Karen Doonan – Achieving Mental Clarity within the Storm of Chage – 1-23-14

Karen Doonan


At any one point within this the “ascension” process you may have gone through what can only be described as a “mental fog”. This is due to the over stimulation of your logical mind by the teachings of the old 3d earth.  For within the old 3d earth paradigms you were TAUGHT how to tie your logical mind in knots and this was deliberate.  A logical mind that is focused only on “solving a puzzle” will begin to filter out and ignore even the most obvious signs that things are other than they are.  The human logical mind LOVES a puzzle, it is no surprise that video games and electronic devices are created to be like puzzles, the more complex the better for many on planet earth who see the challenge and filter out WHY the challenge is presented to them in the first place.

At this moment upon and within planet earth many of you may be in confusion, many of you may be trying to “work out” what is going to happen, switching between “what if” and “same old, same old”, both concepts  are created within the human logical mind and are nothing to do with the HEART space where you will find KNOWing.  I blog continually about moving into the HEART space and this is not necessarily only in relation to the LOVE that IS. The LOVE that IS of course being the frequency of the fabric of the UNIVERSE of 3, the highest vibration that exists.  Many may be mistaken for believing that I am attempting to make the world “pink and fluffy” and nothing could be further from TRUTH. I fully understand that a world in which ALL suffer at some level of their BEing cannot be created “pink and fluffy” overnight, in fact the very concept of pink and fluffy is misleading in the extreme and many filter out the LOVE that IS due to this misconception.

The New Earth is a REALITY in which ALL ARE EQUAL, ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE. It is not  everyone sitting about smiling and sitting cross legged in the middle of the floor, this is distortion.  Moving into the HEART space allows for a connection that cannot be made from anywhere else within the human vehicle. You would not try to work out what was wrong with your car by looking in the trunk of your car and ignoring the engine and yet many do just this with their human vehicle. For the HEART space IS the engine of your human vehicle.

As the chaos begins to unfold over the coming linear days at a very human conscious waking mind level the need to be in the HEART space will grow and expand. From this space the chaos can be explained and SEEN CLEARLY, it is only the human logical mind that cannot work it out as it has no reference points, ALL reference points are within the HEART space. Many believe that the ascension process is all about moving ONLY into the HEART space and detaching from the logical mind and this is distortion. The human vehicle COMES WITH a brain for a reason, the brain being the reference centre for the human life experience. So the HEART creates and understands and aligns with the CREATION in TRUTH and then the human brain references the information, a bit like downloading from the internet onto your pc. In this analogy the internet is YOUr SOUL and the pc is your human brain.

At no point in this process will there be reference points available within the old 3d earth paradigms, ALL is disinformation at this level and this is why guidance is clear with regard to moving into the HEART space and aligning with YOUr SOUL.  How do you KNOW TRUTH? YOU will FEEL it within YOUr BEing. This saves hours if not days/weeks of trying to work something out using your logical mind only. Many people ask me at various levels if something is TRUTH and my response is always to FEEL and then respond. I dont need to look something up on the internet or reference from a book, I check in with my SOUL. This option is ALWAYS available to YOU and as this process now begins to unfold rapidly it is VITAL that you begin to have FAITH and TRUST in SELF and be guided by how YOU FEEL.

This may be a rather strange space to move into if you have allowed yourself to be guided by how others around you are reacting, remember many who share the planet with you have no idea what is unfolding, that does not mean they will not be involved in the unfolding for ALL ARE ONE, it is not only those who are what is termed “awake” that are part of this process, ALL of humanity is connected at ALL times. The more people who wake to new levels of frequency then the faster this will unfold but it WILL unfold, it is driven by the New Earth frequencies, akin to a snowball that is moving downhill it WILL gather momentum. How much momentum is a personal decision for there is always the option and choice to disconnect from the conscious creation of your human life experience but I would ask why you would wish to choose this option, this is what you have lived over and over for aeons under the guise of karmic dimensional timelines and which is often referred to as “past lives”. ALL is NOW and ALL is overlaid upon the NOW.

As the residue of the old 3d earth frequencies is dissolved from within and upon planet earth then the connection to YOUr SOUL will become clearer, again using the analogy of a radio station and bandwidths, for all is frequency in the UNIVERSE, there is less “interference” from the old 3d earth frequencies. Connections will rapidly expand, it is vital you are consciously aware that ALL ARE ONE and that ALL ARE CONNECTED for the ability to manifest is expanding at all times.  You can create and uncreate at will and this is something that you may begin to play with, you may be having very clear and precise dreamtime scenarios where you have people/beings speak with you and relay information to you.  It is a choice of whether to dismiss this as the “dream” the old 3d earth teaches you or to begin to work with the information. CHOICE is a responsibility and this will be shown in TRUTH as this process now unfolds rapidly.

There is much disinformation that is being promoted in relation to what is being termed an “event” and I would draw your attention to the 7 billion INDIVIDUAL REALITIES that exist on this planet, that is each human vehicle creates its own personal reality. Expectation is a tool of the old 3d earth, to build expectation affects the frequency of those who participate in said expectation, TRUTH JUST IS and requires no build up and no defense, ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.  The responsibility of achieving mental clarity at a moment when all APPEARS to be in chaos is a personal choice, the tools are within each one of you, it is a personal choice as to whether to run with the crowd or stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and connect to YOUr SOUL and understand the process that the human race now enter at this time.  That choice is YOUrs at ALL moments of ALL moments.



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