Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel – 1-14-14

This message is from Archangel Raphael
channeled by Cindy McGonagle, February 14th -28th, 2014

“Children of the Light, we Archangels are delighted when you ask us to be present in your life. For myself I am here the minute you request my presence. I am here to comfort you and those you love. Please remember I can and will always be sending you love and light and beams of sparkling light to uplift you. As most of you who know my energy, I am part of the green ray of healing. I can offer suggestions to help ease your pain if you will only open your heart and feel my love for you.
Earth is not an easy experience for many of you and sometimes daily life can be a struggle, but have faith and call upon the Angels of healing to help you.  Many times healing requires a greater understanding of the soul agreements, and this may take lifetimes to understand. Other times miracles can be done with the help of your inner knowing that you are a major source of your own healing. It is true your will is amazing and when it is focused on healing miracles can and do take place.

Nature offers much healing if you are able to include it in your daily experience. Taking time out to realize the beauty that can be enjoyed if only for a moment. Young children often remind adults of the simple wonders of nature by how they spend their time enjoying it.

Having a sense of humor can also be a key to self healing. For others dancing or singing can bring you into a state of rejuvenation. No matter what means you choose, always choose the highest and best for yourself and for those you love.
Sitting in candle light and calling in the Angels is yet another way to feel our presence near you. Sometimes in the early morning hours the Angels of comfort and healing will surround the beds of those who need extra healing light. Don’t worry there are thousands of healing Angels to go around and every time a request for our help is made we are there in a split second.

One of the best ways to show and Angel you appreciate their help is by saying thank you and that you are grateful for the help. If you still need reassurance that we Angels are around, ask us to give you a sign of our help. We love to do this, sometimes we use a song on the radio, the time on a clock, a feather, a touch, or even the flashing on and off of a light bulb.
When you need an Angel, we are just a call away.
” Love to All”
Archangel Raphael

This message is from Archangel Chamuel,
“A gift of a Valentine what a wonderful tradition, to send love, my specialty. Yes I am an Archangel of love. From a tiny heart drawn on a piece of paper and shared with those you love. This universal symbol is easily recognized and celebrated by all who receive it with an open heart. Tonight is a special night that brings the vibration and frequency of love and its expression round the world. Some share the written words of others through cards, others celebrate it with food and sweets, but no matter how it is celebrated love is magnified!
Unconditional love is the highest expression of love that is what humans exchange when their hearts are opened to this amazing frequency of love and light.
Many of you listening can practice universal love for the planet and for your very own existence, it only takes a moment. Love yourself, honor yourself and most of all accept yourself as a Divine Expression of love. That is how the Angels of love see and know you.

Happy Valentines and lots of love and light to all who desire to feel love’s vibrations.”

Archangel Chamuel

Channeled by Cindy McGonagle &

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