Lord Krishna taught sacred scientific technique to realize Immortality – Kriyayoga Meditation

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The form of Krishna, as of the many Masters, Prophets and Incarnations, for whom there really is no living photo present today, have been mostly misrepresented. How they are presented today is rather a symbolic representation.
In this Ascending Dwapara Age, the time period for awakening of knowledge within us, the time has come to gain clarification regarding some misconceptions about the form of our Beloved Lord Krishna:

Following are some with explanations:

1) Gopal does not mean lover and protector of cows alone. That would make many of us better than Krishna. This word has been wrongly interpreted. ‘Go’ refers to the power of senses and ‘pal’ refers to one who protects and preserves the power of senses and therefore has highest control over them to achieve anything.

2) Mahabharat is not the greatest battle without but rather the greatest battle within to overcome one’s enemies of lust, anger, pride,..death… over a hundred of them (the sons of Kaurav). Krishna preached the scientific technique (Kriyayoga Meditation) to overcome these enemies. Krishna did not fight nor lead any war of the type we imagine today.

3) Gopis are not women dancing around Lord Krishna as shown in many photos but rather great followers of the Meditation technique Krishna taught. This following included men as well. Practitioners of the sacred spiritual technique have to keep the practice pure…and therefore are known as Gopis.

When we practice the true worship of God (Kriyayoga Meditation), worshipping God as Infinite, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent & Immortal Consciousness, we come to understand the symbolic representations.

Krishna and all Prophets, Masters, Ascended Masters, Saints & Sages of All Lands & Ages practised and preached the same Science and demonstrated highest unconditional love for all…Lord Buddha, Guru Nanakji, Jesus Christ, Lahiri Mahasayaji, Mahavir Swamiji, Prophet Mohammed, Paramhansa Yogandandaji, Lord Ram, Sri Yukteshwarji all practised and taught this Science of Immortality, Science of Truth & Non-violence…

The same teachings of the Science of Immortality are presently being taught by Guruji Swami Shree Yogi Satyam at Kriyayoga Research Institute, Allahabad, India & Yog Fellowship Temple, Kitchener, Canada…

As devotees and followers of Lord Krishna or any of the other Great Masters who dedicated their life towards practising and teaching this science, it is the greatest worship on our part to join In the practice of the scientific technique of Kriyayoga and emerge victorious in The Greatest Battle Within, to bring forth our Glorious Shining Self…

God Has Become All, Let Us Realize This…

See Website for practice schedule & more information:

With Eternal Love…
God Is With Us Each Moment Blessing Us As Our Existence…


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