Karen Doonan – Working to open the HEART space in the New Earth – 1-24-14




Karen Doonan

As the New Earth energies begin to expand and to deepen many of you may be feeling overwhelmed. I have blogged on using the symbols and signs that appear in your outer waking reality as reference points for this your journey into the New Earth. For many of you at this time they may be being filtered out or the old 3d earth may try to teach you that you are somehow being toyed with. For many signs and symbols will be repeating but APPEAR to have no relevance to that which is being currently experienced at human conscious waking mind level. It is to be noted that as you move through the transition process YOU are ALIGNING with the New Earth reality that you are creating. That is you are flowing INTO PLACE.

In the old 3d earth paradigms you are TAUGHT repeatedly about instant, this works AGAINST the natural flow of the universe and energy. For instant is a CREATED context and one that was created in order to grow frustration and anxiety within your human vehicle.  Indeed the “instant” nature of the old 3d earth works continually to try to teach how inept you are at being human, nothing is further from TRUTH. For ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE. The ability for you to filter out the bigger picture of this your human life experience at this moment is VAST for ALL is changing at ALL moments, nothing is static and nothing is stopped, ALL FLOWS.

The energies of this linear day are intense, for me personally the energies changed in the early hours (in a linear context) of this morning. The energies continued to be calm until around 7am this morning.  So calm was the weather there was not even a breath of wind, on looking outside there was a hard frost and it was like the world was taking a breath.  Then approx 2 hours later the energy shifted intensely. The weather changed and it is now stormy and raining.  The unsettling was intense and the “heaviness” of the energies was also intense.  This of course will change and shift as ALL changes and shifts.

In the old 3d earth you are TAUGHT at times of movement and of change to CLOSE down the HEART space, at this moment it is VITAL that you OPEN the HEART space, in fact the more emotion that arises within you the MORE OPEN I would guide you to keep your heart space. The old 3d earth will try to teach you at all times that the universe is “playing” with you, that the signs and the symbols are some sort of cosmic joke that is being played on you and that if you remain HEART centred you will end up very hurt and alone. This is NOT TRUTH, this is a but a residue that is being dissolved from within the human race. For within the old 3d earth you are TAUGHT repeatedly that you cannot have that which resides within the HEART space.  In TRUTH ONLY by holding the HEART space open and allowing the FLOW of the LOVE that IS can you discern TRUTH and create your dreams from this frequency.

This may be a time for many of you when you have memories of those whom you love(d) come up repeatedly for you. You may dream people who are no longer alive in your human life experience, you may have flashes of memory come to you and you may be confused and trying to stem back the emotions that arise as this is experienced. It is not possible to cleanse and clear the HEART space from the old frequencies without SPRING CLEANING said HEART space and this is part of the process of opening the HEART space fully.  This is not done by the universe or YOUr SOUL to cause you further pain, it is done to help you and to help you understand that LOVE JUST IS and YOU ARE.

Bless and release all that comes up as you move through this process.  ALL that IS TRUTH will remain and ALL that is not will dissolve, the ebb and flow of the NATURAL human life experience is what YOU are now aligning with, through and within at all times. The journey at all times guided by YOUr SOUL.  Just because you spend today in tears does not mean that the tears are never ending, it means that the tears were never shed at the time and now ask for release.  It may be that you are in joy and have no idea why, this too is coming back into balance, LOVE, JOY, PEACE and HAPPINESS are the NATURAL state of the human vehicle and the human life experience, you have been TAUGHT to anchor the opposite in order to blind yourself to TRUTH.

Those who are here to BE in YOUr outer waking life experience will now move and shift into position for now is the preparation of ALL for ALL and TO ALL.  In order to pour LOVE out into the world it must first of all be poured INTO YOU, THROUGH YOU and FLOW WITHIN YOU.  At all times the universe will attempt to pour the LOVE that IS through the HEART space for that is the entry point for the LOVE that IS. If you close down your HEART during the next few linear days then YOU will ALLOW the old 3d earth to place more filters upon your waking life experience. LOVE JUST IS, it is not a reward, it is not a punishment, it is not something that can be bought or sold or kept from you. IT JUST IS and is OPEN for YOU at ALL times during this your human life experience on this planet, for in TRUTH YOU ARE the LOVE THAT IS, you are here to remember and to anchor this at this time.



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  1. This is absolutely brilliant! Congratulations on trying to revitalize the written word no texting, no email, no whatever’s next! I don’t own a computer proud of being “computer free”. Maybe old fashioned, but receiving a hand written letter is planning to be so refreshing! Thank you for focusing on a rapidly declining art the hand written letter and/or note.Can’t wait around to receive my first letter! Judy Robertson


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