Archangel Michael – Nature is Ascending together With You – via Marc Gamma – 2-20-14


[Original language German, translated by Björn Kurt]

My beloved people on earth. Here is your Archangel Michael speaking. I am here to bring to you a new message of love, hope and confidence.

You are on the right track and we rejoice in the many people who have come in the last days to the realization that every being is a part of the change that every single man and woman takes part in the Ascension of Earth along with all its inhabitants.

The theme of the day and today’s message is: “Man in harmony with Nature.”

There is a lot more to Nature. Nature is not only trees, flowers, water, earth and so on. No, it is much more! You cannot even imagine how deeply you are connected with Nature. You are not only connected with Gaia Mother Earth but with the whole of Nature.

Now you will wonder what this has to do with Ascension. That is very simple and will be explained to you today .

You are all a part of the whole. You all are a part of creation and so it is with Nature. If you are in harmony with Nature you are also in harmony with your Self. If you spoil Nature and you treat your environment in a bad manner then you are not doing much good to yourself at the end.

You are connected to everything and thus with Nature. If you treat Mother Earth and all that is part of her in a loving way then you are also loving your Self. This is so important for you to understand. It is most important to consider the big picture. You mostly try to break down everything to its essentials in order to get to something understandable but this is not always useful.

When you understand that your positive influence on Nature and all its creatures and plants has a positive effect on you then have to understand that you must be in harmony with Nature in order to feel good. If you don’t then it will be very hard for your to achieve Ascension on your own.

Mother Earth and Nature shall ascend along with you as a whole. Everything has to ascend and for this very reason you are connected with Nature, with the Earth and All-That-Is. It cannot be that only Nature, Earth etc. shall ascend. No, everything must ascend together and Nature is part of that.

If you ask me now how you can actively support this process then simply go into Nature. Talk with the trees, the flowers and also with the animals. All of you are together are connected. Connected by a bond of love, a bond of creation and on many other levels. People who spend a lot of time in Nature can feel this connection very well. You can feel how Nature is soothing you and if Nature would be able to speak, it might say:

“Hi there, I love it when you come to see me!”

Yes, Nature adores your visits. Nature knows who you are, nature knows your roles and Nature wants to support you.

Invite Nature into your heart next time you take a walk. Talk to the trees, to the animals, to All-That-Is. You do not have to shout in a loud voice. You can talk to them in your mind and heart and Nature will rejoice at your visit and your attempt to get in touch with her.

Awareness also means to understand that ALL is being part of each other, that EVERYTHING is in constant interaction and is therefore connected to ALL.

Only then it is possible that Earth and all people may live in harmony and happiness.

Mind my words and go into Nature. Nature has so much to offer if you are openhearted. Nature is waiting for YOU to come and see her!

In deep love for you people
Nature, Mother Earth and Archangel Michael


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