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I  had a question about the Akashic records from a reader and decided to write my thoughts in this article. I hope it helps you!

The Akashic Records is a power field of energy within the cosmos that can store and give out information or data. The Akasha is part of the Divine.

This valuable and sacred place contains within it every thought, action, feeling, emotion for everything that exists, ever existed AND will come to exist.

Our bodies also store much hidden information through our DNA.

When we access the sacred information via the LIVE cells in our body we are continually transforming and reshaping realities.

The Akasha is not to be used as a way of predicting the future

although it can highlight potential realities.

PROOF of The Akashic Records:

The Akashic has been known to many ancient cultures (under different names) around the world.

Many spiritual one’s on Earth have accessed the akasha at some point to understand deeper meanings about their life and soul on a higher level. This helped them to integrate the higher energies, higher vibrations of love and peace onto this planet.


Scientists have also spoken and written about it.

In the Fabric of the Cosmos, physicist Brian Greene reveals a deeper reality beneath the surface of our everyday world. He explores physics to see how scientists are piecing together the complete picture of our space, time, universe.

Beneath the surface of our everyday reality he found, lies another world and that much of what we thought we knew about our universe (—that the past has already happened and the future is yet to come about, that space is just an empty void, that our universe is the only universe in existence)—potentially can be wrong!

The Philosopher and scientist Ervin Laszlo also wrote a book SCIENCE AND THE AKASHIC FIELD, which shows that recent discoveries in vacuum physics show this Akashic Field is real and has its equivalent in science’s zero-point field. This field consists of subtle energies in which all things arise: atoms, galaxies, stars,planets, beings, and consciousness. It is the memory of the universe. It holds the record of all that has happened on Earth and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to come about -the Akasha.

Can I access it?

The Akashic Records can be accessed anytime and from anyplace. Everyone has the ability to access it because everyone has the power of INTUITION. However how they process and understand the information depends on their own spiritual, awareness and maturity level.

How to access it?

The Akashic records are best accessed in a deep state of love, relaxation, higher vibration and bliss.

Holding an light-filled intention to connect to the Akasha will also help.

Use The Akasha Visual Technique:

Find a peaceful, safe, comfortable place and light a candle…

Close your eyes and gently breath in and out.

Think about the akasha and allow your thoughts

to connect via your pineal gland to show you sensual or visual imagery.

Feel yourself there, the place where much knowledge and wisdom resides.

Stay as long as you wish too.

Do you see colours? a storehouse? symbols? words? a library? a book ? who is there?

Remember what you see and write them down. This will enhance your connection capabilities!!!

What can I learn from accessing my akasha?

You can learn many things!

The only criteria is that you must be open to receive and be ~ heart focused ~within.

Also the following will happen:

You will Meet and access wisdom from wise teachers or loved ones

Gain clarity and wisdom

Explore and gain insight to let go of negative habits and life patterns effecting your life NOW

Gain greater understanding of the deeper meaning of your life

Transform your difficult issues and solve them

Learn to attract more abundance into your life

learn to live in peace, joy and prosperity


Understand Mother Earth

Accessing the Akasha can have a wondrous effect in your life because it leads to you connecting to a wondrous source of sacred, ancient wisdoms AND fulfilling your own deeper sense of empowerment.

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