Karen Doonan – Standing in the LOVE that IS – 2-3-14

Karen Doonan

Karen Doonan


I have blogged about allowing the LOVE that IS to flow around you, through you and within you and many of you may be filtering out the need for FLOW. It can be very triggering indeed to have those around you whom you may have known for some time suddenly begin to act and behave in ways that are out with their “normal” routines. For many the outpouring of emotion seeks to have them in tremendous fear, so much is TAUGHT within the old 3d earth reality in relation to defining what “love” is and how to identify and work with it that many filter out that “love” and the LOVE that IS are two DIFFERENT frequencies and they are not interchangeable. To hold on to someone believing that without them you will be less than you are is to walk in the old 3d earth reality teachings.  LOVE JUST IS, it is a frequency that is available at all moments of all moments but in order to embrace this and to allow this to flow you must first of all ALIGN with this frequency. It is not enough to simply state “ah yes love I know it and I work with it”. If you come from this angle you are already walking blind within an old 3d earth reality teaching.

Many would attempt to define “unconditional” love and this is also a distortion, to LOVE in TRUTH does not mean allowing another person (no matter what their relationship with you) to walk over you, to try to influence you or indeed to have you sacrifice for them. Many are still walking within this distorted teaching and it is allowing for much chaos to unfold and to deepen.  Many of you may state that the definition of “unconditional” love is the love between for example parent and child. Within this relationship there are HUGE distortions, how many of you actually love your children UNCONDITIONALLY? by this I mean supporting them no matter what, no matter their lifestyle choices, no matter their choices? how many of you can stand and disagree with the choice but still stand in the LOVE that IS and support from a place of LOVE?

I ask the question for the human logical mind will attempt to teach you to use the definitions of “unconditional” that you have already been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth reality. It is not TRUTH to sacrifice for love under ANY conditions, sacrifice=lower dimensional frequency.  The LOVE that IS is expansion, it is a frequency that creates and expands other frequencies around it. Many at this moment upon planet earth are being pulled back down in frequency by running EXPECTATIONS of those whom they share their human lives with. Each person alive on this planet has a choice at all times, that choice is NOT dependent on you, it is not dependent on anyone and many struggle with this TRUTH. For if LOVE just IS then why does love appear to hurt so much?

It is to be noted that LOVE does not hurt, what hurts are the teachings anchored in relation to LOVE, whilst you run these teachings then yes it will hurt, when you filter out TRUTH then yes it will hurt for that is what the teachings were DESIGNED to promote and to anchor, the old 3d earth reality NEEDS these lower dimensional frequencies in order to survive.  As we are now in February many of you are no doubt working with the distortion of VALENTINES day, the day where you are TAUGHT what romantic love is and many are triggered by this day. KNOW that this is DELIBERATE, for in showing you the definition then you will FILTER OUT anything that does not equate to this definition.


LOVE comes from within, it is a frequency that is anchored at cellular level and has nothing to do with anyone OUTSIDE of SELF, this is the huge filter that seeks to blind ALL at this time upon the planet earth. LOVE is PERSONAL, it is a frequency that you must ACCEPT WITHIN SELF before it can be manifest physically in your outer waking reality. The old 3d earth reality teaching at all times that you must do “x” and “y” before being “loveable”.  You need do nothing other than BE for YOU ARE LOVE, this is what the old 3d earth seeks to teach you to ignore at ALL times.  The challenge for many of you at this moment upon and within planet earth is to ACCEPT that YOU ARE LOVE.  I talk with many, many people from all over the world and each time I try to reflect back to them how amazing they are and how gifted they are many will try to steer the conversation instantly either back to me or to another subject. How can the universe find you if you wish to remain CLOAKED?  the universe needs a DELIVERY ADDRESS for the miracles that are now birthing, if you remain symbolically in your house with all the lights switched off then the universe will not be able to find you!!!

Within the old 3d earth reality there are many teachings in relation to EGO and self worth and ALL are distortion. It is not EGO to value yourself, indeed if you do not value SELF then how can you manifest this in your outer waking reality, for all that is manifest at a physical level out with SELF first of all has to be anchored WITHIN SELF.  At this time you are asked to stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and to stand fully in the LOVE that IS. How much LOVE you can anchor is dependent on how much you will ALLOW yourself to anchor for it can often be a journey that FEELS scary at times. The teachings that will come up will be in relation to “am i good enough?” and “do i really deserve this?  The answer to both questions is down to you, it is your choice and cannot be made by anyone other than YOU.

No one can “give” you LOVE other than SELF, to allow the LOVE that IS to flow you may need to take a deep breath and symbolically step forward in darkness, unable to see where your next step will take you. At this time you are asked to follow your HEART and to allow the HEART to guide you for it is connected to your SOUL which only knows LOVE.  Detach from what you have been TAUGHT and certainly detach from all that you have so far experienced in relation to LOVE for the New Earth is now birthing miracles that have NO reference point at a human conscious waking mind level. LOVE JUST IS and YOU ARE.



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