the door to the New World and the New Way.

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