Karen Doonan – Birth of the New Earth – Expansion of Energies

Karen Doonan


Many of you may be FEELing the expansion that is now beginning to build within the frequencies that are flowing across and within planet earth at this time.  In a linear context the “new year” arrived with a NEW ENERGY, in TRUTH there is no linear, linear time being a concept that is created within and continually anchored by the human logical mind. From this moment onwards a linear concept will see you in total chaos as the expansion of the New Earth frequencies are multi dimensional and cannot be placed in a linear concept any more than a drop of water can be placed in a container and said to be in flow. The concept of flow is often placed again in a linear concept with the human logical mind trying to persuade you that a river needs to flow from and to somewhere, all the whilst filtering out that the flow is in all directions AT ONCE.

The expansion of the New Earth energies will have a direct effect on ALL human life experiences through ALL human vehicles incarnate upon and within planet earth. The experience will now move into expansion at a PERSONAL level with the reality that you can and will experience being handed over to you from your SOUL.  This means in TRUTH that you must first of all accept responsibility for this your human life on all levels of your BEing. This is perhaps one of the first “lessons” of your SOUL and one that is often handed back to the SOUL over and over again. Until you can process one part of the multi dimensional nature of your BEing you cannot then expand into any other part, again this is not linear, your SOUL sees an entire page, the FULL picture and at a human conscious waking mind level is attempting to show you this picture piece by piece. Your human logical mind will attempt to place this in a linear fashion, trying to persuade you that you have seen ALL of the left hand side of the page and that you walk from left to right. This is NOT TRUTH and this will begin to work against your frequency (see earlier blog parts 1-3).  It is akin to working on a jigsaw puzzle, each piece of the puzzle resonates to a certain frequency, your SOUL KNOWS which pieces resonate with which frequency and gives them to you/ shows them to you as you work to RAISE and EXPAND your frequency.  YOUr SOUL KNOWS that all pieces fit and will give a larger expansive picture, your human logical mind if it continues to be allowed to work in a linear context will work to re-organise the picture to what IT THINKS is the picture, this totally negates the SOUL and negates the bigger picture that is unfolding.  This works to LOWER your frequency and to blind you at a human conscious waking mind level and this is why guidance is constant with regard to TRUST and FAITH in SELF at all times.

There is only ONE SOURCE of the bigger picture of your human life experience here upon planet earth and it resides with your SOUL, only YOUr SOUL can verify to you at human conscious waking mind level who YOU ARE in TRUTH. It is working at all times to show you and to remind you but it cannot make you accept what I term the “breadcrumbs”, these are the symbols, people, places and events that appear in your outer waking reality in order to help you confirm who YOU ARE in TRUTH and work to confirm who you FEEL YOU ARE in TRUTH.  This information cannot be processed entirely by the human logical mind for in order to confirm there must be a reference point, the reference points exist at SOUL level and are NOT at human conscious waking mind level. After all the logical human mind that you have within your head CAME WITH YOUR HUMAN VEHICLE. It does not exist out with the human timeline the human vehicle it is attached to exists.  Unlike the HEART which connects to the SOUL and is able to reference ALL timelines in which you exist for it references them at SOUL level. Your SOUL is eternal and is the SOURCE that you are connected to at all times in this your human form.

This is why the old 3 earth at all times will try to persuade you to reference your life through logic and THOUGHT, it needs to keep you separate from your SOUL in order to keep you contained and suppressed. If you reference this your human life experience only through the logical mind you will filter out miracles, you will filter out the wider waking human life experience and you will create only that which your logical mind allows you to create.  Working with the heart will move you into an expansive space as you allow the frequencies to expand then you can dream to create, the New Earth is about creating heaven upon earth, anyone who has ever visited heaven in a human form did not do so with only their mind.

2014 to use a human scenario is a dimensional reality of miracles if you CHOOSE them, many of you may state “of course I choose this why would I not choose this?” to which I would reply “have you checked with your SOUL that is actually what you are here to experience?”.   The movement of the entire human race now begins, this movement is PERSONAL and is a choice made at a PERSONAL LEVEL and this will born out by events, places and scenarios that now birth onto and upon the planet earth. Many have incarnated upon this planet at this time in order to LIVE TRUTH, this is not the same as debating TRUTH, living TRUTH SHOWS TRUTH and even when this occurs many will still state “not possible”. It cannot be stated often enough that reality is now PERSONAL and is the responsibility of each human vehicle alive on this planet individually and therefore collectively (ALL ARE ONE and ALL ARE CONNECTED at ALL times).

BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE ON THIS PLANET, LIVE TRUTH and BE, that is the guidance from ALL races/realms that exist in the UNIVERSE of 3.  If you have chosen to walk with your galactic family in this your human form then you will now begin the work needed in order to raise your frequency in order to accomplish this. This will be shown to you by your SOUL and those who are here to help you in this process will begin to appear in your outer waking life. For there are SOUL groups who’s SOUL mission is to seed the New Earth on planet earth. This seeding is now fully underway and will be manifest in the outer waking reality that is the human life experience in due course.



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