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In this episode of Shattering The Matrix, Ari Kopel interviews Crystal Andasola, who works Directly with The High Councils of Light, The Elohim & Ascended Master El Morya. The information that will be provided is especially addressed to those that are ready to step up, get activated & help raise the frequencies of the planet.

Crystal will speak about information provided by Higher Councils with respect to Earth Changes, Polarities, how to raise our Vibration, the Ascension, Crystals & The One Hundred and Forty Four Thousand. She will address the importance of being Aware and Alert in order to “Divert”, which means we need to be cognizant of the world we live in & learn to balance both polarities.

This is the first of a series of wonderful, consciousness-shifting dialog, and is meant for those that are ready to delve into no-nonsense information about our Empowerment and our Exit from this Matrix!

Crystal Andasola is a Seeress and a High Priestess, working Directly with The Elohim and Beloved Master El Morya. She receives direct transmissions from El Morya, and instructions to the people directly from the Will of Divine Creator. She is a direct conduit to Mother Earth, as well as other High Councils including: the Galactic Command, the Mayan Counsel, as well as the Ascended Masters.

She has been receiving transmissions directly from Sananda (Jesus) since she was 7 years old. Crystal’s teachings are correlated and associated with that of the Arcturians, who work very closely with the Ascended Masters. As a Seeress, Crystal has the ability to foretell of future events.

Crystal’s assignment on the earth plane is to assist humanity through the greatest transformation ever known in our human existence by communicating love and light, and anchoring Divine Truth on Earth, while being of service to humanity. Her mission is to prepare the masses for the ascension and 5th dimensional frequencies that we will be experiencing, once we cross over the veil of density. Crystal is also a natural born crystologist, a Master Energy Healer and is certified in medical Chi Qong.

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