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The Labyrinth of the Heart

Open the doorway to self-­‐knowledge. Share it; there is an endless supply. It is time to carefully align our words with our heart. There has never been, nor will there be, another time like this. Awaken, now!

What was hidden is now revealed and shared. It is time to know all. There is no holding back, nor hesitating, for it is time to expand and move to another level. Honor what is held within, for it is the foundation for all life. As we step into the precious labyrinth within our hearts, we find the way of the winding path.

Now is the time to awaken and find our fortunes, left here for safekeeping. As we go within, we enter the quiet place of our authentic existence.

When we venture within, we recognize our true selves. No one knows us better. Deep within our hearts, we find clarity and truth.

Our truth becomes the steady compass stabilizing and strengthening us. As we move towards our ultimate progression to merge with our wholeness, we are in awe of our personal demeanor to explore and expand. We being to see and live through our expanded self.

Author’s Note

This passage is from page 26 of Call to Unison. As the world is tumbling around us we find calm by going inward. What is true is inside each of us. The outer chaos is now indicating the what is not true shall be revealed. Mainstream news and media venues have also showed us a distorted picture. What is occurring at this time is a preparation with regard to the final curtain and veils falling away. This is what true waking up is all about. If you are engaged with the mainstream news at this time, it will be distorted and mostly false. This is why it is important to know who you are. If you simply ask the important questions when a situation arises it can be like this: Is this true or not true? How do I know it’s true? Thank goodness for the Internet and the ability to search on-line. We live in a place with the most censored news.

This is a positive empowering time. It’s taking us inward. If you trust your inner sight-your ability to decipher and discern, you will be fine. These passages are written to encourage, support and inspire. These insights highlight and emphasize our natural ability we were born with a very long time ago. So go in, when something does not appear right, share with others create a small hub of aware people. Stay awake as these days unfold. You are able to go through this transition intact.


Pure Intent Is Everything

Look inward for inspiration. Dwell within your heart. Provide answers for yourself, by examining what is already present within you. Build an energetic platform of High Intent. Live your life from this lofty place.

Vow to align, daily, with your heart. Begin each day with inner balancing. Wake up and find those thoughts that are uplifting and affirming.

Access your natural, positive feelings. Find your quiet self and stay focused in the moment. Move, stretch, breathe, drink, and eat to provide clarity for your body, mind, and soul.

Start your day by accessing your deeper intelligence; think wisely and productively. You will see life with a more enhanced perspective and clarity.

You have time, energy, tools, and the precise resources you need to be in the world on this day. Listen deeply to your intuition and common sense, as you intuit your way, moment to moment.

Remain exclusive, and yet, be clearly present in all situations and present for those around you.

Be the Middle Way. Be the balance. Preserve the integrity of the heart.

Call to Unison, A Calling Inward to the Heart, Christina Fisher, 2014


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