Sirius CE-5 ET Contact Tool – Dr. Steven Greer – Solfeggio Binaural Guided Meditation

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In the Sirius Documentary Dr. Steven Greer talks about “Coherent Thought Sequencing” This audio is rendered to exact standards so that it will assist the mind with “Brain Computer Interface” or BCI. It is very accurate and the assisting the brain in a high level of coordination with mirror neurons, as used in CE-5 CTS.

Before you use my CE 5 ET Contact Tool Guided Meditation…
PLEASE… resources listed below………

Other BCI applications include …Synthetic Telepathy, Neuroprotheses, and Neurogaming.

Sound is a non-invasive BCI meaning is that is not directly surgically implanted
into living tissue. This is the state of mind needed for Dr. Steven Greer’s protocols
in using “Coherent Thought Sequencing” to vector an ETV to your location.

Watch the 2 items below to improve your CTS & RV skills.

“Athene’s Theory of Everything” (49:31) ( Technical Explanation )…

“Spirit Science” 1 – 15 FULL MOVIE SERIES 2012 (4:02:50)… ( Non-Technical Explanation )

WARNING: Binaural Beats can cause intense physical sensations, use with care and caution at a low volume.

Technical Production Notes:

a Q of .035 the mono dry vocals are equalized within solfeggio frequencies of
963hz 852hz 741hz 639hz 528hz 417hz 369hz 285hz 174hz
and harmonics at 1122hz 2244hz 4488hz 8976hz 17952hz
the music is a solfeggio oum in a 73.816 bpm MuWave with randomized SAM
and cycles within the hertz ranges of 8.12 – 12.87 with an average of 10.221hz
the music’s reverb has a L/R swap and is reversed and features 88hz 1122hz 2.4k harmonics

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  1. Howdy Stephen Elliot. I just got a letter dated 1/19/12 from Lorelie Lee in an envelope from you. I have no idea whatsoever how I got on your list. But I’ll write Lorelie back again (a real letter, even), because it was pretty fucking brave of her to write that.


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