the-cbg – Innocence – Inspiration From Life and Angels – 2-17-14

Angel message


I will be honest that I had a difficult time with this week’s message- each time I connected with the angels I heard “innocence”. Yet at the same time my physical world was filled with anything but innocence-news accounts of financial failures, crime, and friends and family dealing with great challenges. I began to argue with the angels that innocence was lost on our planet and they must mean something else. Arguing with angels is a fruitless endeavor so I allowed myself to get quieter and quieter letting “innocence” echo in my mind.

And then I saw it. Innocence. Simplicity. Purity. It does still exist on planet earth if we take time to see and feel it. I saw it in my sleeping cat. I could hear it in the rain beating hard on the roof. I could feel it in a genuine, loving hug. I could taste it my organic apple and could even smell innocence in my cinnamon tea. In our hurry up world of doing and going we have lost touch with simplicity and innocence. The angels wanted to remind us this week of its importance in helping us stay grounded and rooted in our journeys here on earth. They urge us to take time each day this week and notice innocence. This very act will bring a sense of peace and shift you to a higher vibration.


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