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This channelled message came during my recent ‘Opening to Channel’ course in London. We had just experienced an Ankh Initiation – I was guided in exactly what to do for each participant and then my assistant teacher Armukara Angel initiated me.

We were placed in a Golden Pyramid at the start, the energies of which were activated my channelling Hathor and Amun-Ra sound frequencies – a WONDERFUL experience of spontaneous overtoning for me!

You, dear tribe, are being encouraged to do initiations in your spirtual groups – healing/meditation groups, or spiritual friends, get together and allow yourselves to be guided – all instructions will come from your Higher Selves/guides/the Angels/Ascended Masters/Star Beings – they are literally waiting in excited anticipation for you to call them so they may assist in your initiations!

If you have received your spiritual name, this is a great reason for an initiation! My next one is for my ‘Mayan Transition’ when i turn 52 on the 24th July 2010 – thus entering my second cycle and my Wisdom Years. The coming Summer Solstice on June 21st is a great time for one as well. Let me know about your ceremonies and initiations!

Love love love,
Solara An-Ra
Warrior of the Light

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