Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi – Happiness cannot be found Outside of You – It can only be Created from Within – 2-22-14


Angelic Guides: Happiness Cannot be Found Outside of You, It Can Only be Created from Within, channeled through Taryn Crimi, February 21, 2014 at

Today we would like to focus your intention upon the topic of happiness. We watch as so many get dismayed as they chase the elusive feeling of happiness. We will share with you why it is often only moments of short-lived happiness rather than a sustained state of being.

You see many often are in a constant state of chasing happiness rather than learning how to sustain it. Is a constant state of happiness attainable? Indeed, it is well within all of your reaches. But first we would like to share with you our perspective on how happiness can be not only achieved but maintained.

We will start with a bold statement; nothing can make you happy. You must first find the happiness that already exists within you and only then will you find the happiness that you seek. Many are under the impression that if they only accomplish a goal, obtain a particular product, or find the perfect partner, they will surely find the happiness that they seek. But this cannot be so, as everything in your reality is only a mirror of the feelings and vibrations you are pulsing out. It would be similar to expecting the mirror to show a more youthful and vibrant image of you and only then will you feel the youth and vibrancy you seek. The image that the mirror reflects can’t change unless you do.

This analogy may sound humorous to you, but it is what many people do when they are seeking something outside of themselves. Remember that nothing can bring to you something that you are not already in alignment with. No material object, or even another being is capable of bringing to you what you do not already hold within. Many continually seek material abundance and expect that happiness, joy and peace of mind will follow, but this is not so. So why is it that you still feel bursts of happiness when you receive a gift, purchase a new product, meet someone new?

Because your mind believes it will make you happy; only to soon realize that the empty feeling still remains when the “newness” wears off. Only by following your inner joy will it lead you to a place of peace and happiness. Happiness cannot be found, it can only be made. Many often say that it is their lack of abundance that is bringing them misery, but to this we reply, no it is your misery that is bringing you lack.

We do not just refer to material wealth when we speak about abundance. This is only one form of abundance. You can be abundant in health, wealth, friends, love, problems or fears. But we can assure you, you are always abundant in something.

If it is peace you seek, then you must first find it within yourself; only then will you attract more experiences that further elevate your sense of peace. If it is happiness you seek, then you must first find that happiness within yourself. With each goal, accomplishment or purchase you will only find a very short lived emotion, but it will not last. Why is that? Because the ego will always want more; it is driven by the motivation to continue to always want more. But we would like to remind you, that you all have the ability to find the peace and joy you seek right now, in this very moment.

You see each emotion that you have is a choice. You may wonder, why then would I choose to be sad, angry, or discontent? To this we reply, you tell us. You react based on the beliefs and expectations that you have in any given situation. The expectations that you set for yourself are intrinsically tied together with your overall reaction and perspective to each circumstance that you witness. Nothing can take away your happiness, your joy, your inner peace but you.

We realize that negative emotions and feelings are never the conscious desire, but rather it is the beliefs and expectations that have then required and allowed for a negative reaction. Many look to the future to bring to them the peace and happiness they seek. “I’ll be happy when, or I’ll find the peace of mind if”. But the future is determined by the choices you make in the now. How can you expect to create something different than what you have, if you do not change what you do in the now?

Maintain the joy and peace that you seek in this present moment, and you will surely attract more situations that will continue to please you; to give your focus to your fears, concerns, and worries will only bring to you more to be worried about. Remember if you are worrying, you are focused on the future, if you are regretful you are focused on the past, only by being fully present in the moment can you find the inner peace and happiness that you seek.

To choose to be happy is a conscious decision that every one of you can make regardless of the circumstances that have manifested in your reality up until this point. Those experiences were created by the thoughts and beliefs you had. What you create from this point on is determined by the thoughts and choices you make in the now. You can change your state of mind and therefore your vibration immediately, and when you do your reality will shift. It must, as it can only bring to you that which you resonate with.

The elusive peace of mind that so many seek has been held within the entire time, though they have looked everywhere else they could think of in order to fill that void they felt deep within. But we are here to remind you, that you cannot find peace outside of you, peace, joy, and happiness comes from within. There are no souls that are not capable of maintaining this state of being, each of you can make the choice right now to feel the joy that you seek in this now moment. There is no other time than this now moment. The future is an illusion that is kept alive by the belief in linear time. There will always only be the present moment.

When each of you detach from the stress and worry that you feel for the impending experiences of tomorrow, and the regrets of the past and truly assess this exact moment you can then determine what you really feel at this now moment. Do you have all that you need in this exact moment? Do you have the air, shelter, and water that your body needs in this exact moment?

If you are not happy with what you have in this now moment, no amount of money, people, friendships, or material objects will change that. But we can assure you that if you change your vibration in this now moment you will attract what you seek.

To try and create joy, peace and happiness outside of yourself, is to try and manifest backwards. To seek peace, joy and happiness in the future will always dangle the proverbial carrot just a few inches out of your reach. The reason why happiness seems so be so fleeting is not because of the circumstances that surround you, but rather because it is something you are trying to find rather than create. Please take a moment to really understand what we have just shared as it is the key to maintaining happiness and peace as long as you desire.

We hope that we have served you in some way and that you found our message to be helpful.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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