Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Wake Up Beautiful Dreamer – 1-17-14

God said:

Of course, messages from on high are from your Higher Consciousness. What do you think I AM but that? Every single person on Earth has Higher Consciousness, for I am within every single person on Earth. God Within is not a new expression to you.

Do not mix up Consciousness with conscience. Consciousness is devoid of conscience. In regard to consciousness, there is no need of conscience or reason to have it. Consciousness is pure of itself. Yes, Consciousness grows. It expands. What a neat idea. Consciousness Itself is Infinite. You are not this or that. You are Consciousness, growing expanding Consciousness. You are always moving a step up. Somewhere within you, you move up a notch. Conscience is not what moves you up. Consciousness is.

The less you feel bad about yourself, the faster you grow. Do not let conscience be an ego-device to keep you moored in remorse and guilt, for then you play into ego’s hands.

You who are born from God, and that is everyone, grow from inspiration. We can also call inspiration love. You grow from love, not superficial love, but you grow from the deep love within. Even when you feel the intensity of hate, the energy is of your love, love gone amok, love shadowed over by ego. Oh, that ego. Harness that power of ego, and you will fly while on Earth. The fact is that you, the real you, the Higher You, the soul of you, is lighter than air.

Density is of Earth and not of Heaven. How much does Light weigh? Does it weigh at all? Light of heart, Light of the Sun, you are the Light of the World. You will enlighten yourself, and you will enlighten others. All it takes is Light. There, you have it.

Are there not moments when you are aware that your soul lights up? There is only Light if you but knew.

Come now, be light-hearted. Light dances. It shimmers. It sparkles. Light touches everyone and everything. You are made of Light, and Light you are. No one owns the Light. Light is for everyone. You would not be alive on Earth unless you alighted here and began as Light. Your Light may be dimmed, or your Light may be Blazing Light. In every case, you are Light regardless of how much Light you reveal.

First, reveal Light to yourself, this little self that roams the Earth. Reveal yourself to yourself. Reveal the God Light that shines through you. Reveal in your revealing the Truth of Your Self. Know God, and know Your Self. Introduce yourself to God.

I’ve been dangling Myself in front of you, vying for your attention. You are so involved in distraction that you may have not noticed Me right in front of you or beside you or right in back of you, offering My Light, My love, My True Vision of you.

Of course, I am everywhere. There is nowhere I am not. At the same time, you keep looking for Me outside of you, from far away from you. You have sought a God from the distance when I am right here. I wave at you. I am waving at you right now, and I, God, call out, “See Me. See Me,” or I call out, “Hear Me, hear Me.”

Or I call out, “Know Me, know Me. Here I am. Where are you? Do not look away. Look at Me right now. You can’t miss Me. I am on all sides of you, and I am inside you, in your heart that We share. Wake up! Wake up to Me.”

Author: Higher Density Blog

My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.